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Covid-related cancelations

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On 9/1/2020 at 12:09 PM, HornetFan said:

They are starting to understand this virus, how to treat it, and hopefully they will have a vaccine in the near future. An interesting announcement by CDC concerning Covid 19 deaths was on the news the past two days. Only 6% of all Covid 19 deaths were caused by the virus alone. The other 94% were result of Covid 19 and pre-existing serious health conditions, like COPD, diabetes, heart disease, etc. That's why we saw such a high percentage of deaths in senior citizens living in nursing homes. Young people get this disease and can transmit it, but the severity of the disease in young people is minimal. It seems conceivable that people at greater risk, and people living with people with greater risk, could be convinced to avoid large gatherings such as football games, making it possible for more people with less risk of death to attend games while wearing face masks. This country has to stop living in fear and allow our younger, healthy people live more normal lives.

I work for one of the main Vaccine developers and there will be one soon.  Was originally planned for November 1 but I believe it will be by end of the year.

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Florida high has been one of the most consistent teams for nearly two decades. They were a runner up last year so if that’s a garbage school then I must not know football. They were the home of Brandon Jenkins who was a stand out at FSU Ronnie Harrison who was a stand out at Alabama as well as so many others. But garbage school that is I believe 3 classes below Columbia. Cool 

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9 hours ago, Just A Coach said:

Two of this boards most "ELITE POSTER'S" favorite teams just lost in back to back weeks against Florida High. I can't wait for the head to head match up of those two "ELITE POSTERS" favorite teams next week. Should be a barn burner...LOL

Florida High MUST recruit.  Yeah, that's it.

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