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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Gotta love chains! I sent this to a die hard UCF fan last year after their loss to LSU. It shows how using the “chains” you can create a winning scenario and rarely lose an argument as long as both teams have at least one loss. This proves that using chains to find better teams, non scholarship Division 3 Alfred State Pioneers who won 1 game in 2018, could have beaten last year’s UCF squad. III Alfred St beat Anna Maria 30-28 III Anna Maria beat Castleton 31-24 III Castleton beat Fitchburg St 34-13 III Fitchburg St beat MA Dartmouth 32-29 III MA Dartmouth beat Plymouth St 21-16 III Plymouth St beat Framingham St 29-28 III Framingham St beat Endicott 34-13 III Endicott beat Hobart & Smith 27-24 III Hobart & Smith beat Shenandoah 56-48 III Shenandoah beat NC Wesleyan 59-21 III NC Wesleyan beat Thomas More 35-28 III Thomas More beat WI Platteville 35-28 III WI Platteville beat WI Stevens Pt 20-6 III WI Stevens Pt beat WI Oshkosh 27-21 III WI Oshkosh beat Lincoln MO 17-7 II Lincoln MO beat Lane 10-7 II Lane beat Miles 15-14 II Miles beat Albany GA 50-23 II Albany GA beat Catawba 35-21 II Catawba beat Tusculum 55-37 II Tusculum beat Carson-Newman 41-28 II Carson-Newman beat Wingate 31-14 II Wingate beat West Georgia 41-31 II West Georgia beat West Florida 27-7 II West Florida beat North Alabama 24-19 I - FCS North Alabama beat Jackson St 24-7 I - FCS Jackson St beat Florida A&M 18-16 I - FCS Florida A&M beat NC A&T 22-21 I - FCS NC A&T beat East Carolina 28-23 I - FBS East Carolina beat North Carolina 41-19 I - FBS North Carolina beat Pittsburgh 38-35 I - FBS Pittsburgh beat Virginia 23-13 I - FBS Virginia beat South Carolina 28-0 I - FBS South Carolina beat Missouri 37-35 I - FBS Missouri beat Florida 38-17 I - FBS Florida beat LSU 27-19 I - FBS LSU beat UCF 40-32
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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Football is not transitive unless you are UCF and then you can claim a National Championship
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    Max Preps is a joke in too many ways to discuss. Dillard is easily top 4 in 6A and maybe higher. Jax Lee is fringe top 10 and Columbia is not top 10 at all.
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    Lee has a problem with turnovers and its been key to the losses they've had this season, including the 21-12 loss last night..........ColumbiaFan's statement on beating Lee in the postseason "Its personal" causes me to be reminded of this song by Thrid eye blind......should Columbia HS once again find itself in a early exit position from the postseason this year...........
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    DFB didn't have Pratt when they lost to Carol City, DFB is a much different team with him at QB Btw your welcome to make your own poll lol
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    RPI Week 8 Classes 1A-4A

    The lower classes 1A-4A are really half classes and should be treated as such; 2 regions instead of 4 with the top 8 getting in.
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    RPI Week 8 Classes 1A-4A

    Pick your poison...a bunch of average teams making the playoffs or an 0-10 team making it. And the even more idiotic thing about the 0-10 team making it was the fact that no one had enough functional brain cells to slip in a "better overall record" tiebreaker prior to resorting to flipping a coin.
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    RPI Week 8 Classes 1A-4A

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with a bunch of average teams making the playoffs. Regards, The NBA
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    Woodham out of Pensacola is one who was nationally ranked at one point Plus I think Gilbert in Jacksonville won state prior to playoff era and closed in early 1970s
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    Some of them do. Bottom line, when UF lines up against LSU, you've got some darn good Florida kids going up against some darn good Louisiana kids. If there was something magic in the water in Florida, the Gators would likely dominate.
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    You can't fix apathy until you remove those who are apathetic.
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    Thought it might be interesting to compare versus today. Any surprises concerning who was ranked and not ranked at the time? 1 Dwyer 2 Cocoa 3 Plant 4 Miramar 5 St Thomas Aquinas 6 Deland 7 Miami Central 8 Niceville 9 Pensacola 10 Glades Central 11 Lakeland 12 Bolles 13 Apopka 14 Manatee 15 Armwood 16 Dr Phillips 17 Northwestern 18 Countryside 19 Jefferson 20 Jacksonville Jackson 21 American Heritage Delray 22 Pine Forest 23 Winter Park 24 Ely 25 Trinity Christian
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    Apopka's three titles were won from the district runner up slot.
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    That's a fair point but there were a lot of teams ranked behind Columbia that I think are better.
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    Who Was FL Top 25 10 Years Ago?

    Was that the year that Cocoa was only undefeated team in State? Also I believe they beat the team that beat Dwyer? Glades Central
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    Week 8 pick em results

    Or when you swing by the office Thursday morning before heading to the airport and just as you're about to walk out the door, you remember you have to get your picks in before you leave. And your wife is texting you again asking why you're not already home to pick her up . . .
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    Joshua Wilson

    newest rpi?

    Every Tuesday at 2 PM Four games being played tonight that will factor in the rankings tomorrow.
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    Columbia vs Lee

    Thanks Columbia for ruining my perfect pick em!! Lol
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    Time will tell. What I do know is that Lakeland has the talent to win again. I can't speak too much for Armwood, but regarding Edgewater, the team they have this year has many of the same faces as last year. They were juniors and sophomores then, this year they are seniors and juniors. Their QB is not as good an athlete as the kid they had last year, but he is a true QB unlike 2018 when they had an athlete at the position. If this year's Lakeland team gets past Armwood and is playing as well as last year's did, then I believe they would beat Edgewater again. But if they are a little bit behind last year's team, Edgewater has a decent chance.
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    16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    That's true. But the top dog in Palm Bay is Heritage. Also alot of the talent that Palm Bay had transferred out to Rockledge.
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    When all those kids went to Palm Bay High, they were a force to reckon with.
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    16 Interesting Games Next Week

    NORTH FL Lincoln @ Crestview Important 7A District 1 matchup with potential playoff implications Atlantic @ Columbia Atlantic's D is allowing, on average, only 8 points per game. Lee @ Trinity Christian 3-5 TC is in danger of a losing season if they cannot win. Lee coming off big win over Columbia. Clearwater Academy @ Madison County Bartram Trail @ Oakleaf Huge 8A District 1 matchup. A win for BT would put them in the driver's seat for the district title. CENTRAL FL IMG @ St Frances Academy Battle of the Titans Cocoa @ Venice Battle of 2 consistent playoff contenders. Apopka @ Evans Evans is having a surprisingly good season so far. Apopka looks to move closer to a district title in this 8A District 4 matchup. University @ CCC Battle of private school powers. University appears to be on a mission in 4A. Lakeland @ Bloomingdale Lakeland looks to wrap up 7A District 7 against a 6-1 Bloomingdale squad Gaither @ TB Tech Gaither comes in undefeated at 7-0. TB Tech licking its wounds after blowout vs Armwood. Chaminade-Madonna @ Vero Beach These two teams last met in the early 2000's, when CM visited the Citrus Bowl and won. Seminole @ Spruce Creek Seminole looks to virtually wrap up 8A District 2 with a win over district rival Spruce Creek. The Seminoles already have wins over Deland and Palm Coast. SOUTH FL Carol City @ South Dade 3-5 Carol City needs a win against undefeated South Dade to help their playoff hopes. Deerfield Beach @ St Thomas Aquinas No other Broward County team has given the Raiders fits over the years like the Bucks. Columbus @ Dillard Columbus stands in the way of a possible undefeated season for Dillard..
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    Yep, and most of us like to see his chit stirring. Otherwise the site gets boring.
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    orabidone was banned.
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    Need the boards help

    The problem is your definition of average.
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    Oh I'm sorry did you say something? I forgot you were there, you may go now.
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    Dillard ..columbus cant stop our d line without holding we have contained parish this half ...dillard jus have left alot of big plays on the field they got to calm down their 2 hyped
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    Chaminade Vs Vero

    Moise is out for the year and Stanley transferred to Miami Central months ago.
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    State Champions of the Past

    The Hastings Spudsters? I heard that they used to really "potato" the competition.
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    It's amazing badbird forgot about Gainesville High when making that statement lol
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    Chaminade Vs Vero

    I doubt Vero can outlast CM, they regularly play 6-8A schools much better than Vero and beat them, and Vero has had trouble with smaller schools that can out athlete them ( Pahokee, AHD.) As Flotech said, I see this game similar to the AHD game, but Chaminade has much better personnel and wins 14-10. Going forward, I don’t see anything to say this years team can go any further than the last several years, I see them losing in the 2nd to 3rd round again.
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    What makes you think they should have man handled them? North Gwinnet is a top tier team in GA. I would expect them to make a legitimate run in 7a. Not sure where your logic is in this post. Actually from what I heard, North Gwinnet man handled Armwood. Numerous people have said that NG should have won by two touchdowns but gave up some BS plays that kept Armwood in it.
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    If by, "entire country", you really mean "the handful of football academies regularly talked about on Prepgridiron.com", I agree.
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    undisputed? Is this college football in the 30's? There is no undisputed high school national champ. The games aren't played on the field. IMG is the best team in Florida. Lakeland and STA are the only two others that might be elite this year. No one else is elite this year.
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    Final 4 Trivia Question

    Cocoa, STA, BTW, TCA, Madison County, Central
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    Venice vs Cocoa

    These 2 teams are playing this week. My prediction is Venice by 13. Any other thoughts on this?
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    Venice vs Cocoa

    heading up there. Best game I can find for an hour drive. FM is on a bye week. Any good places to get a room, hopefully on the beach?.
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    If Dillard wants recognition on the state scale they need a big statement win. 14 or more points.
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    Week 8 pick em results

    What happens when you're hoping for multiple upsets and get none lmao
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    Thanks bro hopefully we can get that W & move to (9-0)
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    Interestingly, but perhaps not all that surprisingly, I've talked with several Hillsborough folks (including coaches) who feel the exact same way about the refs at the Lakeland games. I guess hometown cooking goes both ways. Or maybe it just feels that way because of our own inherent biases.
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    newest rpi?

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    lets not kid ourselves There is only 1 elite school in florida & thats iMG ...
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    Didn't Carol City lose it's Head Coach in mid August to a rebirth at Florida Memorial (College) ? That could have a bearing on their inconsistency. Also Ice Harris of BTW went their too (at that late date).
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    5 Teams That Have Crashed

    Fort Meade pulled an upset last night and beat previous unbeaten Discovery
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    Glades Central - Monsignor Pace?

    That game was cancelled due to flooding on Pace's feild.... rumor has it the game may be reschedule for 10/26 or not play at all.
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    Columbia vs Lee

    Losing in OT is nothing to be ashamed of. Lee isn't a nobody. Move on to the next game.