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    If your a coach and have not reached out to your athletes yet, please do. Just something as simple as telling them that they are on your mind and that you are there for them. These are hard times and people need to start acting human and show compassion and understanding.
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    Coaches don't get on the field and play....Only the players do. Now some coaches do get on the filed a cuss at refs from time to time.
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    Hello, Thank you for accepting my registration to join this forum board. As my username suggests, I will be posting old newspaper articles, yearbooks, and pictures of High School Football teams from the Florida Heartland area. For my first post I will be sharing something I found in an old local newspaper, The Champion. The Champion was a local newspaper in DeSoto County from 1895-1911. Archives of this newspaper can be found on newspapers.com and online at the Library of Congress, but it only last from 1906-1908. In the Thursday, July 23, 1908 edition of The Champion I found a mention about an upcoming Football game to be played at the Arcadia Baseball Park between Arcadia and Bartow on Saturday, July 25, 1908 at 3:30 in the afternoon. However, when looking through later newspapers I can not find a score for this game. Arcadia is today known as the DeSoto County Bulldogs. This 1908 mention is the earliest known mention of an Arcadia Football team. This makes DeSoto County one of the oldest High School Football teams in Florida still currently playing. Bartow, along with Lakeland had their first teams in 1907. Arcadia's biggest rival Wauchula (today known as the Hardee Wildcats) had their first team in 1909. Another Heartland team, Fort Meade I have their first Football team as 1912. When I have more time, I will be leaving some more info I have on here. Best Regards, The Heartland Archives
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    Reinard Wilson class of 1993 Columbia high school FSU Cincinnati Bengals FSU career sack record at time of Graduation Now I'm going back to my self induced hibernation
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    Yeah, I am pretty stunned. Whuda thunk he would fail to identify one of the great Gainesville High players of all time.
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    " A coach will impact more people in a year than the average person will in a lifetime" Billy Graham Dear Coaches, Please join us to show our community their coaches are in a united front. Sports have often been a medicine for healing in our country. Coaches are some of the most influential and respected people in the lives of their athletes and communities. Come join us for a walk around Lake Eola Park and show everyone what it means to be, "One Family, One Heartbeat." This is not an event to share political agendas. The objective is to demonstrate the power of a unified front of love and respect. Without those two elements, it is impossible to start having difficult conversations. Let's allow this event to be the stepping stone for further progress and support. Please respect our objectives. We encourage you to bring signs, but request you keep it to only two phrases: "Coaches for Community" and " One Family, One Heartbeat." Furthermore, we will be practicing social distancing protocol. Wearing a mask will be your individual decision. Be the inspiration you were meant to be. 4th and 1....you can punt or go for it. Let's go for it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Also, I would appreciate it if you send me a reply if you are going to attend. Lastly, feel free to share this with other coaches, clergy and school administrators.
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    1st round beat Carol City 35-14 (Trap game) 2nd round beat 10-1 Gulliver Prep 34-31 3rd round beat defending champs Cardinal Gibbons 31-21 4th round beat 12-1 Lakewood 5th round beat veteran state rivals Bolles 25-21 This right here is probably the best run from last year, these were all very solid teams to beat to wins states.....
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    Welcome to this message board. I look forward to reading more of the articles that you post. Thank you.
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    I find it fascinating that y'all Vero posters say you can't travel to play a South Florida power and can't afford to not having a home game because of the gate money but you can travel to BFE to play a team 3 classes smaller.
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    Fred Roush Tallahassee Lincoln FSU Early 00s we faced Lincoln in 01 and 02 playoffs and lost to them in 3rd round so I'm guessing it's him since he was also a return specialist for Lincoln back in the day
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    He wanted me to post it but I've been busy. I think this just happened to Columbiafan
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    Coaching is overrated. Oh and by the way most coaching staffs dont bother going to games to scout opponents the week before they play them. There is this new technology called HUDL.
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    Coach J overrated the streak makes him look good, all coach J doing is beating the same exact teams coggins played and beat......Palm Bay and Pahokee and Treasure Coast the only teams that beat Vero when coggins was there and o yea both coaches have gotten Vero massacred in the playoffs
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    Actually Vero was winning before coach j got there look at the coach right before coach J got there, he was takin Vero into the playoffs with winning records
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    my image of the thing didn't show. Oh well. Saturday June 6th 9:00 at Lake Eola if any coaches want to go.
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    well you don't have Bubba Brown as a RB
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    Hey, depending on the quarter, score and time on the clock, I am probably going to punt!
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    not sure how #29 got in the picture. He must have been a WR in a 3 point stance
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    Get serious, please. How is any player going to wear a medical face mask to either practice or during a game? And, not showering is the height of being unsanitary. Talk about passing on disease.
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    They lost some key players but are returning some very good players. The JV was undefeated last year until the last game against Lincoln. In that game they had brought up quite a few guys to varsity and still only lost by a touchdown I think...so they are bringing up some good players off JV as well. Replacing QB Jaylon Worsham will be tough but they have an outstanding replacement in Desmond Green. I'm expecting them to be very good again this year. They are supposed to open up with Thomas County Central out of Georgia on August 21st. They have two middle schools that feed the high school. Both of them went undefeated until they played each other at the end of the year. The winner of that game played Suwannee for their "championship" and they blasted Suwannee...so the talent moving up to JV is very good as well. I'm just hoping we all get to have a normal football season!
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    Wakulla is usually a pretty solid program year to year (probably more consistent than any the other teams in Tallahassee area lately) Do they bring back enough of their team to be able to have another season like last year?
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    Wakulla started working out yesterday. They're working JV in the morning and varsity in the afternoon is what I heard....
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    It's was a close game
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    BTW actually beat Lakewood What happened when Lakewood play Madison?
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    Amp Lee Chipley FSU drafted by SF won a title with the Rams Caught Joe Montana's final TD for SF
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    Xavier Rhodes Norland FSU Minnesota
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    In early October of 2002, sophomore Fred Rouse helped Lincoln to a 28-18 win over Columbia with a 98-yard TD reception and over 100 punt return yards. Later that season, in the third round of the playoffs, he caught two TD passes of 50+ yards in Lincoln's 35-26 home win over Columbia. Lincoln QB Joe Bauserman, went on to play minor league baseball and ultimately qb at Ohio St, lit up the Columbia secondary for over 300 yards that night. Lincoln and Mr Rouse knocked Columbia out of the playoffs once again in Tallahassee in 2004, this time in the first round. Interestingly, a certain Lincoln WR named Antonio Cromartie helped knock Columbia out of the playoffs in Tallahassee in the third round of the 2001 playoffs. It is rumored that in 2005, Columbia was so desperate to avoid a potential playoff trip to Tallahassee that they lost their last three games of the season to ensure they would not make the playoffs. Anything but Lincoln.
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    How could a Madison player had stopped our chance of going to state when we have never been in the same classification It's obviously someone we faced in the playoffs
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    Now I'm gonna just stick around because you don't want me to
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    It is Reinard Wilson of Columbia High, Florida and the Bengals. And he still holds the all-time sack record for the Gators. I just knew ColumbiaFan would get this because of his encyclopedic knowledge of the Gators and fanaticism for all things Gainesville
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    If you're on coach j schedule then it's a reason yall on there, Vero ain't have an offense last year but they still would of blanked yall
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    Shutout Chaminade 21-0 in a defensive game, South Florida teams love defensive games and this is the real blueprint how to beat em, and that's to beat em at their own game....If Vero defensive plays like this, they'll beat the following teams.... Miami Central Miami Northwestern Carol City BTW AHP(Very well coached team) Cardinal Gibbons
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    These are some highlights from the 1983 3A final, which featured the 1981 3A champion and 1982 3A champion teams. Titusville, under coach Al Werneke, was one of the powerhouse teams of the 1980's, with 6 playoff appearances, 13 playoff wins, 2 state titles, and 1 runner-up. They stomped St Thomas Aquinas in the semis. Palatka was lead by first-year coach Jim McCool and won some close playoff games to get to the finals. Back then, title games were often played at the home field of one of the finalists and getting to see a final on TV was a real treat.
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    If that's the case, any football player transferring from NW should face at least a few games suspension at their new school. For them to condone cheating, the FHSAA would be sending a mixed message if they penalize a school and then allow those players to go about their merry way moving on to another school and never missing a game. When it comes to illegal transfers, both the school and player(s) are penalized by the FHSAA; this shouldn't be different.
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    Col. Jessup may have ordered the Code Red but, at the end of the day, Private Downey and Lance Corp. Dawson still received dishonorable discharges. In other words, those who break the rules, even at the direction of their superior/coach, sometimes have to pay to price, as well. In addition to whatever punishment the coach(es) receive, I'd be inclined to suspend the players involved in the 'illegal practices' a game or two. However, I would allow the school to spread out the suspensions however they wanted over the course of the season so that NW could still field a (competitive?) team for each game of the season. And I'd make sure the suspensions follow the players if they transfer to another school. In fact, I think I might even double the suspension if a kid transfers, in hopes of adding a little disincentive to the decision-making process. Just my two cents.
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    The school will probably be fined and might be penalized, loss of kick off classic or worst case possibly not eligible for the playoffs, but the kids will not be. If the school gets the hammer the kids will just all leave to the next school.
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    26 in 12 years if you count those
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    Coach Jones had some great teams during the Suwannee era of 4 state championships in a row. The only problem was they were in the district with Suwannee and only the district champion made the playoffs. In one of the games Suwannee was ahead 13 - 7. Wakulla drove down late in the game and ran play action. The TE was absolutely wide open in the end zone...he dropped the td pass that would have probably won them the game. Suwannee took over late inside their 10 and on 3rd and long ran a hitch to Matt Friar. He broke a tackle at the line of scrimmage and was off to the races.....just like that the game was over and Suwannee cruised to a state champtionship. The following year Wakulla led 7 - 6 deep into the 4th quarter when once again Matt Friar made some key plays to get Suwannee into the end zone to go up 13 - 7. Wakulla was trying to drive late and had a pick 6 which gave Suwannee the 20 - 7 win. Once again, Suwannee cruised to another state championship. Matt Friar was a great player. This is why I love more than just the district champions making the playoffs. Coach Jones had some very good teams that narrowly missed the playoffs. These teams could have made strong runs in the playoffs. When he won back to back state championships the games were played on teams home fields. Two years in a row Wakulla had to travel. They went to Clermont the first year and to Clewiston the following year to win state championships on their home fields. That was two very long bus rides...and impressive wins!
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    If you don't somehow place a penalty on the team (players), not just the coaching staff, you send the message that you're willing to allow NW to have a competitive advantage over teams that followed the rules and did not have the benefit of training as a team during the pandemic shut down. If these players don't know right from wrong at 16-18 years of age, they will carry that same sense of entitlement into their college years and beyond; they're not innocent children.
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    I see the parallels between the pictured behavior and ranking Columbia in the Top 10 each year.
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    damn that's a lot of wins with no success in the playoffs. Even I have more playoff wins than that lol Jim Kroll Miami Palmetto and Miami Beach
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    I would love to see Vero beat Venice when we have our head coach at home


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