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Miami Central vs St. Francis

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Talk about a beat down!! By end of game, MC QB was looking for license plate number of truck that ran him over. It was entertaining watching a Miami-Dade powerhouse be humbled, no let's say humiliated. I haven't seen Lakeland this year, but I just watched a Miami-Dade team that wouldn't do so well against Lakeland. 

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I've yet to see that many teams in FL play this year, but my guess is when St Frances is playing up to their potential, they could make ANY team in FL look pedestrian. Central has given our state much to brag about on the national scene.  They have been one of the best when it comes to beating top-flight OOS competition.  St Frances is arguably the IMG of the North-see thread below. Am not sure why someone would find it entertaining to see them beat one of our own, but to each his own.



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