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Lakeland Trivia

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9 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

Lakeland has lost only 19 games over the past 15 years.  9 of those losses came against 2 teams.  Which two teams?

Bonus Question: Which team gave Lakeland its worst home loss of the past 15 years?

Plant is one of them 


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1 hour ago, nolebull813 said:

2016 Carol City is the worst home loss. 38-7

Was a shocking game to watch. Lakeland's D didn't do too badly, actually. The offense was atrocious with the QB being unable to see the field under immense pressure.

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The 19 losses below...Osceola has won 5 times and Plant 4 times. 

2017     13-10 Plant

2016     38-7 Carol City

2016     14-7 Kathleen

2016     25-21 Plant

2015     44-34 Carol City

2015      26-25 Bartow

2015     24-14 Viera

2014     35-28 (OT) Osceola

2013     24-3 Kathleen

2013     33-21 Osceola

2012     7-0 Ridge

2012     16-2 Osceola 

2011     First Coast 24-14

2010     Venice-forfeit

2010     Plant 48-6

2009     Plant 20-0

2008     St Thomas Aquinas 56-7

2007    Osceola 25-21

2007    Osceola 22-7 

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