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    Ric Flair


    You know what I would do Floridatech? I would march into Lenny's office and DEMAND to see his football plans for the rest of this year and beyond. Go ahead....show Lenny what teams a championship team is supposed to schedule to give them a realistic shot at winning it all. Be sure to pound the desk and all that stuff.....I hear he likes the enthusiasm.
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    Randazzo (Coconut Creek) Football????

    They are ranked ahead of like 140 Florida schools. This is comical. Poor Windermere can’t even be ranked ahead of a fake school.
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    I gave the lady at Randazzo the email to maxpreps to get to the bottom of who is submitting the info. I checked the team they supposedly played this past week. Southwest Leadership Academy from Arizona. Apparently they are an 8 man team and nothing on their sports website lists Randazzo. In fact the date they supposedly played the AZ team this past week, the AZ team has another team listed entirely. From Arizona. Lol. whoever is inputting this info on maxpreps is a freaking psychopath
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    You know, at this point, I don't know whether we should blow the whistle on whoever is behind this or, alternatively, go along with the gag . . . have guys start showing up at their games and giving reports, throwing them in the Pick Em one week, someone could create a dummy account on here and be a big Randazzo booster, etc. I'm sort of intrigued now. What, exactly, is their end game?
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    There are only a few ways to get UCF or any G5 team included in the playoff. 1) Expand the current four team format to include enough teams so the highest ranked G5 team might get in. 2) Get invited to join a P5 Conference. 3) Go Independent and play a Notre Dame type schedule (See BYU). Last year, I put together some data to show why it's impossible for the committee to include G5 schools in the final four. I went back to 2008 and got some negative feedback saying I had too much historical data and teams that are now P5 were G5 back then (Louisville, TCU) which skewed the results. So, I narrowed the historical scope down to 2014 - 2018. This represents the 5 years since we started the four team playoff. To begin, everyone must realize that knowingly or not, the NCAA helped create the issue back in 1995 when it declared any football playing school that plays D1 basketball, must also play D1 football. This meant that many, many schools playing D2 and D3 football had to compete at least at the 1AA level. Division 1 has been in a state of chaos ever since. What was D1A and D1AA has now evolved into three distinct levels of Division 1. Division 1 now consists of FBS Power 5 (traditional D1programs), FBS Group 5 (Former 1AA schools mixed with old traditional D1 programs that rarely excelled in football in the modern age), and FCS (a mixture of traditional 1AA schools mixed with D2 and D3 schools forced to play D1 football as a result of the 1995 NCAA Ruling. Over the past 5 seasons (2014-2018) the numbers tell the story: Power 5 is 429-101 (81%) vs. Group 5 (Average Game Score: P5 38, G5 20) Group 5 is 254-32 (89%) vs. FCS (Average Game Score: G5 42, FCS 16) For those interested in how things look thus far in 2019 here's the info through Sept 21: Power 5 is 56-19 (75%) vs. Group 5 (Average Game Score: P5 38, G5 19) Group 5 is 56-2 (97%) vs. FCS (Average Game Score: G5 40, FCS 17) I'd have to say the data is holding and there are three (3) distinct levels of NCAA Division 1 College Football Like it or not, I still hold to my statement that Division 1 football is comparable to boxing and at this time should not be treated as one entity: Power 5 = Heavyweight Group 5 = Cruiserweight FCS = Light Heavyweight
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    Soooo I called Lee County football coach in South Carolina. He wasn't available at the moment but I talked to his secretary. I explained the situation to her and asked if by any chance their team traveled to play Randazzo in Florida... She said, Travel to Florida to play a football game??? Um no way that every happened honey. lol It's bizarre
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    so all of their opponents are real schools... who don't have football programs. This seems like a student project to see if they could infiltrate maxpreps system and become highly ranked never playing a game
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    Obviously, you called the wrong Randazzo school in Coconut Creek.
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    About the level of a response I figured you'd give.
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    As a fan I would cheer my team's success. There would be no asterisk next to the title in the record book. I don't hold it against my College teams for taking transfers nor my Pro team picking up free agents as that is how the system works. Right now transfers in HS football can play and are allowed. Lakeland won its title in 1986, in no small measure, by the transfer of the Kathleen QB his senior year (Shane Willis IIRC), a kid I booed the year before, I cheered his success a year later at Dunedin for the 86 state title. Unless evidence (and not one text from a teenager) could be shown that coaches were directly cheating, false addresses etc... or buying players, then yes that would be a problem. But coaches are paid to win football games within the rules. And that means playing the best starting 22 that gives you the best chance to win. Ultimately it is still up to the parents to decide what is in the best interest of their child. And if they are willing to make the effort to make a legit transfer, it seems unlikely that there is much that can be done. And unless the kid transfers back after the season, it would be real difficult to prove it was for athletic purposes only. I had friends from Junior High who lived in the Kathleen zone but attended Lakeland because of some legit transfer reasons that had to do with music, so it is allowed for other than athletic purposes too. As far as legislation, sometimes it is the only thing that will change things. Perhaps a team like Lakeland will go too far and it will force the hands of some governing body. I wish the game was like it was in 1984, but it's not, not at any level.
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    The 2019 badbird national championship?
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    another teenager on the team messaging him is also illegal. Just saying.
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    You really have no idea what you are talking about. Vero has an almost impossible task to schedule games. 1. First you have to schedule your 3 district games , no choice, 2nd half of season. 2. Season tickets- Vero is probably the only team in Florida that depends on revenue from it's season ticket holders. That means we have to schedule 6-7 games at our home stadium to satisfy our season ticket holders. To do that, we have to accept any team that will play us at home on whatever date is open. Most big power teams also want to play their games at their home, so that means sometimes we have to pay a team to travel to our stadium. The only reason we are getting a couple of big power teams, is because we have become a big power team since coach Jankowski has come to Vero. What you don't understand is that we have beaten 56 teams of all levels and no one has beaten us in 5 or 6 regular seasons, that's quite an accomplishment I am ashamed to call you a Vero fan !!!
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