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    Going to do my best to compile a list of available streams, both free and paid (NFHS), for each week of the season. There is nothing like sitting in the stands watching a high school football game. BUT, there is also nothing like a sitting on the couch, cold beer in hand, streaming 5-10 of the best games in the state NFL RedZone-style. If you know of any other streams, please let me know so that I can update the original post. Here is what I've got so far: NFHS (Plenty more--just highlighting some of the bigger games available) 1. (Wed., 7:00 PM) Belen-Columbus 2. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Vanguard-Gainesville 3. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Godby-Lincoln 4. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Miami Pace-Heritage (Plantation) YouTube 1. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Demarest-Windermere (https://youtu.be/XU765WcRyE4) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Heritage (Delray)-Vero (https://www.youtube.com/user/VBHSFootball) 3. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Lakeland-Manatee (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVjWtLdmHsdu4CT-8eL62w/videos) 4. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Palmetto-Pinellas Park (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIzhof_w_SRZuVP2lFtmMA/videos) The Identity TB 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Plant-Armwood (https://theidentitytb.com/) Space Coast Daily Facebook 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Rockledge-Ware County (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Viera-Cocoa (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) ESPN 1. (Fri., 9:30 PM, ESPNU) STA-De La Salle 2. (Sat., 12:00 PM, ESPN) Miami Central-St. Frances PAPrepLive 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Ridley-Cooper City (http://papreplive.com/football/event/32957/) News4Jax (Channel 4) 1. (Sat., 1:00 PM) Bartram Trail-Lee 2. (Sat., 3:00 PM) Atlantic Coast-Mandarin 3. (Sat., 7:00 PM) Bolles-University Christian
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    Board Pick'ems

    Cocoa wins but I don’t think it’s a stomp. Venice vs Cocoa is going to be very interesting this year.
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    Manatee fans:

    If the Lakeland QB has the ability to take the snap from the center and successfully hand the ball off to Bowman, Lakeland will win the game.
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    Winter Park is loaded at the skill positions. Ethan Pouncey has committed to Texas where his brother is playng WR. Starting QB Casey Case has a big arm and has committed to play for Buffalo. One of their WR's is committed to Miami. Another top prospect, Dakota Mitchell, had a pair of 70 yard TD's against Lyman last weekend. Winter Park has a half dozen D1 prospects with tons of speed at all the skill positions. They play Wekiva this Friday in their opener,. After seeing Wekiva in Spring game against Bishop Moore and watching several WP practices and scrimmages, I expect WP to win by at least 20 points over Wekiva. Maybe then, they'll get some recognition in the 8A polls.
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    Taylor County

    According to the story this is not his 1st HC Gig and he left the last one under similar circumstances.
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    Taylor County

    Not Trenton, Taylor County. There’s a difference between discipline and dictatorship, often times there’s a very fine line you can’t cross. If kids don’t want to come to school, then shouldn’t be playing sports. If kids aren’t at school all day because they are taking college classes but will be there for practice, then that should be encouraged. When you’ve been accused of this at every stop of the way, it’s not the kids or parents...it’s you.
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    Taylor County

    Apparently. This article gives more of a bio: https://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/preps/2019/08/19/new-taylor-county-football-coach-belser-quits-after-player-protest/2045996001/ Ini 2004-5, he had 7-13 record as head coach at Rickards. Later, he was the HC at an Alabama high school (Hillcrest-Evergreen) that went 8-32. Most recently, in 2017, he "lead" Tanner High to a 3-8 record. It appears to be a combination of an abrasive personality, a poor performance by his teams on the field, and his habit of leaving when the going gets tough.
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    FYI, Edgewater is better than they were last year.
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    I guess. If you are ranking them by most likely to win state I hear you. The truth is Trinity Christian, Chaminade, NSU, they just aren't that good (although I admit Trinity Christian at least somewhat belongs). Carol City on a down year would work them.
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    Can't base it off last year. Can't base it off a scrimmage from three days ago. Put the names in the hat and draw them out to see who goes where and then re-adjust as the season goes along.
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    6 Underdogs to Watch This Season

    Winter Park and Jones will be very good. You forgot the stud WR Winter Park has in Marcus Clarke. Can they break through is another question.
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    Board Pick'ems

    I'll wait for Josh to post them.
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    madison county, columbia, Rockledge, Venice, University... of those not listed.
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    Well Dwyer may not even be a top 10 team in their county this year so I'm not entirely shocked that AHD beat them
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    To everyone on here... thank you for your support over the years! With that said... I have entered into an agreement with Fox Sports Florida this season for a brand new TV show called "UNDER THE LIGHTS: FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FINAL!" This is going to be a huge show, that airs every Monday night at 6:00 PM Top games, highlights, and the newest Top 25 rankings will all be a part of a show. Check out the tweets below to learn more!
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    That would require having people in Tallahassee that actually care about the public schools but you more likely to get an all expenses paid trip to Mars than you are going to see the state of Florida legislation actually care about public schools
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    Taylor County

    Lely High School also had an issue with the guy and he was gone after a year there. Dictator is what I’ve been hearing to describe him. Can’t have morning practice and then hold kids after school 4 hours.
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