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    Jones at Edgewater

    Edgewater scored an impressive 28-14 win over Jones at home. Jones scored first (I did not see this as I thought the game started at 7 and not 6), so I missed the first eight minutes of play. Edgewater then scored three in a row, two coming in the first half and the the third in the third quarter. Jones then scored just before the end of the third quarter to cut the lead to 7. Alas for them, a comeback was not in the cards as Edgewater scored in the fourth to take a 28-14 lead. The margin of victory was within a point of their victory over Bishop Moore. The only difference is that while BM was in the game till midway through the 4th, this game was essentially over when Edgewater took the 21-7 lead. The difference between Edgewater and Jones was largely in the line play and the quality (or lack thereof) of Jones's punting. This sets up a very intriguing game between Jones and Bishop Moore this Friday. Based on both teams' performance against Edgewater, this would seem to be a very close game. However, I think Edgewater has improved since the BM game, while I am not sure BM has improved (even after tossing the Archbishop Spalding game out the window). The offsetting factor is that Jones plays this game on only three days rest and tonight's game was very physical with both teams getting banged up some. The winner of this game will almost certainly win the district and a playoff spot. Given that this is the north bracket of 5A this team could go far though I would not expect either to beat the south's representative. On the Edgewater side, that district will be decided between them and Wekiva. I am inclined to favor Edgewater at this juncture as the current team is ahead of last year's and reminds me of some of the Bill Gierke coached teams from 2001 through 2006, three of which got to the large class finals only to lose to Miami based teams. Alas, either Edgewater or Wekiva would face a very formidable opponent in Lakeland if they want to make the title game. At this stage I don't see that happening. However, the season is still young and things may seem different by the time the playoffs roll around.
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    Damn Pahokee! Don't be the Miami Dolphins of the Muck!
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    Vero Beach beating AHD

    AHD Added to the list of teams who Vero beat that won states on been to states between 2000-2018........, they've beaten 2000-current state champs during the spring, KOC, and regular seasons Dwyer spring game 2015 Palm Bay KOC 2013, 2014 Palm Beach Gardens regular season sweep from 2006-2016 Viera KOC 2017 highly likely Vero get em again Oscar Smith regular season 2017 Pahokee regular season 2017, 2018 Lincoln regular season 2017 Venice regular season 2018 need to get them back on for this year ASAP AHD regular season 2019 Waiting for Chaminade and it looks more likely that Vero will beat em prolly a similar game to the AHD game but a lil more offense from both teams
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    Vero Beach beating AHD

    2005 They beat Palm Beach Gardens 24-15 (their only loss that year) who went on to beat Deerfield Beach for the 6A title
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    Jones at Edgewater

    The QB Jones played is okay, but he is not as nearly as good as the three you mentioned. While I favor Jones, I do believe this could be a close game, and I would not be terribly surprised if Bishop Moore won it. It may well be a good game to watch.
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    Vero Beach beating AHD

    Has Vero ever beat a team that went on to win the championship that season?
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    That's exactly what I'm saying!! I'm mostly talking about the ppl in the duval city football group .. they act like all they schools so good but they only play other sorry duval schools I promise u Columbia and TCA would beat or blow out every team in duval
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    Ppl always say TCA is not ready to play the big school... but how can u be ready to play the big school if u never play them ?? My point is at least TCA is starting to play the big name schools soo they can get to that level..because I deff don't see a lot of small schools playing big name schools at all ... TCA is a 3a power that is trying to transition into a power period and they only way to do that is play the good school ... soo give TCA just a lil credit plz
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    Jones vs Edgewater

    Edgewater is loaded with talent this year, not at level of national elite, but definitely a threat to reach final four in state. That said, the Archbishop Spalding team that "made BM look like a junior varsity team", would make many of the so-called Florida elite look like Pop Warner teams. AS is probably the 2nd best team in Mid-Atlantic region, next to St Frances, who made Miami Central look like a girl's field hockey team.
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    TCA is more talented than every team they play and I respect the heck out of the kids that are there, that’s never been my issue with them. It’s always been the coaching (or lack there of). I want guys to watch their film, 6 or 7 games worth and tell me that they are better coached than any team they play. It’s basic, pop warner coaching...they just have the better athletes. The reason they got smacked in the mouth by Columbia is Allen at Columbia is a dang good football coach. Depth plays a role but it’s not why they lost to Venice or Columbia.
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    Thank u proseteye !!!! The 2016 game against TCA and IMG, TCA scored more points then Anybody on they schedule accept for centennial... and they had sum big name teams like Grayson, St. John's , and Long Beach poly .. TCA played a better game then all of those teams
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    Reschedule from Hurricane?

    They could reschedule. Lots of teams have done it. I believe that is how the Mandarin/STA game is happening
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    I already took a FSU fan redshirt last season
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    I warned at the beginning of the year that Pahokee could be the next team that is Booker T Washington-ed due to schedule such a difficult schedule that they could end up not making the playoffs. This is what I was talking about.
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    Final dillard 45-13 wasnt a perfect game by dillard still got alot of things to clean up offensively we got to be more cleaner Defensively we were stout but can be better. Over all a solid win on the road vs a storied & historic program and it was done in domiminating fashion to move to 3-0 for the first time in a long time great job panthers!! P.s shout out to all the fans who came out it was dope to see our away side with that many people playing a hour away from home. #GOOOOPANTHERS
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    Jax TCA beat eastside catholic.. who was ranked # 24 in the country in 2014
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    They don't have enough depth!!! But y'all acting like tca getting blown out every game , their not and they won't .. they might not win every game but they will give every school they play this year a run for their money!!! and yes the got beat pretty bad by Columbia, but that was just a bad game it wouldn't happen again
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    Yea thats crazy and when they try to run they o line cant get no push at all and yall get hit in the back field and when it come to special teams our coverage team and d line quick asf
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    Osceola vs, Cocoa

    Cocoa might have wanted to play but they did not want to make it up. It's unfortunate because I wanted to see it. I believe Cocoa would have won that game. Injuries, trip to Hoover, hurricane, loss of practice time all factored into the decision for Cocoa not to play on Monday.


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