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Weekend Fun-Who Are These High Schools?

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The following mascots are all sea-related.  Which FL high school is associated with each?


1. The Fighting Conchs - Key West

2. The Marlins - Panama City Arnold

3. The Fighting Tarpons - Charlotte

4. The Spongers - Tarpon Springs

5. The Bluejackets - Admiral Farragut

6. The Sandcrabs - Daytona Seabreeze

7. The Tritons - Cape Coral Mariner

8. The Manta Rays - Lemon Bay

9. The Makos- Mast Academy

10. The Hi Tides - Miami Beach

11. The Stingarees - Miami High

12. The Dreadnaughts - Lakeland


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24 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

The following mascots are all sea-related.  Which FL high school is associated with each?


1. The Fighting Conchs

2. The Marlins

3. The Fighting Tarpons

4. The Spongers

5. The Bluejackets

6. The Sandcrabs

7. The Tritons

8. The Manta Rays

9. The Makos

10. The Hi Tides

11. The Stingarees

12. The Dreadnaughts


Lakeland #12 lol

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    • I think the Armwood, Tech, Wiregrass district is pretty brutal as well.    Currently Laz has: Tampa Bay Tech #4 in the state  #1 in region Armwood #5 in the state  #2 in region Wiregrass Ranch #71 in the state #5 in region   Not sure any of them can beat Lakeland but it is going to be an exciting playoffs 
    • I was happy to see Eddie hit the game winner, but that roughing the passer call that gave the Bears 15 yards on their final drive??? Ugghh!   Horrible call in my opinion. 
    • The video is a couple of years old at this point, but my buddies and I have watched it as instinctive of what a coach should generally do on 4th down. It is also the reason why I loved watching Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson's triple option because of how aggressive he was in trying for it on 4th down (except last year). 

      A good example of a lack of aggressiveness in hurting the team was the PItt-Penn State game. Pitt on the 1 yard line decides to kick the FG rather than try a 4th attempt from the 1 yard line. The kicker misses the kick and Pitt never really recovers. Pitt was down 7 at the time with 5 minutes left. 

      Interestingly, Denver went for 2 when they were down 1 at home with 30 seconds left and got it and Chicago drove 40 yards in 31 seconds to allow former Gator Eddie Pineiro to hit the game winning 53 yard field goal. 
    • Sorry Jimmyb, Merritt Island will be will be Vero's 56th regular season win in a row !
    • Many schools, including a couple of elite SEC programs, have claimed "fake" titles over the years, Bama being one of them. I'm a long time Gator fan, but I'm not delusional enough to believe the Gators could beat the UCF team of the past three years.
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