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A close friend of mine and big a supporter of HS football passed away a few weeks.

Steve and I spent countless hours attending and critiquing football at all levels over the last 16 years. The conversation would usually carry over to the bar or restaurant afterwards. Steve loved supporting local sports, especially Robinson High football, baseball, etc. He also was somewhat of a historian, with a memory like an elephant. Talking to Steve would sometimes transport you right back to childhood when we were discussing local sports legends and the places we used to haunt as kids. He remembered everything.

He also showed up to support my kids (and the kids of many of our friends) for any kind of sport, from middle school soccer and flag football, to high school football, track wrestling, etc.
Steve also mentored and influenced dozens upon dozens of young athletes and encouraged them to stick with their dreams and to stay on the right track. He did so out of experience, and he didn't want them to repeat some of the mistakes he made as a young person. This was especially evident when he was struggling in his last few months with the big C, as so many young athletes, some of whom are current or former pro athletes, and many of whom are now college educated adults, created a constant stream of visitors who came by to check on him and talk.

Our common friends and I will really miss the conversations and stories, whether on the phone, at the game, or at the bar over far too many Miller Lites. You will be missed but never forgotten.

There is a memorial cookout planned for Steve on April 24, 2021 at our mutual friends home.
Noon to 5
3900 Pearl Ave.
Tampa, FL 33611

This is the place where we did some old-school cookouts where several FlaVarsity and BCP members showed up and had some fun swapping stories and eating and drinking. Show up in his honor if you can.

Rest in Peace my friend

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