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Cocoa vs Viera

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Both teams have work to do. Penalties are the downfall of great teams. If both teams can get rid of the penalties they will be  Exceptional.

Cocoa vs Viera. Teams looked evenly matched. Both had a lot of penalties. The score should have been 10 - 10 at halftime but Viera ran out of time at the 2 yd line. Cocoa goes in with a 7 point lead. In the 3rd Viera ties the score and pins Cocoa back at their 15 yd line forcing Cocoa to punt. Viera roughs the punter in the endzone giving Cocoa a 1st and 10 on their 30. Cocoa scores making it 17 - 10. More penalties on Viera and some desperation gives Cocoa 10 more points. The game ended at 27 - 10 Cocoa, but for 3 quarters it was a highly competitive game. 

 Look for Vieira Cocoa and Rockledge to lead Brevard into the playoffs.

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You are being too gracious with Viera. Commentator said over 100 yards in penalties in first half and not sure if all were accepted by Cocoa. Most were execution penalties, just not ready to play the game. What, 4-5 penalties on first drive of game. They had 2-3 first downs, moved the ball and ended up punting from where they started. Commentator said Viera scored on the back of the endzone catch that was called incomplete( feed didn't show viewers endzone), that plus terrible time management at end of half-Viera could have been up 17-10.  Thought Viera and Norton would miss USF Atkins and it showed. Norton, scrambling till he could find Atkins last year, was too much of their offense.  Cocoa is Cocoa again and should fight for state, Viera defense improved from last year  but offense has a lot to clean up not sure if season is long enough to do it.    

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31 minutes ago, Jimmyb1980 said:

How is Merritt island this year?

They destroyed Gateway on the road 42-12 so impressive start. QB Denaburg must be younger brother of Mason stud looked impressive last week in KOC. I would think they might be most improved team in Brevard. 

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