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Texan need some help

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Will be in Florida for a week in October 17-25 (personally I think leaving Texas during football season is stupid) but I think this week calls for it

Oct 17 Louisville vs Florida State OR UCF vs Houston

Oct 18 Texans at Jaguars

Oct 19 Monday

Oct 20 Tuesday

Oct 21 Wednesday

Oct 22 Thursday

Oct 23 Friday

Oct 24 Clemson @ Miami

Oct 25 Texans @Dolphins

Lookin to go to high school games on Thursday and Friday, problem is I don't know the good matchups, yes I know of northwestern, aquinas, img, central but I don't know their opponents and if the games will be "competitive" what I am looking for is something with (in order of importance)

1. Good atmosphere (good bands, filled stands/large attendance)

2. Competitive game (expected to be close)

3. So called (powerhouse teams/tradition)

4. On field talent

If someone can point me in the direction of possible games on Thursday October 22 and Friday October 23 would like to be in the Miami/southern Florida area but would be willing to go somewhere in central Florida Any help would be appreciated!!

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First, although I am a Gator fan, hit the FSU-LOU game.


Here's what I recommend in Broward/Palm Beach. I don't have the full Dade County schedule: Cypress Bay @ Flanagan or Glades Central @ Seminole Ridge, both on the 23rd.


If ya want to go to Central Florida, IMG Academy will be tested by Paramus Catholic (NJ).

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Sounds like you will be staying in the Jacksonville area. Both the FSU vs Lou and the UCF vs Houston games will be about equal driving distance. About an hour. The UCF vs Houston would seem to have the most appeal for you, Texas vs Florida thang. 


HS games...



10-23 Oakleaf plays at Creekside in Jacksonville. Oakleaf was undefeated regular season last year and lost to Niceville in the regional final. 

           Bolles plays at Frenandina Beach. Bolles was the last team to beat Booker T Washington for the championship. MC beat them 2nd the following season.

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