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The 25 Best FL HS LB's of the Past 50 Years

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16 hours ago, OldSchoolLion said:

I create threads like this to have fun...not so much to get into debates over "who should be on the list."  I have no record of Rutledge being a high-school All American, so please share what service granted him the honors...I'm curious.

When I created this list (as well as others of this type), I strongly considered high school performance.  Lamont Green, Willie Williams, etc., did not have great college careers, but they were absolute monsters in high school...more so than some guys who went on to successful pro careers.  There is a fellow on this list who is a multiple time Pro Bowler who was absolutely not as dominating as those two in high school, and I say that using the eye test.  

I also made an effort to put some older players on the list.  And I also made a special effort to try to include guys from all parts of the state.  Considering we have folks from all over the state on the forum, I thought that might be more fun than having 15 or more guys from south FL.   

I attempted to add some data here, but it just wouldn’t work. But, you can google him and you will see that he was an All-American, All-State, and also MVP of the Florida-Georgia All-Star game (which was a big deal back then). I’m not here to debate neither,  but his high school and college career puts him about many of the guys mentioned. 

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20 hours ago, MuckCityChamp said:

That is not true. Rutledge was High School All-American and All-SEC. Willie Williams did absolutely nothing in college. Actually Rutledge had a better college career then more than half of this list. 

I hear you loud and clear and agree Rutledge deserves consideration for such a list!  ..a better college career than more than half the list?  I'd have to question that statement.  19 of the 25 guys on this list had/have successful pro careers.  8 of them were All-Pro players.   And one of the guys who didn't make it in the NFL was a NCAA All-American.    I don't think it is quite so clear cut.  But really appreciate you speaking up for him.     

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South FL hs, Noles and Jets fans should know the fellow who graduated from Northwestern.  He is one of the greatest Nole lb's ever(2X NCAA consensus All-American, Lombardi and Butkus award winner) and had a storied NFL career.  For shame our south FL and Nole fans have not gotten this one:blink:

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