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ITS GAME DAY!! rain or shine otis gray memorial stadium will be rocking. Two above avg solid teams are going head to head tonight.

Both teams feed off their defense and off of fast starts. After breaking down film miramar looks relatively avg to below avg on the offensive side but very aggressive on the defensive side; i said earlier this game is a toss up and based off just rankings dillard winning this game would be looked at as a "UPSET" nonetheless i just want to see a well faught injury free game and may the best team win.

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Finally settled in and all i can say is WOW!! what a game first hats off to miramar they are really solid proof in the win vs a talented dark horse in norland.

Dillard felt behind 6-0 then 14 7 then 26-14 at the half only to shut down miramars offense the rest of the game. 

After running clock the last 3 teams we have played it was great to see how we would respond being punched in the mouth vs a team with a very aggressive defense.

All in all im so proud of my team and now were 2-0 so lets keep it going. Got to clean up the penalties and turnovers tho.

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2 hours ago, DarterBlue2 said:

Hard fought win. Is Miramar that good or are you overestimating Dillard a bit?

Well u did say a few days ago how their really talented and how they beat norland who gave carol city all they could handle.

And miramar did come in ranked higher then dillard in every statistical national amd state poll.

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