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Tru Prep Academy @ IMG

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13 hours ago, OldSchoolLion said:

I used to feel the same way, but have changed my tune.  Too many employers bitch about losing their talent to other employers.  And that victim mentality hinders them from looking themselves in the mirror to see what they are doing/not doing to retain their talent.  

Likewise, as a coach, I need to be actively working to win the trust of the kids and their subsequent desire to play for me.  It is taking more of an effort to do this nowadays, but that is just the world we are living in. 

If a public school coach loses a kid to a private school, he should..

a. be happy for the child if the change creates a better experience for the child

b. be glad the kid left if he was not a team player

c. reflect upon what he could have done differently to connect with the kid 


This is a great point. High School Children have a right to look after their own future, not the Coach's future. 

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Tru Prep is a bogus school. In effect it is the University High Football team. I suppose it is fitting that it plays another bogus school, IMG.  God Bless America!

Tru Prep sounds like something that your doctor prescribes for you to drink the night before you have a colonoscopy. 

It's a little confusing to me.  There is a school in Miami by the name of True North Classical Academy.  It shows up in the FHSAA classifications as an "Independent" and on MaxPreps as a "Freelan

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