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  1. 7 points
    Cocoa cleaning up on the transfers. Looks like the new coach learned a thing or two from his time at STA
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    Oct 4 - Mainland at Cocoa. Good mid season test for both teams.
  3. 3 points
    1.Cocoa 2.STA 3.miami Central 4. Raines 5. Jacksonville Trinity Christian That's my top 5.
  4. 3 points
    Dont be surprised if it's not Mia central
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    This team will be stacked on both sides of the ball. They will be top 10 in Florida easy. And top 50 in the nation or lower " Mark my words.
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    SCHEDULE Date Opponent Result 8/167:00p @ Palm Beach Central Kick off Classic Preview Game 8/237:00p Cardinal Gibbons Preview Game 8/317:30p Carol City Preview Game 9/67:00p @ IMG Academy Preview Game 9/127:00p Killian Preview Game 9/208:00p @ Lowndes Preview Game 10/47:30p Central Preview Game 10/117:30p Miami Springs Preview Game 10/187:00p Key West Preview Game 10/257:30p Jackson Soul Bowl Preview Game 11/17:30p @ Edison Preview Game
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    Miami Central has a tough one too!
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    His dad Robert "Gator" Cooper played basketball at Mainland and we graduated together.....another shameless homer plug
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    They say history repeats itself. Dillard's last football championship was 1989 in Daytona Beach. I got wings for you too !
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    I miss the offseason transfer thread!
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    Too many people on the AP voting committee don’t put any effort into it. Their preseason rankings are basically the previous season results plus teams with obviously loaded senior classes (see Wekiva last season). The week 11 poll is basically a standings list. That’s the more interesting poll to extrapolate forward to playoff performance. I believe DP was unranked week 11 in 2016 and 2017 (8-2 both years, loaded schedule), and both years they made the title game (won in 17).
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    -How about we not rank Vero this year so they can "overperform" come year's end? Every year of late it seems they are highly ranked in the preseason, only to disappoint. -Kowboys cannot make it past second round 3 years in a row. Do they need to earn their way back into the rankings, especially top 5? -Atlantic was one of the biggest "busts" of any class? Will we be fooled again and rank them highly in 7A this year? -Dr P and Columbus are two of the most consistent programs of the past 10 years. It's a safe bet to rank them. -Deerfield Beach...we love to pick on them...but Region 3 is wide open for them to claim. Atlantic, Miramar, Piper, Plantation, and Western all moved out. -Plant moves up from 7A. How can one not put them in the top 10 for 8A?
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    Matthew Bolling confirmed my thoughts above with a win in the Pam Am Junior games last night beating two Jamaicans into second and third in a time that was a tenth of a second faster than the second place finisher. At this stage of his career he is clearly world class and if he continues to improve will be a force in the sprints at the 2024 Olympics. If he were running for a smaller country (with less depth) such as Jamaica he would probably pick up a spot for the current games which begin next week, if not in the individual events, then certainly for a leg in the 4x100 relays.
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    OldSchoolLion, thank you very much for posting this game. I will never forget attending this game as a High School Senior with most of our football team. We were sitting on the Southeast side, and I remember very well the cockiness of the Seminole fans turning to nervousness as Daunte Culpepper lead the Knights down the field, especially his scramble on fourth and 17 I believe for a first down. Also, the joy when the Vanguard kicker missed the field goal at the end of the game. It was a great experience.
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    #6 is Jimmy Jordan.
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    Very strong on the front end, weak on the back end. Smart in the sense that banged up starters will have a chance to get healthy for the playoffs.
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    That was the 2000 game, won 30-7 by Chris Wienke and the Noles. The Gators won the SEC title the next week. FSU lost to Oklahoma 13-2 in the Orange Bowl playing for a national title. Bobby Bowden more or less blamed Mark Richt being occupied with his new gig at Georgia for the loss.
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    Earnest Graham (UF) and Daniel Gibson (FSU)
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    Nice to hear that. Don't follow the teams like in years past. Kind of moved on a bit....Buc Forever
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    At #3 we have Cocoa. The Tigers are one of only 3 teams over the past 5 years to make it past the third round 3 times. At #2 we have Trinity Christian. The Conquerors are one of only 2 teams over the past 5 years to make it past the third round 4 times. TC played in 4 state semis over the past 5 years...an amazing feat.
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    No problem. I had heard from somewhere that that game was extremely well-officiated despite the 63-0 score.
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    awwwwww DP (hope you’ve heard it in person) 7-6 *** 13-2 ***** ! 12-3 ***** 9-4 *** 12-1 *** 11-1 ** 13-1 **** 10-2 ** 14-1 ***** 11-1 ** 10-2 ** 7-5 ** 9-3 ** excellence 13 consecutive years with a playoff win off the top of the head. ha
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    I think Plant joins the "almost club" with two such wins (67-7 over Lakewood in 2008 and 77-16 over Alonso in 2009). While I'm sure STA has a few lopsided opening round wins, I'll put my money on Cocoa.
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    Bolles has 2 such wins 2008 Bolles 70 Jones 6 2014 Bolles 63 Umatilla 0
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    Heh I always thought BH was Old School Lion.
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    Titusville I think is playing an OOS game too. Are they any good? Lol
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    He will be a backup qb. He is actually play db this year. Beck was at the game, just didn't play.
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    Alonzo highsmith 1987 canes squad ...played defensive end for colombus high school
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    Just checked and cocoa just got a linebacker transfer from godby
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    Go to 321recruits twitter page and you will see all of the Brevard transfers for every school there.
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    Cocoa will need all the help they can get with Hoover. Gonna be interesting how it all plays out
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    It is Andre Cooper of Neptune Beach Fletcher High. Here are some highlights of his career numbers as a ’Nole: Cooper’s 71 receptions, in ’95, are tied for the fifth most in an FSU season. With whom is he tied? Peter Warrick, who had as many grabs in his best season (1999). Cooper’s 132 career catches are tied for 12th in program history with De’Cody Fagg and Warrick Dunn. Cooper has the sixth-most career touchdown grabs in school history, with 24. FSU legend Ron Sellers finished with 23. Cooper is tied for the most TD snags in a single regular season, with 15 in 1995. The only other ’Nole to post that number: Kelvin Benjamin, in 2013. He holds the record of 18 for most TD receptions in a season If one includes his 3 postseason TD's. There have been just 12 1,000+ receiving-yard seasons notched by Seminole WRs. Cooper’s 1,002 yards in 1995 is one of there.
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    STA beat Escambia in 99, but lost to Pine Forest the year after. You got your PCola teams mixed up lol.
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    Here's the catch start about 2:15 in case it doesn't automatically.
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    Andre Cooper, Jax Fletcher. Huge catch early in the '97 Sugar Bowl made Gator fans nervous, but the Gators still won 52-20
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    MNW & Deerfield faced off TWICE since 04 DFB won in 04 and lost to MNW in 2007 so your point about Deerfield having a hard road in the playoffs is still invalid Asf
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    The writers voting in these polls often have limited awareness of the player movement/transfers impacting teams in the immediate area they cover. Which should tell you they have absolutely no clue about player movement in other areas. All that is being considered is the name brand, how the team did last year and who graduated off that team. That was sufficient in years past. Now, such an approach renders the rankings meaningless. There's just far too much transferring and stacking of the deck, sometimes at places that have little to no history like Wekiva and Western.
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    #2 Arnold Marlins, Panama City Beach.
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    Obesity in HS Linemen

    It is interesting though as soon as these players are done (they try to lose the weight) and probably have help at their colleges, How many of these high school kids swell to 270+ and then have a hard time losing it when they don't go to colleges. https://missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/heavy-burden-ex-griz-linemen-focus-on-health-weight-loss/article_3fdd0a80-08ba-5b6f-b69a-2f6c6caa43c8.html
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    1. Key West 3. Charlotte 4. Tarpon Springs 7. Cape Coral Mariner 8. Lemon Bay
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    Lakeland #12 lol
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    FWB wide receiver catching TD at 1:25 and 2:20 .... Ernest G. Green, or E.G Green as most Florida State fans knew him, was one of the top receivers in Florida State history over his four years in Tallahassee. Green redshirted during the 1993 national championship year, and had a small impact in 1994. He burst onto the scene for the Seminoles in 1995 with a 1007-yard year to go along with 10 touchdowns. In 1997, his senior year, Green earned 2nd Team All-American honors with his second thousand yard season going for 1059 yards and 11 touchdowns. He finished his career with 2,920 yards and a 17.6 yards per reception average. Green left Florida State as the Seminoles' all-time leader in receiving touchdowns, with 29 in his career. Green was drafted in the third round by the Indianapolis Colts and played three years in the NFL from 1998-2000. Christian Green, formerly of Tampa Catholic and FSU (and one of the top wr's in the state Class of 2010), is a relative.
  46. 1 point
    Eric Moore. Pahokee High. Played MLB at Pahokee and was converted to DE at FSU. Had over 100+ tackles jr/sr seasons in high school. IMO, he would’ve had a better career had he stayed at LB
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    If you’re so damn depressed over your football games not having hardcore fans anymore, then maybe you don’t care about the game as much as you think. It’s about your own personal preference, worry about yourself not the people around you. I’m sure Columbia will have a packed house when they play IMG, as will Venice.
  48. 1 point
    Great point OldSchoolLion. You, and so many other knowledgeable posters on this message board always make me look forward to checking out what great subject of Florida High School Football is going to be discussed next. Of course dealing with that poster acting like a child is never easy, but I appreciate your patience. I just don't think that you will ever be able to get though to him.
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    Armwood is no longer in 6a. Mainland will have to contend with Columbia and maybe surprise team in region 1. Whomever comes out of that region is all but a sure bet to make to state. Region 2 is as bout as weak as a bad Wifi signal.
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    I am not surprised. The ease with which he won the 9:98 hundred was the reason I was certain that at this stage of his career he would do well in Jamaica, my home country. Believe me that's the highest compliment I could give a high school sprinter, for the Jamaican school boy/girl circuit is about the most competitive in the world. It does not always have the best high school sprinter(s), but in terms of depth, I can't think of another country or region within a country with more potential olympian sprinters in the 17-19 age group.