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SportsNut's South Florida Top 10 Rankings

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Oh yeah, I just wanted to pass it on to @Mighty because he seems to take a lot of stock in the Miami Herald based on his comments.  Mighty did not like it when  I thought Dillard was between a #10- #15 team in South Florida,  because the Miami Herald had them #8.  Should be a close game when breaking it down, but something tells me one of these teams is really going to expose the other.

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New updated list




1. Columbus

2. Central

3. Booker T. Washington

4. Norland

5. Coral Gables

6. Carol City

7. Southridge

8. South Dade

9. Mater Academy Charter

10. Jackson




1. St. Thomas Aquinas

2. Hallandale

3. Flanagan

4. American Heritage (Plantation)

5. Coconut Creek

6. Plantation

7. Derrfield Beach

8. Dillard

9. Cypress Bay

10. Miramar

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Well, to be honest . I don't think Dillard would have done any better vs IMG and STA. I also think Miramar would have played Hallandale tighter then Dillard. Finally, I think Dillard will unfortunately continue to be erratic the remainder of the season . Coaching and consistency appears to be the same the last few years. I think they have talent but I question Dillard offensively, and more specifically the QB.

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After following Palm Beach , Broward and Dade the last few weeks my early season thoughts are  Broward's top 10 might be stronger then the Dade or Palm Beach top 10 right now.  Miami Central and BTW might be a little off early but will only get stronger as the season progresses.  Miami Columbus is still a very balanced team athletically, on both sides of the ball, and coaching. Jackson vs. BTW should be great this weekend....

  STA, Flanagan, Columbus, Hallanadale are very strong and AHP, Miami Central and Coconut Creek are 3 of the best 1 Loss teams in the Nation right now.  Out of Palm Beach West Boca is better then their 0-2 record vs .  a good Boca Raton team, and a very good Atlantic Delray team.  Glades Central will get a chance to show what they are made of this weekend vs. AHD.  Still not sold on Dwyer yet until they venture outside of their Candyland District against a decent team in November vs. Delray Atlantic.


Keep an eye on:

Boyd Anderson vs. Coconut Creek   - How will Creek respond (after a physical beat-down from Flanagan)  vs. a high flying, confident Boyd Anderson team

Jackson vs. BTW  -  Classic matchup with two teams battling for Dade pride!

Glades Central vs. American Heritage Delray    - Is Glades Central for real? They will be tested vs AHD who was just smacked around up in NJ.


Any other intriguing matchups I am missing?

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Bro we been for real for the record like I said don't sleep on GC

I here ya muckboy561....I got GC top 3 in Palm Beach right now.  Delray Atlantic #1 and a toss up between GC and Dwyer.  Just want to see them beat a good team in AHD this week to solidify it.  I think GC wins a close one vs. AHD. After GC beats AHD, they solidify the #2 spot in my opinion.

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UNTiLL BOYD ANDERSON PLAYS dillard I will have them below dillard just because of there WEEK....WEAK schedule are they playing inspired and confident ?? I guess its good to look like that vs SOUTH broward and STONEMAN douglas ...but I do know there more improved then we thought they would be.....I HAVE CC above halandale because I just believe there a over all better team until proven otherwise and I have MIRAMAR @ 8 because even though they have been blown out 2 str8 games I do believe that there still talented.

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