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Glades Central vs Booker T

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Jones having a great year, and the Jacksonville suspects with a pulse up north from what I see...   This is what I got for 4A right now:   BTW Cocoa   Bolles Jones Raines   The next best 5:

I'm just like Columbia and Dillard I still got faith and believe GC will win I don't care any given day.

At quick glance , the only two first round games that look like they "could" be competitive to me are:   Jones @ Avon Park   Edison @ Clewiston     I'm sure there will a surprise somewhere or t

Sigh! We play BTW again. I hope the Football Gods be in our favor this Thursday night against them lol.

It would take that for Glades to win. In a sense it is sad what changing economics of the sugar industry has done to Muck football, which used to be the pride and joy now just of Palm Beach County but of the whole state. Good luck with the game, but it will take a lot of luck to beat BTW. 

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As opposed to any 4A from the South?


I give Bolles or Raines a better chance than Jones, Edison, or Glades Central.

Truthfully until I see otherwise it between cocoa and BTW but I will say if cocoa or BTW get to state they will beat whoever the north rep is


Feel free to quote me on that

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Bolles would have a better shot than Glades Central against Cocoa or BTW. Glades Central lost at HOME to AHD - Enough said!

Honestly 4a is between cocoa and BTW unless one of them gets upset in playoffs because both of them I would pick over any rep from the 4a north this year


Raines is down from last year team and barley lost to Bolles who was "supposed" to be best 4a north team when honestly they not any better then last year team they just have Raines being weaker then last year


Last year Raines team would have beaten this year Bolles team by about 14-17 points


If Bolles ends up playing cocoa or BTW they will lose by 20 or more so back to what I said before


If BTW makes It past cocoa they WILL 5Peat


Feel free to quote that

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