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Jax TCA added pahokee to finish regular season schedule

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That may be a tougher schedule than that of STA. Kind of approaching IMG's schedule. Although TCA is a damn good team can't see them pulling this off all the way into the playoffs. Most of their opponents have a good shot at defeating them on any given Friday night.

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On 4/16/2019 at 6:49 AM, JaxTCA2010stateCHAMP said:


If Trinity Christian come out of the 8-2, I'm  Impressed!!!!! 

I would love to see them play Raines that is going to be Huge!

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    • I just finished watching all the games from 1984 I could find on youtube. Too bad I didn't see the thread until now. The 1984 Gators would have taken down BYU and probably Washington as well had they been eligible and had a playoff then.
    • Well, I get what you are saying. I suppose the messages could be, easily, even more vague and still convey the point. The coach could mention how great such and such player was the year before and how they'll miss him. Of course, the player can easily head to hudl, rivals, the team web page etc and see the players they had and lost. Really, a coach doesn't need to say anything. Everyone knows if Team A had a senior QB the previous season. Terry and Brady Dean knew STA graduated Curt Casteel and would have a new, unproven QB.  Mostly, we're talking about how to practically-and constitutionally- monitor such communications. Can-in fact, should-governing agencies be requiring teenagers to turn over their personal cell phones and private conversations whenever they wish? What's the justification? That maybe they've talked with their buddies about football? What precedent would that set? Should governing agencies make you and I hand over our cell phones to review all of our private conversations because maybe we discussed business or something? Or because someone commented on Twitter that so-and-so messaged someone? Where there would be standing to do check cell phones would be if a coach texted a kid that didn't want to be texted.  But, as long as the parties involved in the conversations wish for those conversations to remain private, they can and should remain private. It's hardly the end of the world. If a kid is willing to commute further every day to attend school B, and the school has room, the kid should be able to go to School B. Even if he's good at football.
    • Kudos but dwn hea ain’t none of dat lol if you went to ely we don’t Fwu fam No cap. & vice versa ain’t no brotherly love bih. We want to aihh to suffer going 0-10 every year & losing by 80 when you play us. Lol that’s just how it is. 
    • Exactly! I hope you guys win all of your games except when u play us lol. 
    • Although I can make a distinction in the communications between two players from different schools and the communications between a coach from one school and a player from another school, the FHSAA rules don't seem to make that distinction.  In your example above, it appears to me that the coach crosses over the "how's it going?" line when he starts talking about needing the very position played by the kid he's 'talking' to.  That looks a lot like recruiting to me, subtle as it may be.  And, at least under the current FHSAA rules, it's illegal.  Right?  I could be wrong, but isn't this exactly what STA just got in trouble for?  College coaches aren't allowed to communicate with kids who play for other teams, are they (at least not until they enter the portal)?  Pro teams aren't allowed to communicate with guys who play for other teams, are they?  I believe that's called tampering (at least in one of the professional leagues).   Why should high school be different?  Do you think high school coaches should be able to reach out to kids from other schools and expressly encourage them to switch schools?    I know this whole thing gets pretty complicated and I know the slope got a little slippery with the changes the legislature made a few years back.  It occurs to me that the FHSAA is simply doing what it can to keep high school sports from turning into the wild, wild west.  If that's not what the majority of the high schools in Florida want, they have the power to change that.  Right?  
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