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Pahokee 28- MC 30 4th quarter


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45 minutes ago, Jambun82 said:

561-Fan, what other issues/problems did you have with the officiating?

We were getting bad spots all night, but there weren’t any major officiating errors (besides the non holding call) but no one saw that until a day later. It was a pretty clean game, in my opinion 

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4 hours ago, MuckCityChamp said:

The only bad part of the game was that Madison was controlling the clock and chain crew. The clock person manipulated the clock all game long and the chain crew was moving the sticks during plays. I’m then south, actual Referees are clock operators and chain crew in the playoffs. That needs to be enforced up north as well.

The clock person is a referee.  I have never seen Chain crews that are referees except the finals.

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