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The home side (south) holds around 6,000. The visitors (north) around 4,000. The current 30 year stadium leaseholder and the city want to add 5,000 permanent new seats when they can find the money. Bethune-Cookman College numbers during several Homecoming games has been in the 12-14,000 range. They use portable end zone seating, and the cattle like fencing (Saturday's Orlando Jones side) we saw in the 5A afternoon contest. My biggest complaint has always been access to and from the stadium. Consolidated Tomoka, the largest area landholder, just recently donated several surrounding acres for future (2020?) parking. But two lane LPGA Boulevard is the only access to enter or leave the facility. And to make matters worse it isn't on any governmental fast track for widening. The whole area is blowing up with city approved development with congestion issues being pushed down the road as an afterthought. We've always done things like that here. Development never pays for itself, we the tax payers do, later on.

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20 hours ago, Jambun82 said:

I arrived at the stadium for the night game at around 4:15-4:30 pm, and there was still bumper-to-bumper traffic of Northwestern fans not only on LPGA Blvd. but also heading east on ISB.

Jam, you never worked those big Mainland/Seabreeze games in the early 2000's ?  Cars were still lining LPGA to get in at halftime and that's with 7-8,000 attendance. In the old championship days here they had triple game Saturday.  "WHAT A CLUSTER "F."  Gatorman asked for a double game on Friday instead of a Wednesday night game. Sounds like a reasonable request, right. Wrong !! LPGA Blvd. has always been a heavily traveled bypass for locale workers around the inner city's congestion. Friday afternoon traffic is a speeding bumper to bumper mess getting home.  

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10 hours ago, gatorman-uf said:

1A: 4,229
2A: 963
3A:  2,832
4A: 1,910
5A: 9,522
6A: 2,233
7A: 5,248
8A: 6,631
Total: 33,568 FINAL

Pretty darn good actually.

Now to be honest, FHSAA lucked out a lot. 3 Orlando area schools less than an hour away, 3 traditional Miami powerhouses (Central, MNW, BTW). In Tallahassee, you had Madison and a local school in Florida (FSU) High. Overall, the teams playing on the days they were playing is as good as you could get. I still believe that a Wednesday night game is bad and the game should be moved to Friday afternoon. Beyond that, pretty good.

2007    52,750
2008    36,087
2009    33,008
2010    33,653
2011    27,164
2012    29,953
2013    25,603
2014    28,062
2015    29,078
2016    33,082
2017    30,719
2018    30,466.5 (1A attendance is unknown so I averaged the previous two years of 1A attendance)

Other than the first 2 years in Orlando were had as much to do with great Miami Northwestern teams as did anything else. Population would be the highest since 2010, not bad overall.

The Orlando and Miami turnout made the numbers better then what this naysayer expected. Now if we can sign up the same teams next year.... Daytona Stadium has been leased out by the city to a couple of enterprising brothers for the next 30 years. The Panaggio pair, Mike being the CEO, run a mini starting version of IMG called DME here in the Daytona area. They've been very aggressive and focused to grow their school and to bring sports entertainment to the area. This old pessimist wishes the out-of-towners well just as the many others who have come before them. They have already put the area on notice that governmental ($$$) and community ($$$) support is needed if this is to be a viable sports mecca. To be continued........    

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2 hours ago, Wavebb said:

But no room for a disabled Army Vet in a wheel chair.  I knew none of you would respond to my post.   

I am sorry Wavebb, I did not see your post until now. You are right about inadequate handicapped, I use that word instead of disabled, facilities. That is one of several problems that need to be hashed out for the future, including the scoreboard issues during the 8A and 7A games which has been an issue all season long.

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13 hours ago, Wavebb said:

But no room for a disabled Army Vet in a wheel chair.  I knew none of you would respond to my post.   

What post Wave ?  There wasn't a problem last time he came over. We all took the elevator up and down to indoor seating and an outdoor observation deck. Who stopped you guys ?

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Texas State Championship for largest two classifications... 83,069 fans showed up. Florida is just not on the same level as Texas in terms of community support. 


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    • Maybe you were not around when the Celtics were able to take on anybody and either defeat them or compete with them. Teams like TCA, Bolles, Jesuit, Gainesville, Vanguard, Pahokee, IMG, East Lake, Palmetto, Madison, University, Booker, and Mainland. All good teams and most of them in higher classifications. So, going up against Chaminade would not be something that is uncharacteristic of the Celtics. I'm really disappointed in Coach Thomas's decision to leave Trinity just when the team was getting ready to make some real noise. He already had the players at Trinity.
    • If you look at Marion County, they have a different situation where all team sports are paid the same as football coaches (except soccer and volleyball). The number has been $5,000 since 2007 and I willing to bet the reason why the basketball coach and the football coach are equal has to do with the work the Vanguard Basketball Coach Haley did in creating a program and pushing for higher pay. 
    • Local Control and Local Decisions (both in Georgia and Florida). It is a hard sell to both school boards and unions to pay a teacher less than 40K and then turn around a pay a football coach 65K for being a "coach," especially when principals and schools are graded not on how good a football program is, but whether the school is an A, B, C, D, or F. Florida as a whole does not support extracurriculars because the people living in the communities haven't been there long. We are a transient state. All the counties that we listed as top pay (Okaloose, Bay, Walton) are panhandle counties. Counties where people have lived in them forever. Where grandma's grandma lived. As a whole, I wonder what percentage of coaches take leadership roles in their local union and push for higher supplements (even if it was incremental of $100 a year). A lot of the unions seem to be led by elementary school teachers who have little experience with the value/importance of coaches.  As for gate... Let's think costs first... 1) Referees: $65 x 5 = $325 per game plus travel stipends 2) Security: $20 x 3 hours x 5 officers = $300 per game 3) Ticket Takers: $25 per game per individual (maybe 6 people): $150 per game 4) Line the Field: $100-200 in supplies per game _____________________________________  $875 per game (and this is a VERY conservative number).  Start adding in: New Jerseys/Pants (once every 2 years) ($140 for a set?) x 80 players Helmets Refurbished every year and replaced every XX years. Practice Gear Balls Pre-Game Meals HUDL Account Coach Polos/Outfits Practice Equipment (tackling dummies, blocking sledds, chutes).  I wish school districts would understand that if you want these boys and girls to representatives of your community than you should pay for them to be just that. Basic equipment and costs should be covered by the school districts. Teams should have to fund raise just in hopes having enough money to travel to a game or hire referees or get jerseys. 
    • It's better because how is trinty Catholic ever going to beat chamme madonna. Union county not beating Madison. But Andrew Thomas is probably going to get some players to try.
    • What happened to their HC Kepa Sarduy? And I'm wondering why Coach Thomas would go from a 3A private school that was just about to possibly go deep in the playoffs or maybe all the way to a 1A public school that hasn't been really that good for 5 years. Couldn't be the pay as I think Trinity pays their teachers pretty well. Can't imagine Union County paying any better. Would sure like to know. 
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