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Who Is This Famous Coach? Sam Budnyk/Cardinal Newman

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No hs football coach in FL history has won as many games without a state title as Sam Budnyk.   He spent over 40 years at Cardinal Newman and led them to 275+ football wins.   During that time, his teams only made it past the second round once.  Just shows that success is not always measured in titles....and that if this private school recruited, they did a really lousy job.:rolleyes:  As a coach, he also led his school to several state softball titles. 

He was a pioneer of minority and women's rights.  He was the first private school coach/AD to:

  • hire an African-American assistant coach in Florida
  • play an All-Black school in his county
  • allow a girl to run track in his county  
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...more about this great coach.  He served Cardinal Newman High School for 49 years—45 as a coach and 48 as athletic director (1961-2008). As the school’s first football coach, from ‘61 through ‘03, he led his teams to a 278-172-5 record; 4 of his players went on to play in the National Football League. He also coached boys basketball, track, girls softball, and boys & girls golf. He directed softball teams to a 437-109 record and 3 state championships. All told, he coached teams to 954 victories (.702 percentage) and 94 district, regional, sectional and state titles. He also has been inducted into the Florida Athletic Coaches Association, Florida High School Athletic Association and Palm Beach County Halls of Fame. A scholarship and coach-of-the-year award have been established in his name in Palm Beach County. He is retired.

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