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Final Miami central 7 Chaminade 27

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6 hours ago, MC Rockets said:

I agree with about 95% of this comment. But in regards to the showing, MC had a really good number of fans there. Chaminade's field doesn't hold many people and there's only one side where both fan bases have to split. There were a lot of fans standing on the outer portion of the field. 

True; I wasn’t there so I was going off what I seen on the highlights but even vs us last year we had brung in 3 extra away bleachers because we hosted soul bowl last year & Miami central didn’t even fill the original one for the away fans y’all band took the small one across from our band but the other one was empty & the main one was about 50-55% full I was surprised. 

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On 10/25/2019 at 10:19 PM, MC Rockets said:

As a Central alumni and fan, all I will say is "this team" is in trouble. What I saw tonight was a complete disgrace! I won't go into full details, but if they get past the 2nd I'd be surprised. They may not make it past the first....And I said what I said!

Don't say that you going to give my Dillard a hard Attack lol

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On 10/25/2019 at 10:27 PM, MC Rockets said:

That may have something to do with it mentally, but this team from the first game of the season has had no fire, no heart, no discipline, etc. And the coaching is a whole other story. This defense has been the worst I've seen in 10+ years.

Heard AJ back. If true maybe coaches sorted differences and ready to make a playoff run. 

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8 minutes ago, MC Rockets said:

I was told the same thing. Just wondering how much of his heart will be into helping these kids win. Dude is VERY arrogant, stubborn and has pride issues. 

Oh wow that’s a lot of people from dade tho lol hahaha ...so wats ya prediction for ya rockets going into the playoffs fam 

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