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Joshua Wilson

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I have had enough... 

Some of you all are coming on here and bashing teams, players, and schools with NO PROOF to back up your claims and now you all have got me in a position of facing possible legal action. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND IT IS IN THE RULES ABOUT THIS STUFF... READ THEM! If it doesn't stop, I am going to start putting bans on you who are doing it. You know who you are and I have had enough. I expect you all to act like adults in here, not like children at the school yard playground. If it gets to the point where you all can't police yourself, I will put in actions to moderate every post on here or those that can't seem to follow simple rules. If it really gets to the point, I will be forced to shut the entire forum down. I don't want to have to do that.

Also as such, all moderators have been removed effectively from their positions as a result of this. I will have to watch like a hawk over this forum to make sure no more crap like what happened tonight regarding tickets and the bashing some of you all just did regarding tickets on St. Thomas Aquinas/Bloomingdale. If you got a problem with a school, go take it to them, but NOT HERE ON THIS FORUM!


Respect the rules or leave. 

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Understand Josh,  and I agree people should not be presenting false claims without facts. However I would caution against overreacting. 


STA fans and parents havr threatened to sue many a websites going all the way back to Floridakids.net ran by Larry Bluestein back in the day.  They feel they can move their weight around unchecked However none of this has ever came to fruition.... Also I have proof of what I just said.

DO NOT let them bully and threatened you.   I agree moderation is needed for false claims but you are at no danger of legal action... I have a attorney on stand by that will eat their lunch if they even tried to censor you or your site in the name of free speech.

Call me if you want to discuss but again I advise against overreacting.... I've been in this game 22 years and seen alot.

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