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    2018 Kickoff Classic

    Aug 16 Sandalwood at First Coast Ed White at Matanzas Cedar Creek at Windermere Prep Wakulla at Lincoln Aug 17 Baker County at Baldwin Bolles at Bishop Moore Maclay at Bishop Snyder Hilliard at Christ Church St. Augustine at Clay Menendez at Creekside Fernandina Beach at Episcopal Westside at Fleming Island Oakleaf at Fletcher Trenton at Fort White Union at Hamilton Paxon at Interlachen Ridgeview at Keystone Palatka at Liberty Columbia at IMG Academy Apopka at Mainland Bartram Trail at Mandarin Wolfson at Middleburg Yulee at Nease Bradford at Newberry NFC at North Florida Educational Bishop Kenny at Orange Park Atlantic Coast at Palm Coast St. Joseph at Pierson Taylor West Port at Ponte Vedra Englewood at Providence Branford at St. Johns Country Day Santa Fe at Suwannee Parker at West Nassau
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    How About Park Vista This Season?

    They will be solid as always. One of the best coaching staffs in the state. The kids there are strong, and disciplined. They do not make a lot of mistakes, and they play with confidence. I like them to win their district this year, and who knows after that.
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    Gibbs is a tough job. They really have not had any success since Yusef Shakir was the coach. Abraham had a solid season, but once the Shakir affect was over they were down again. There is plenty of talent in the building, but keeping that ship moving forward has proven to be hard. It will take someone that understands S St Pete, and loves the community to have success there.
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    Honestly I would love to be at that game. Not because I want to see Columbia get blown out, I believe their kids will step up to the level of the competition. I do not think they can win the game, but I think they will be prepared for the test, and put up a fight. They play a lot of lopsided games before the playoffs, and its not their fault. Playing IMG will give their coaching staff a measuring stick. Good luck fellas. I am not scheduling IMG, lol.
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    Agree. So many other teams use the same tactics and even worse. I've watched many IMG games and never saw illegal tactics being used. IMG is taught professionally and they play like a college team. Put a college team up against any HS team in Florida, including STA, and see if they can survive the hard defensive tackling and offensive blocking. IMG just hits harder and probably quicker, than most teams.
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    Ocala St John Lutheran

    It's confirmed, by the St. John HC, that they are only fielding a JV team this season. This is the schedule for the JV. Still pretty ambitious. My thinking is, something similar to what happened in 2012, when they did not have enough players to field a varsity squad and cancelled their season. St. John Lutheran really should be in 1A or independent as they do not currently have the student compliment to compete against schools with a larger student body.
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    Ocala St John Lutheran

    I do. Even for my critics. But it won’t include out of state opponents.
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    Ocala St John Lutheran

    They did not
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    I voted Columbia 1 so you would all blame Columbiafan
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    never known them to be dirty but I don't have a hard on for them
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    Lost to Pahokee last year in the KOC. They travel to Pahokee next week, so we will see how they look. I do know they lost a few transfers to Palm Beach Central as well.
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    Worst Counties to Coach?

    No worries. I'll get one of the old guys on the board to help me. They are much more adept at using modern technology,like the internet, to do research. You young folks really need to get with the times.
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    Worst Counties to Coach?

    Its DeSoto, trust me. In the history of their program I can't see where anyone has ever been there more than 7 years. Seriously, I don't how the last coach there lasted as long as he did; must have some really thick skin! And we they do get a winner, they get ran off. Consider who has coached there: Bob Martin: had 2 stints as head coach and was a winner, left and coached at Winter Park, came back, then quit for a couple of years before coaching 18 years at Hardee who he took to the finals twice. Jim Scroggins: Was a successful coach from Jacksonville who coached the Bulldogs for 6 seasons making them one of the toughest in the area. Also ran off by the powers that be only to go to Bay HS and take them to the finals and then coach in Georgia. Charley Tate: The current coach at Winter Haven started his career as head coach of the DeSoto Bulldogs. Left for a better job at Bartow, then coached Mosley and now Winter Haven. They should have kept this guy. Mike Messina: A homegrown DeSoto boy; played for Bob Martin. Only wanted to coach is home town hs. Had one down year so they wanted him gone. He goes down the road to Lemon Bay and coached the Mantas for 16 years and several district championships. Brad Scott: Another local boy who played for Bob Martin. I believe he was coach for only one season. Goes on to the college ranks as an FSU assistant under Bobby Bowden, then head coach at South Carolina, then an assistant at Clemson.
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    In 2015 Hallandale beat Cedar Grove (Ellenwood). I don't remember the score but it was at the same stadium and day that Creek beat Marist, AHP beat Stephenson And Tucker beat Godby
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    In 1965, St Thomas Aquinas was 3-6 and was shut out in 5 of those games, including shutout losses to Northeast and Jupiter. They only scored a TD in the 3 games they won. Nobody would have dreamed they would be a national power one day. So, who knows what things will be like when you young guys have gray hair. Things will probably look very different than today. If your team is winning big now, enjoy it while it lasts!
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    If we only score 6 points then we would score 6 points more than the rest of 7a region 1 would score lol
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    Best that they do that. It was gonna be tough for them to win with the crew they had before transfers. It would have been flat out unsafe with the squad they have now.
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    ...I've already got a visual


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