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Who Are the 6 Most Consistent Playoff Teams of the Past 5 Years?


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Only 6 teams out there have made deep(3rd round or beyond) playoff runs each of the past 5 years.  Who are they?  Pick your 6 and let's see who can get the most.  It's OK to guess..just have fun.:)

There are a lot of great teams out there that did not make this list.  Demonstrates how hard it is for a program to churn out a contender year in and year out. 

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23 hours ago, Pipe Dreams said:

awwwwww DP (hope you’ve heard it in person)

Tied at #4 we have Madison County and Dr Phillips.  In addition to three, 2-win playoff seasons, each team has made it past the third round twice.   

Amongst the larger public schools in Florida, ie 5A-8A, none has been more consistent in the playoffs over the past 5 years than Dr P.


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At #3 we have Cocoa.  The Tigers are one of only 3 teams over the past 5 years to make it past the third round 3 times. 

At #2 we have Trinity Christian.  The Conquerors are one of only 2 teams over the past 5 years to make it past the third round 4 times.  TC played in 4 state semis over the past 5 years...an amazing feat. 

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3 hours ago, HuffyLegend said:

Another way to look at this is to look at state semi final appearances. Keeping in mind that 1A-4A had one less round for a few years, now changed back to a possible five rounds, only two teams in all of Florida have been in the last six state semi final games. 

Can you name them?

Cocoa and St Thomas Aquinas

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