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Polk County Finals In....

Nulli Secundus

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Really shocked by the Frostproof score as it appeared they had LCS on the ropes most of the game at least from a scoring standpoint.  Victory couldn't hold on in the 2nd half.  Didn't expect A-dale to get beat down that badly.  Not shocked that LG is winning but I didn't expect the margin to be what it is.  Lake Wales fell apart in the 4th qtr.  Congrats to all the schools moving on and congrats to the schools that were defeated tonight on a great season.

Vanguard 24, Lake Wales 13
Lakeland Christian 10, Frostproof 3
Jones 43, Auburndale 7
Zephyrhills Christian 24, Victory Christian 16
Lake Gibson 32, Edgewater 14

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7 minutes ago, DarterBlue2 said:

Edgewater could not stop Lake Gibson's #1. He picked up large chunks of real estate on 50% of his carries. 

It's been happening all season.  Lakeland found out twice, LOL.  Knowing what the game plan is and stopping the game plan are two different things.

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