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State Champions, not just a South Florida thing!


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On 12/24/2021 at 1:03 PM, cribboy305 said:

sir you are a hater. ik why you hate cent but damn, them ppl do not get 20 transfers a year. this was year by far an outlier of past years. cent was chasing a natty. but you are lying to yourself. central been good, they just never had a ring til 2010 & the year before that they lost by a couple points against a really good miramar team & year before that they lost to a very good northwestern team. tell broward to get better so yall can stop with these excuses. 

Cent has alot of Broward kids on their roster too. It go both ways. Cent always has kids from Broward on their roster. Gulliver has kids from Broward and so does the West. The kids these days play cross county all the time. American Hertiage has kids from dade.  All the Dade vs Broward stuff is in the past.  Cent is a better state powerhouse and STA is the better national power house in my opinion. I would pick Cent over STA in a head up game. But against out of state national powerhouses I think STA plays and is coached better.

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