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very sad if true

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Man this hard to talk about considering that almost all of us has watched Treon over the last few years.. Living here in Gainesville, I know fans aren't happy right now, but UF did the right thing by keeping Treon away until this is all handled. It sends a signal that they can handle issues better than the No Fun League and that is saying a lot. 

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Here's the full text of a press release sent to local media by Gainesville lawyer Huntley Johnson in regards to Treon Harris, his client.

We are releasing this statement in an attempt to help clarify the circumstances surrounding the investigation of Treon Harris.

The status of Mr. Harris as a student at the University of Florida is that he was given an interim suspension pending a resolution by the administration of the University. After an appeal of the decision to suspend Mr. Harris, the University decided to allow Mr. Harris to continue his online courses. Because he is not allowed on campus, Mr. Harris is currently not attending those classes which occur in a classroom.

In terms of the criminal case, as most of you are aware, the University released a redacted police report yesterday evening. Currently, Mr. Harris has not been arrested and the criminal investigation is ongoing.

First, we want to dispel the idea that the alleged victim and our client didn't know each other. Our client and the alleged victim knew each other to the extent that they had each other's cell phone numbers and had previously spent time together of their own accord for the purpose of socializing together.

We want to dispel the idea and rumors floating around that our client forced his way into the alleged victim's apartment. Those rumors are patently false. Mr. Harris has never been inside the young lady's room. We understand that all of the evidence was gathered from our client's room, which is where the interaction between the two parties took place.

We know that an individual has given testimony to law enforcement that he had sexual relations with the alleged victim less than an hour before the alleged sexual conduct with our client took place. In fact, testimony indicates that the young lady in question was the sexual aggressor in that interaction.

Our investigation has produced no evidence whatsoever that the young lady in question was impaired.

We have provided law enforcement with multiple witnesses that will indicate what the interaction was between the alleged victim and our client before they returned to our client's room: they were smiling and they were holding hands. They returned to the Springs Residential Complex in a car driven by another female student who was a friend of the alleged victim.

We have provided multiple text messages to the authorities investigating this incident.

These texts were exchanged among the alleged victim, Mr. Harris, and the other gentleman mentioned above.

When these text messages are released, they will show that the young woman making these allegations initiated the conduct with Mr. Harris while he was still in the locker room in Knoxville. Shortly after the team plane landed, texting continued between Mr. Harris and the alleged victim.

We believe the evidence will show the alleged victim was in fact in the sexual aggressor with not one, but two young men early last Sunday morning.

Misstatements in the media to date have painted a picture that is inconsistent with the evidence. That said, we have fully cooperated with this investigation. Mr. Harris agreed to a search of his dorm room. Mr. Harris agreed to a search of his phone. Mr. Harris gave a voluntary statement to law enforcement. We have turned over at least six (6) eyewitnesses to the events in questions to law enforcement. We have turned over the text messages to law enforcement. We have suggested to law enforcement multiple locations from which they should secure video surveillance. We have provided law enforcement with information gathered from the Internet that this young woman posted on Sunday, after the alleged misconduct, where she is smiling and happy. There is no indication of any physical or mental trauma.

We have previously indicated that we do not believe that Mr. Harris will be arrested or prosecuted. That is because of our experience and the facts of this case. He is not guilty of a crime and he did not mistreat this young lady in any way that night.

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    • Proseteye, I was around when OTC was playing those teams, these new OTC teams are not on that level. Don't get me wrong they are good, but they just aren't the same.  In 2005, OTC struggled with Union County (twice) (Union was good then with CJ Spiller) and Pahokee on their way to a 14-0 season. In 2006, OTC goes 13-1 with a loss in the state championship to Pahokee. In 2007, Coach Bell is gone, schedule is upgraded, and OTC struggles to 7-5 including two losses to Newberry and a loss to Union County.  In 2008, OTC goes 12-2 with a loss against Mainland and Pahokee (again). In 2009, OTC goes 9-3 with loses against Bolles, Tampa Catholic, and Gainesville. in 2010, OTC goes 14-0 beats some impressive teams along the way including a Derrick Henry led Yulee team, Bolles, and University School (when University School was doing it's thing). in 2011, OTC goes 7-5 including losing to some local schools (Vanguard, North Marion, Gainesville).  In 2012, OTC goes 8-5. In 2013, OTC  goes 8-4. In 2014, OTC goes  10-2 against a fairly easy schedule to lose to the developing juggernaut of Trinity Christian. In 2015, OTC goes 4-8 (including a loss to Lake Weir) In 2016, OTC goes 4-5. In 2017, OTC goes 5-3 (misses playoffs). In 2018, OTC goes 5-5 (misses playoffs). In 2019, OTC goes 8-4 with an impressive home playoff win against Trinity Christian (Jax). So why go through the last few years, OTC's successes are a long time ago of when they were a dominant beast.  Vanguard: 2004: 2-7 2005: 5-5 2006: 5-5 2007: 2-8 2008: 0-10 2009: 6-6 2010: 10-3 2011: 7-4 2012: 6-6 2013: 5-5 2014: 4-6 2015: 9-3 2016: 10-2 2017: 11-1 2018: 13-1 2019: 9-3 I think partially what has happened is that Vanguard has stabilized it's football program. Notice the worse years of Vanguard coincide with the best years of OTC. There was a reason that OTC was called the Marion County All-Stars for a while. As long as Vanguard continues to have a solid program, OTC won't get the 1 or 2 additional star players they need to make them a state finalist. They will continue to be good, but not able to overcome some of the recruiting powerhouses. Additionally, if you go back to the years of 2B, it was made up of a lot of the larger 1A schools today. You weren't playing Trinity Christian, Pensacola Catholic, Florida High, Chaminade-Madonna to win the state, the competition was easier. It is telling that since they did away with 2B that Trinity has struggled with consistency.
    • Maybe you were not around when the Celtics were able to take on anybody and either defeat them or compete with them. Teams like TCA, Bolles, Jesuit, Gainesville, Vanguard, Pahokee, IMG, East Lake, Palmetto, Madison, University, Booker, and Mainland. All good teams and most of them in higher classifications. So, going up against Chaminade would not be something that is uncharacteristic of the Celtics. I'm really disappointed in Coach Thomas's decision to leave Trinity just when the team was getting ready to make some real noise. He already had the players at Trinity.
    • If you look at Marion County, they have a different situation where all team sports are paid the same as football coaches (except soccer and volleyball). The number has been $5,000 since 2007 and I willing to bet the reason why the basketball coach and the football coach are equal has to do with the work the Vanguard Basketball Coach Haley did in creating a program and pushing for higher pay. 
    • Local Control and Local Decisions (both in Georgia and Florida). It is a hard sell to both school boards and unions to pay a teacher less than 40K and then turn around a pay a football coach 65K for being a "coach," especially when principals and schools are graded not on how good a football program is, but whether the school is an A, B, C, D, or F. Florida as a whole does not support extracurriculars because the people living in the communities haven't been there long. We are a transient state. All the counties that we listed as top pay (Okaloose, Bay, Walton) are panhandle counties. Counties where people have lived in them forever. Where grandma's grandma lived. As a whole, I wonder what percentage of coaches take leadership roles in their local union and push for higher supplements (even if it was incremental of $100 a year). A lot of the unions seem to be led by elementary school teachers who have little experience with the value/importance of coaches.  As for gate... Let's think costs first... 1) Referees: $65 x 5 = $325 per game plus travel stipends 2) Security: $20 x 3 hours x 5 officers = $300 per game 3) Ticket Takers: $25 per game per individual (maybe 6 people): $150 per game 4) Line the Field: $100-200 in supplies per game _____________________________________  $875 per game (and this is a VERY conservative number).  Start adding in: New Jerseys/Pants (once every 2 years) ($140 for a set?) x 80 players Helmets Refurbished every year and replaced every XX years. Practice Gear Balls Pre-Game Meals HUDL Account Coach Polos/Outfits Practice Equipment (tackling dummies, blocking sledds, chutes).  I wish school districts would understand that if you want these boys and girls to representatives of your community than you should pay for them to be just that. Basic equipment and costs should be covered by the school districts. Teams should have to fund raise just in hopes having enough money to travel to a game or hire referees or get jerseys. 
    • It's better because how is trinty Catholic ever going to beat chamme madonna. Union county not beating Madison. But Andrew Thomas is probably going to get some players to try.
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