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Good coach, great man

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State lost a fine coach to retirement today.  Bill Kramer retired after 22 years as head coach at Naples High. Won a title in '01 (first in SW Florida) & '07, at a school that had two winning sessions in the previous 16 years. Sent lots of kids into better lives, many of which were able to play football at another level, with a few in the league still today. Put Christ first, and was humble enough to see his flaws. Great family man, who has been a tremendous mentor to many a coach. 

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11 hours ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:

How many games have they faced against North Florida teams and what was their record and wins against?

1-0 all time 

vs St Augustine in the 2007 State Title. 

The farthest North besides that is Mainland. They have played some Tampa Bay Area teams as well as Polk County teams too. 

Thats as far North as it got 

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 I don’t know much about him but it seems from all the comments everywhere that he was a good coach and a better man. 

 I know the one knock about Naples was they hated playing good teams in the regular season like Lakeland.  They always found some Slappy to pay to come take a whooping. 

 But I think that was more their athletic director. Ernie Modugno. I knew Naples had good money to give, so I would always forward OOS and quality in state teams to them when they were looking all to no avail.  I think it was that clown Ernie who kept Naples in neutral all this time. 

  Wonder if he coaches somewhere else in the future 

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