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Miami Northwestern Coach - leaving or fired?


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I saw on social media last night that long-time Miami Northwestern coach, Max Edwards, is out as the coach.   There seemed to be some disagreement as to whether he left on his own volition or was fired.   Either way, it'll be interesting to see the domino effect this has in South Florida. 

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48 minutes ago, DarterBlue2 said:

Miami Herald says he was fired. A 6-5 season probably does not cut it at a program like the one they run. 

Darter, you may very well be right . . . even though the five losses were against three state champions -- Chaminade-Madonna, Columbus, and Central (twice) and a runner-up (Homestead).   The firewall is keeping me from reading the Miami Herald article, but it looks like Northwestern won the state title 3 of the 8 years that Edwards was the coach, but none of those titles came in the last three years.   I guess that's just not good enough in a "what have you done for me lately" world. 

That said, NW didn't exactly fall off a cliff.  I'm wondering if Edwards' disciplinary history had anything to do with it?  Did someone put NW in a Michael Jordan-like box and tell the school that they either needed to let Edwards go or face further investigations/sanctions?  Pure speculation on my part. 

What say the south Florida people on this board?  Why was Edwards fired and who's going to replace him?

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1 hour ago, KeemD321 said:

From what I saw on Twitter he was relieved of his duties(fired). Gonna be interesting to see what happens. Norland picked up some transfers. And Central just picked up a big week 5 game at The Mecca against Chaminade-Madonna. Would've been a great match up last season 

Was any reason given for the decision to fire him?

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6 hours ago, FBGUY1989 said:

Northwestern is a different type of school compared to others. Northwestern has been in existence since 1955 and has a strong alumni. Them Northwestern Bulls expect to win year in and out. Not only do you lose to your biggest rival Central twice but not make it so states is a big pill to swallow 

The West's biggest issue last year was trying to stay healthy. Tyga was playing with a hurt shoulder all season long and Jamari's ankle sprain never fully healed, even when he was eventually able to return. I am quite surprised at how quickly they dumped Coach Edwards, though. Seems to be a knee-jerk reaction that wasn't thought out all the way through. I think the Bulls will be just fine. Promote a new head coach from within the organization and have the trainers work more closely with the players throughout the offseason to avoid future injury. That's all. 

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