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Columbia and their road to redemption

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Columbia this season has made a serious statement that they can still compete with and be the best team in North Florida


Let's look at past 3 games, in the previous 2 seasons the last 3 opponents Columbia played had a 4-1 record against Columbia 


This year Columbia went 3-0 against those teams,  Buchholz Lee and Madison County 


There was a quote recently by a unnamed poster that described in not so direct words that Columbia should not have been proud of how they played in the kickoff classic because it proved nothing, well i guess this stretch did prove something and made things clear that we were no one's pushover


[If I inherited a 7A team that won 1 district title in the past 5 years and could not figure out how to get past a good 1A team in my backyard, my focus would be on preparing my team to face those locals. "Winning" a preseason scrimmage against some big name does not necessarily tell me anything about how well we will perform against those local teams who have eaten our lunch in the recent past. 

If my team beat a big program in a scrimmage, I would gather the boys together and tell them "Until you prove otherwise, you are 2-time district runners-up and little brother to the 1A school down the road.  And I don't want to hear different until you prove otherwise."]



Now Columbia has beaten Madison County to end a long term streak and proved they are no "baby brother" to anyone


Columbia is also a win over Atlantic Coast and Fletcher from winning a district championship which they will have a opportunity to do next home game versus Fletcher which will also be homecoming


I expect a standing room only crowd for the Fletcher game,  speaking of which 


@DarterBlue2 i would advise getting to that game probably around 6:45-7 if possible so you won't have to crawl over people to the seat lol 

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12 minutes ago, badbird said:

Someone is gloating.


Just thought of you before I came here.  IMG and STA lost.  Columbia beat a 1A school.  Best football week of your life?

Any given Friday, any given Friday 


For the record i did pick Mater Dei, Miami Central and Columbia in those games mentioned :)

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26 minutes ago, Hwy17 said:

Looks like you're toughest matchup will be this week. Good luck 

Trinity Christian will be a tough one


They are one of the best in the state and are our biggest competition for best in northeast Florida 


Should be a heck of a game,  it also supposed to be live streamed so once I get a link I'll put it up 

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1 minute ago, 561_Fan said:

Does Madison still run that option offense?

Yeah they still run wing T


They did try to get creative with what looked to be end arounds and read option/triple option


They did do well running the ball in first half but i think they wore down a bit in the second half, it also seemed like our speed both offense and defense caught Madison a little off guard, they struggled as game went along with covering our receivers



I'm not sure what Pahokee has but if Pahokee can do spread Madison out and force Madison to have to play from behind they have a chance to win


2nd half Madison seemed to have to abandon the run game (at least compared to how they ran in first half) because they were too far behind and were forced to go to heavy pass which was probably something they didn't want to have to do but did it to try and stay in the game

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