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14 Columbia vs 7 Ponte Vedra Final

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1 minute ago, Proseteye said:

Columbia made you proud tonight Columbiafan. My Celtics made me proud. Feels a little like 2006 again. Both teams seem like the "real deal" my friend :):)

They did



I was very hard on Columbia (especially the defense) after the performance last week against North Marion but defense came to play tonight and nearly pitched a shutout (only score by Ponte Vedra came after Columbia fumbled on their own 6 yard line and Ponte Vedra punched it in next play)



Ponte Vedra offense isn't that bad either, good defensive performance and they showed what they are capable of on defense and not just a pass happy offense that can't stop anyone

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6 minutes ago, ColumbiaHighFan2017class said:



What was your thoughts on Lee vs St Augustine?


You thinking of checking out Lee vs Columbia next Friday in Jacksonville?

It was a competitive game, between two good teams.  


No, I will not be checking out Lee vs Columbia next week. I wasn't "checking out" the game tonight either.  

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3 minutes ago, DarterBlue2 said:

Congrats on the win. Glad to see Columbia only gave up 7 points given the defensive issues the team had been having. 

Columbia got several key players back on defense this week and it contributed to a better performance


Hopefully we will be as healthy as possible going into Lee next week 

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    • There is no perfect system.  But, as you point out, I've never been one of those who says the whole playoff system should be geared up in hopes of have the two "best" teams in each region playing in each of the four regional finals.   There are just way too many factors to make that determination and way too many things happen along the road to a regional final game (upsets being just one of those things).  How many times do the top 2 seeds in a tennis tournament end up matched up against each other in the finals? How often do you see four # 1 seeds make the NCAA Final Four in basketball or hockey?  How often do you see the #1 seed in the AFC and the #1 seed in the NFC square off in the Super Bowl? More often than not, the cream ultimately rises to the top, but I just don't think it's worth the effort in high school football. 
    • no I said I was shocked you didn't have them higher.  I would have.  
    • Fort Myers girls basketball: State champs '16, '17 and '18.  Semi-finals '15 and '19.   Softball:  State champs '17 . Semi-finals '18 and '19.    
    • And many coaches and AD's have the same feeling and that's why when it was offered last cycle to remove the district champs getting top 4 guaranteed they fought it   But if you feel that way you can't them turn around and say the fhsaa isn't ensuring the best matchups are taking place if you also want the district champs to be guaranteed a top 4 seed, just the reality of it (yes I know you didn't say that specifically yourself, I'm just pointing out the flaw in the line of thinking when people out there try to play both ends of the fence)   Just like many of us knew when the Miami district of death was around that Miami Central, Miami Northwestern and Carol City were the best 3 teams in the entire region but only one would have a seed in the top 4
    • I understand your point.   From my perspective, it just shows the fallacy of trying to determine who the "best" teams are before the playoff games have been played.    Again, I see your point, but I'd have a tough time seeding a district runner-up over all the district winners except for one and giving a district runner-up the home-field advantage over all the district winners except for one.  Winning a district ought to count for something and penalizing a district winner (with a lower RPI and, therefor, a seeding worse than a district runner-up) because the other teams in its district had a bad year just doesn't sit right with me. 
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