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  1. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to ColumbiaHighFan2017class in Vero Beach will beat Chaminade   
    Didn't Vero only beat AHD 7-3?
  2. Thanks
    muckboy561 reacted to OldSchoolLion in Miami-Dade County Football Conference Update   
    Greater Miami Athletic Conference
  3. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to 561_Fan in Vero Beach beating AHD   
    Has Vero ever beat a team that went on to win the championship that season?
  4. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Joshua Wilson in Reschedule from Hurricane?   
    Chaminade-Madonna has a full schedule. They don't have an open date. Don't fully rely on MaxPreps FWIW.
  5. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Muckcitypride1 in Any team ever won state with a losing record??   
    Pahokee will not beat a good 1A team running the offense that they are running, sorry 561_Fan, but it isn't going to happen!!!!  
  6. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Original1 in FINAL DILLARD 45 PAHOKEE 13   
    Damn Pahokee! Don't be the Miami Dolphins of the Muck!
  7. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in Deerfiled (0-2) Vs Blanche Ely (2-0) Tonight!!   
    Right lol
  8. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to nolebull813 in Osceola vs, Cocoa   
    Are any Brevard public’s playing at all? 
    Osceola wanted this game. They wanted a replacement. This game could have happened in Kissimmee. 
    Now if no Brevard public is playing then its understandable. But if there is one or more then Cocoa ducked this game 
  9. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to OldSchoolLion in FL vs OOS Since 2004 - 115 Games   
    Cocoa is 3-7 in the games listed above
  10. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in FINAL DILLARD 45 PAHOKEE 13   
    Seen a few blue devils fans saying that their not even worried about mondays game saying "that sh** gone be sweet"
    And that their real competition is gonna be friday vs dwyer which is what everyone in the comments was asking about ...all i can say is "OHHH" shrugs shoulders.
  11. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to OldSchoolLion in OFFICIAL: No pick'ems this week   
  12. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in Shocker: Mcarthur 19 NSU 0 WOW!   
    I think the score shocks me more then the outcome. This is the same u school who blasted pahokee 47-8 and also won in convincing fashion last week and to put up ZERO!
    im sure that has alot to do with the mustangs defense being that they are extremley talented they gave chaminade a huge run for their money before falling short.
    But reports around the county are reporting the sharks looked extremley lackluster like they really didnt want to play. The maybe they came in over looking mcarthur because they are not a big name ..but still no excuses. 
    Great win!!! By the mustangs.
  13. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to badbird in 2019 Pick em Results   
    I can bash who I want.  They have a fake national championship.  That doesn't mean I don't like them or don't think they deserved a shot.  Go Knights
  14. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to badbird in 2019 Pick em Results   
    nope I declared myself champ.  Last weeks totals were never totaled and I passed you.  You can claim co champ or  you can claim a UCF championship.  
  15. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to badbird in 2019 Pick em Results   
    Week 3 killed the pick em contest
  16. Haha
    muckboy561 got a reaction from KeemD321 in 2019 Pick em Results   
    Both weeks killed me
  17. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to badbird in OFFICIAL THREAD: Hurricane Dorian Update Thread   
    looks like the Hurricane is going to help Vero set the record.  Luck is always needed in streaks like this.
  18. Like
    muckboy561 reacted to THIS_IS_DILLARD in FiNAL DILLARD 34 MIRAMAR 28   
    P.s this is dillards first win vs miramar in over 10+ years.
  19. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Cat_Scratch in Gators!!!   
    Well lets hope FSU does as well or better against Boise State. I believe 38 or what ever they are ranked is the worse I've seen since the mid 80's. 
    UCF starts out at 17... who would have ever thought that they are higher ranked than UM or FSU to start the year?
    What in OZ is going on?
  20. Thanks
    muckboy561 reacted to Perspective in Gators!!!   
    You could say "It's great . . . to be . . . a Florida Gator."    But I doubt you'll say that.  
  21. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to LakelandGator in MIRAMAR (1-0) @ DILLARD (1-0) PREDICTIONS   
    Miramar wins easy. 

  22. Like
    muckboy561 reacted to HornetFan in Gators!!!   
    Thank God for UF's D-line. Franks looked like the Franks of old; not like the Franks in the last 4 games of last season. OL has a long way to go; running game was non-existent. It looks like Manny Diaz is doing well at rebuilding the U. Hopefully, Gators will resuscitate against UT-Martin.
  23. Haha
    muckboy561 reacted to Jimmyb1980 in Vero vs American Heritage   
    Vero must have a bunch of lucky horseshoes buried in the ground around the stadium! 
  24. Like
    muckboy561 got a reaction from 561_Fan in University@Pahokee   
    Sheeeessh damn PK
  25. Like
    muckboy561 got a reaction from Joshua Wilson in MAJOR NEWS: FloridaHSFootball.com partners with Fox Sports Florida for "UNDER THE LIGHTS: FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FINAL!"   
    Congrats!!!!!! Cant wait to watch dont forget to give me a shoutout!!! 
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