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So the RiLVARY week is finally here the game the city has been waiting see in District 6A-16 both teams come in 3-1 looking to make a HUGE statement and ride that into a awesome regular season finish and ful of steam entering the playoffs.



BOYD ANDERSON COBRAS: The cobras atleast since the mid 90's all threw the 2000's have been a WELL respected program producing alot of D1 talent making boyd anderson a great destination for football prospects. But the last 4 years the cobras have been up and down trying to find their indentity in 2012 they finished 10-3 winning against dwyer in the first round then went on to lose to ST THOMAS in a thriller 38-24. in 2013 the cobras fell off hard finishing 2-9 in 2014 it got worse and they finished 1-9 then in 2015 it Got as bad as it can get when they finished 0-10!. Which prompted a coaching change in 2015 they bring in a well respected coach in eddie brown who propelled the cobars to a 9-1 season and a first round home playoff game where they fell just a little short against eventuall state champions Miami central rockets. Overall record during those 4 years 22-32


DiLLARD PANTHERS: Dillard has always been a Highly respected black historic school and football program especially back in the day producing many famous athletes such as issac bruce and keyon dooling for example. but since the year which i believe was our last state championship appearance where we fell short the panthers have been the Biggest example of an up and down team a team full of talent and potential but just never able to put it all together and WIN.!


iN 2012- THE panthers finished the season 6-6 losing a first round playoff game to Norland who was fresh off their 15-0 season dillard was actually up 14 TWICE in that game and just felt short in the 4th q.t. In 2013 the panthers improved under 2nd year head coach lorenzo davis and finished the season 8-4 upsetting carol city in the first round at home as 28 point underdogs then went on to get steamrolled by eventuall state champion miami central. in 2014 the panthers Regressed and finished 5-5 missing the playoffs. in 2015 the panthers finished the season 6-5 losing in humilating fashion to the carol city chiefs in a revenge game from 2013. Overall record through the 4 years. 25-20.



RANKiNGS: The cobras come in ranked 162 in the nation #20 in the state of florida and #8 in 6a.


Dillard comes in ranked 852 nationally #70 in florida and #23 IN Class 6A.



WHAT THIS WIN WILL MEAN FOR EACH TEAM: For Boyd anderson this game will be a huge mental victory after what happend last week indeed it was against a nationaly ranked opponent bu to win a huge district game against 1 of your most hated rivals is always a awesome feeling which will propell them to another strong season a much likely district championship and a home playoff game baring a MAJOR SLIP UP vs 1 of the other district foes.


DiLLARD PANTHERS: What a win will mean for the panthers....what wont it mean??? LOL simple and plain Dillard needs this win just for the confidence of our young Q.B and our entire team and to do it on the road would be monumental. tHEY SAY THIS IS THE YEAR OF PUTTING SOME RESPECK on dillard's name. Well what better game to finally get that respect then against your arch rival on their turf. Yeah we beat hallandale who many picked to beat us but that was week 2 nobody is looking at that their looking at this game right here right now How would the panthers respond?? will the panthers show up who can beat hallandale 9or carol city back in 2013 or will the panthers who can lose to a 1-8 ely team show up.



PREDICTIONS WHO WILL WIN??? This game right here can go either way to be honest in all honesty though its gonna come down to which defense shows up if BA'S defense shows up especially their secondary and force dillard untill multiple turnovers and not allow their offesne to sustain any drives or momentum which will mean the defense is on the field alot i'm taking Boyd anderson 35-24.


If Dillards Defense Shows up and get the type of pressure IMG got last week up the middle while blanketing the cobras recievers not allowing the cobras those huge pass plays 30 yards here 40 yards their and they contain their running game with our monster D Line i'm taking Dillard 31-17


IF BOTH TEAMS SHOW UP LOL and you just have a classic grudge match between two teams who want the win i see the score being 21-14 with dillard or b.a winning. their that closely matched in my opinion.


MY OVERALL PREDICTION i've been saying all year even before the season started i believe this is gonna be a year where it's a reversal of what happend last year where dillard was picked to win the district and b.a won it now this year b.a is the overwhelming favorites to win it and i believe dillard will shock the rankers and the city winning at boyd anderson this friday. 35-26.


In the end this is just my opinion and my prediction and both teams still have to suit up and play and may the best team win.

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I'm not sure who wins but for you I hope Dillard figures out how to beat them on Friday

Figure out? Its nothing to figure out this is a ability that has went back and forth u say figure like Dillard just can't beat them fri night ba will have to bring their A just like us str8 up last year means nothing ba is not a superior team to us so tighten that up Columbia but u get a pass only teams your familiar with is up north so Ya.

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When I say figure out how to beat them I'm speaking relative to this year specifically, as in having the right game plan for beating those guys lol

Naw they better have the right game plan to beat us because win or lose Dillard will show up were fresh off our bye and been waiting on this game for weeks so ayyeee less go.

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