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Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

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5 minutes ago, nolebull813 said:

It just means that you can’t take scores from one game or one team and use that as some justification on why Team A is gonna beat Team B. 

And it especially tells you that it’s all about matchups. Every team is different 

On any given night, a team may have kids out with injuries and/or suspended. If the team is not deep, it makes all the difference in the world. Matchups are a part of the equation, but with 15-19 year old kids you also don't get the consistency you would from adults. 

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Gotta love chains! I sent this to a die hard UCF fan last year after their loss to LSU. It shows how using the “chains” you can create a winning scenario and rarely lose an argument as long as both teams have at least one loss. 

This proves that using chains to find better teams, non scholarship Division 3 Alfred State Pioneers who won 1 game in 2018, could have beaten last year’s UCF squad.

III    Alfred St    beat    Anna Maria    30-28
III    Anna Maria    beat    Castleton    31-24
III    Castleton    beat    Fitchburg St    34-13
III    Fitchburg St    beat    MA Dartmouth    32-29
III    MA Dartmouth    beat    Plymouth St    21-16
III    Plymouth St    beat    Framingham St    29-28
III    Framingham St    beat    Endicott    34-13
III    Endicott    beat    Hobart & Smith    27-24
III    Hobart & Smith    beat    Shenandoah    56-48
III    Shenandoah    beat    NC Wesleyan    59-21
III    NC Wesleyan    beat    Thomas More    35-28
III    Thomas More    beat    WI Platteville    35-28
III    WI Platteville    beat    WI Stevens Pt    20-6
III    WI Stevens Pt    beat    WI Oshkosh    27-21
III    WI Oshkosh    beat    Lincoln MO    17-7
II    Lincoln MO    beat    Lane    10-7
II    Lane    beat    Miles    15-14
II    Miles    beat    Albany GA    50-23
II    Albany GA    beat    Catawba    35-21
II    Catawba    beat    Tusculum    55-37
II    Tusculum    beat    Carson-Newman    41-28
II    Carson-Newman    beat    Wingate    31-14
II    Wingate    beat    West Georgia    41-31
II    West Georgia    beat    West Florida    27-7
II    West Florida    beat    North Alabama    24-19
I - FCS    North Alabama    beat    Jackson St    24-7
I - FCS    Jackson St    beat    Florida A&M    18-16
I - FCS    Florida A&M    beat    NC A&T    22-21
I - FCS    NC A&T    beat    East Carolina    28-23
I - FBS    East Carolina    beat    North Carolina    41-19
I - FBS    North Carolina    beat    Pittsburgh    38-35
I - FBS    Pittsburgh    beat    Virginia    23-13
I - FBS    Virginia    beat    South Carolina    28-0
I - FBS    South Carolina    beat    Missouri    37-35
I - FBS    Missouri    beat    Florida    38-17
I - FBS    Florida    beat    LSU    27-19
I - FBS    LSU    beat    UCF    40-32

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11 hours ago, badbird said:

Football is not transitive unless you are UCF and given a chance to prove their claim to a National Championship by having an 8 team playoff.

Fixed it for both of you. Now go back to kissing your teams ass.

None of you gave UCF a chance of beating Auburn and were astounded when they did.

Take your complaints to the excuse thread.

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2 minutes ago, Hwy17 said:

2017 was special for UCF and it deserves recognition.  2018 was a success and nothing to be disappointed about.  2019 - unrealistic expectations but if they finish with 10 plus wins it is a great year despite what others say.

That's so true. They just need to start playing those blue bloods every season even if it's not a home and home. The wins would be so much sweeter going into hostile territory as an underdog and coming out on top. 

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