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So after starting 0-4 Last year only to bounce back and finish strong at 5-5 and make the playoffs because of a weak district but the tigers find them self in familiar territory after giving up a late lead to rival deerfield to drop to 0-2 now there heading to the muck to face a improved raiders team who will be motivated to get back on track after a tough lost to palm beach gardens can ely drop to 0-3 again and then have to travel to traz powell next week to face miami northwestern??? We will know friday night.

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Cocoa vs Raines


Was a very humid night. The wind was absolute dead. Just plain muggy. 


Just like the game, muggy.


Both teams looked flat, until Jusdon ripped off a 92 yard TD run, to put Cocoa on the board to end the First Quarter. Raines has a decent QB and WR combo hitting several deep passes for scores, while Judson and Dean hooked up for a score.

End of the half with Raines in the lead 14, Cocoa 13.

Second half was much better for both teams. Both hit some long passes for big yards and runs that kept drives going. All in all it was a very good match up with Cocoa coming out on top.

Raines should be playing Bolles again in the playoffs, but like last year, Rogers will make changes and 4A north should see Bolles in the championship game again.

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