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New "Open Division" proposal

Dr. D

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On 6/11/2024 at 11:20 PM, flabuck said:

Hopefully they won't play these open division games in Tally. Let's face it in most years seven or all eight teams are going to come from near or south of the I-4 corridor and most will be from south Florida. If one of the goals is to generate revenue via admissions and tv rights to fill FHSAA's coffers then keep the games close to where the teams are coming from. My first choices would be Drive Pink in FLL, FAU in Boca, UCF in Orlando or the new USF stadium when it is ready.

Play it the week after the other final games and let the media focus on just that game.

Keep it in Tallahassee lol.

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    • If this doesn't define the word "irony," I don't know what does. 
    • As far as the rules and culture go, public schools now have an advantage over private schools in attracting players. Of course, the biggest, best private schools still have an overall advantage when you factor in the wealth of the student body/alumni. And those located right in the middle of dense urban areas have many more players to pick from within a reasonable driving distance. It looks like Venice was pissed to lose their starting RB. So, they turned in Booker. The player in question appeared headed to Lakeland for a time after leaving Booker. But, perhaps had a change of heart and felt the hassle wasn't worth it. 
    • This might help: https://www.heraldtribune.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2024/07/10/booker-football-coach-scottie-littles-suspended-6-games-fined-for-recruiting-violation/73265547007/ Having read the article, I understand the improper contact charge, but I didn't see anything in there that smacks of impermissible benefits.    That said, this is yet another example of how the FHSAA system works against the honest schools and coaches.  Someone, anyone, sends something in to the FHSAA.  Instead of investigating, they simply send it out to the school and say, "hey, do you know anything about this?"   The school then reviews it internally (and perhaps only by school/athletic administration folks, such that the coach isn't even involved).  If the school determines that there is a fire behind the smoke, it can then "self-report" the violation.  Once the violation has been self-reported (which was the case in this matter, according to the article), the FHSAA hands down its sanction and because the self-report essentially acts as an admission of guilt, the FHSAA feels justified in throwing the book at the accused coach.  In so doing, the FHSAA picks up an easy win and word spreads of the punishment, which then, presumably, has a chilling affect on other coaches across the state.   This story has been told before. 
    • As you probably know, the rest of the state views Dade/Broward as a scary sort of foreign land (and those in Dade/Broward view the rest of the state as a scary sort of country bumpkin place). Most in Gainesville threw up their hands and quit bothering to get involved in Dade/Broward years ago. Public schools in the rest of the state are held to a different standard by many. Though there's no way to be sure how many transfers schools end up with until the school year literally starts.    
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