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2023 Schedule Breakdowns

Joshua Wilson

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Starting today and going forward as we work towards the start of the 2023 season, I will be releasing multiple schedule breakdowns almost every day as I have them ready. 

I will update this page as I post them. To view schedule breakdowns, you will need an MVP Gold or MVP Platinum Subscription. You can click here to subscribe if you have not already done so

LAST UPDATED: June 19, 2023

BOCA RATON (6/2/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Boca Raton looks to continue playoff streak with solid schedule

BRADFORD (6/19/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Bradford seeks another deep playoff run after successful 2022 under Jamie Rodgers

DELAND (5/26/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: DeLand looks for deep playoff run in 2023 after turnaround in 2022

FREEPORT (5/26/2023) 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Freeport looks for another playoff appearance with favorable schedule

LAKE MINNEOLA (6/19/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Lake Minneola looks for third deep playoff run in four years with competitive schedule

MADISON COUNTY (6/14/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Madison County looks to bounce back with tough schedule on deck

MERRITT ISLAND (6/19/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Merritt Island looks for district championship with competitive schedule

MIDDLEBURG (5/24/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Middleburg looks for first back-to-back playoff berths with tough schedule

OAK HALL (5/26/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Oak Hall looks for deep SSAC playoff run in 2023

PALMETTO (6/2/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Palmetto aims for another district championship under new coach

PLANT (6/15/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Plant seeks second straight district title with strong schedule for 2023

RIVERVIEW (SARASOTA) (6/15/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Riverview (Sarasota) faces tough schedule once again this fall

SANTALUCES (5/24/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Santaluces looks to keep winning ways going this fall

SUWANNEE (5/24/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Suwannee aims higher after regional final run last fall

VERO BEACH (6/2/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Vero Beach beefs up schedule for a potential deep 2023 playoff run

VICTORY CHRISTIAN (6/15/2023) - 2023 SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN: Victory Christian seeking district title with shifting schedule in 2023

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On 5/26/2023 at 5:35 PM, Dr. D said:

Enjoying the schedule breakdowns already published, and look forward to those to come in the future.  Nice work on the strength of schedule metric, and will be watching the predictive accuracy of your forecasts.

Thought I had responded to this! Thank you so much for the review and thoughts on this! I really appreciate it!

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On 6/19/2023 at 8:13 PM, Joshua Wilson said:

Schedule Breakdowns for Lake Minneola, Merritt Island, and Bradford added today on 6/19.

Enjoyed the breakdowns you have posted so far, but it has been a bit since you have added new ones.  Do you have additional ones almost ready?

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