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Two of the most storied broward county schools will be facing off tonight. This will be the first time in a lot of years these two varsity clubs will be facing off. 


Funny fact: their colors are almost identical so from afar being that they’ve been using our field for home games you could easily get mistaken lol.


all in all football is here!! && I’m ready!! Let’s make a statement starting TONIGHT!!

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What a game what a game Dillard was as advertised in a game that was a running clock by early 3rd quarter & 30-0 at halftime. 


Outlook: on defense & offense Dillard is lights out!! Both our qbs are legit and in the last two games Dillard has our scores it’s last two opponents 102-7!!!!

dillard scores on a 15 yard passing td as time ran out to make it 51-0 but the refs waved it off.!! Smh all in all great job Dillard!! @DarterBlue2

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Dillard has outscored their last 2 opponents 102-7 they have won their last 9 out of 10 games and they are on a 7 game regular season win streak and they are on a 6 game regular season win streak at home.

Our defense held ft lauderdale who also went 8-2 last year without a 1st down until mid 2nd qt. Recorded 9 sacks & atleast 12 playes stopped Behind the LOS. Our starters were pulled mid second wen it became 30-0.

Our second and third string came in and played as if it was 0-0 stoll throwing dpwn field and being very aggressive. Dillards offense have sped up x10 and really have developed a temp ive never seen from them their deep in the trenches and on the outside.

All in all the game was very very packed for a KOC @OldSchoolLion @ColumbiaHighFan2017class @DB4 @561_Fan @muckboy561 @Zoe Boy if yall boys watch Pratt production highlights on youtube look for me givin that 35-0 prediction lol 

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