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Excitement in Lake County

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2 hours ago, OldSchoolLion said:

Lake Minneola making a state semi must have folks in Lake County excited.  Does anyone know the last time a Lake County team got this far and which team did it?

Putting the historical question aside, us Orlando area folks are not that surprised. The southwest part of Lake County: Clermont, Minneola, Groveland, are now its most populated. And the area has more Orlando characteristics than traditional Lake County characteristics. Not surprising, as that part of Lake County, like Apopka and to a degree, Kissimmee, has become more of an Orlando bedroom community. Size and changing demographics have transformed the area.

Former world class Jamaican sprinter, Veronica Campbell-Brown, lives there and trained in the area during her peak years which included Olympic Gold. Assuming the talent is stacked, there is room for at least one state caliber football team in southwest Lake county. 

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1 minute ago, OldSchoolLion said:

Eustist was the last Lake County team to play in a semi, back in 1983.  They went on to win the 2A title.

So, it has been 37 years, the exact amount of time I have lived in the USA, that Lake County won its last state title. That is pretty bad. But there are counties of like size that have never won a championship, so there is that. I believe Lake County will win titles before another 37 years passes by. 

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I like Minneola's chances against St. Augustine and Central. I say Central because although Palmetto is a very good squad, I don' think they match up well with Central this year compared to their team last year.

Palmetto is physical. They have a big QB, a good sized O-line, and a RB with great, great balance. But their passing game was thoroughly unimpressive against Hillsborough (a very poor man's version of Central's defense). Palmetto beat Hillsborough with physical play in a very close game. But this plays right into Central's style. Very few teams in the country can simply out-physical Central. Last year Palmetto kept Central off balance with a very effective short passing game and balanced that with QB runs and some tough runs from their backs. I don't think Palmetto has enough of a passing game this year to make Central respect it. QB runs and the RBs looking to break plays for yardage just isn't going to be effective against Central.

Minneola (if they get past the Jackets) has a pretty dynamic offense. So they can likely put up some points against Central's always dominant defense. They held a very good and balanced Gaither offense to 14, so if they can hold Central to 21 or under, they could have a puncher's chance.



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