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Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

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Just now, Jesse said:

Madison county on the rise

They will be on rise when they actually beat someone good, beating cupcakes will leave you just staying put in same general area


Suwannee was most overrated team in the entire North Central region and Madison gave up 28 points to them at home


As I said got to knock off some good teams to prove you belong in the top 25 zone


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    • Maybe and maybe not. Apopka is one of a few Central Florida schools that has enough talent, and a culture of winning, that allows them to compete with the better south Florida schools. This year there is no chance of a rematch, as schedules have been set. However, there is a decent chance there will be a basis for comparison as Apopka has American Heritage Plantation on its schedule and you will play them, too.  Apopka does not fear or back down from any challenge because there is a belief that a loss is a learning experience. In fact though we have won three state titles, we have never done so undefeated. I am sure Apopka would be willing to play MNW over the next few years, if an agreement acceptable to both programs can be reached. 
    • Just set up the rematch and da west will smashed them worse then they beat us back then.
    • If apopka play da west right now they would get smashed.
    • It was! Was forced to spend the night as I had three young men with me and driving conditions were scary. The fog had come in during the final quarter of the game and was as thick as pea soup when we left. I drove about 10 miles down I-10 and decided the risk was not worth it. 
    • I have to admit that Pahokee made a lot of mistakes in that game that allowed my Celtics to build up a 30-7 halftime lead. Also, Let's face it the Celtics were good enough to take advantage of those mistakes. Remember Pahokee was a powerhouse that had won a few championships and most of them with ease. It was the Celtics first time in the finals. We got cocky I believe and thought the game was won. Robert love had other plans. Pahokee scored 3 TDs and a touch back to tie the score in the 2nd half mostly through the effort of QB Love. Late in the 4th quarter the Celtic's RB Rudell Small ripped off a 65 yard run right up the middle to put the Celtics up 37-30 which is how the game ended. The Celtics defeated one of the best teams in Florida and one of the best teams of all time. Quite an accomplishment.
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