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    Just A Coach

    Vero Beach schedule so far

    I was only pointing out the fact that Vero has lost at home before. Whether its in the playoffs or not. You stated that Vero has not lost at home since 2012 against a loaded Ft. Pierce Central team. Don't understand why you would hang your hat on the fact that they are dominant at home in the regular season but lose at home in the playoffs....just saying
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    Vero Beach schedule so far

    This is true to a degree, but they had to play these teams. Nobody else would play them. Did anybody really think Flanagan, Cooper City, and the other merry minimums on their schedule last year were going to hang around to get beat by 70 again? They're a 2 time defending state champion that is bringing back a team that would compete for a state championship without a single transfer, instead they have 21 transfers and word is they have some legit super stars transferring in shortly once the summer scholarship goes into effect. (It's the scholarship for learning disabilities). As for Chaminade and Vero. I stand by my statement, If Chaminade is healthy they'll win this one. I'm not saying it'll be a blowout, but they'll end up with more points. They play Central/Carol City/AHP and like years past, they play those super powers early and will lose to one or two of them. By week 7 they'll turn into Super Chaminade and wipe the floor with everybody else except JaxTCA who will have turned into Super JaxTCA by then. I've seen this story to many times.
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    Vero Beach is playing in a spring jamboree at Boca Raton on May 22. 1st half: Vero vs. Dwyer 2nd half: Vero vs. Boca 3rd half: Dwyer vs. Boca
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    Bolles has a new head coach

    Jacksonville traffic is the weirdest thing to me. Whenever I travel there on 95 or 10, the traffic is usually ok. You get off on JTB or University or Beach and all of a sudden there is just random stops. No rhyme or reason, just 100s of cars in a small area (no accident, no police). Orange Park area is even worse though. Everybody rides on the same darn road (Blanding). Yuck, I would sooner drive all the way to Fletcher across Jacksonville rush hour traffic than to ever drive to any of the Clay County schools during rush hour. There will always be the balancing act of how far will people be willing to drive vs how "nice" of schools do we insist on. I think for Fleming Island, PV, Nocatee, those adults made those decisions. "I want very nice house, no riff raff, and nice schools even if it means that I have to drive an hour each day." I don't think they are going to change their minds in the short term or at least not enough to cause Bolles to have their admissions office flooded with people willing to pay that cost.
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    Bolles has a new head coach

    Here's what I see as a distant, impartial observer: Someone at Bolles (or a small collection of influential boosters) have made the decision, with the school's blessing, that they want to make a return to their football glory years. So, they looked around, found the best coach they could find in the area, and threw enough money at him to make the move from Ponte Vedra to Bolles. Having made that commitment, Bolles isn't going to start turning away good football players. If anything, I would suspect the amount of "scholarship" money is going to be increased. You don't go out and hire a million dollar a year CEO to manage a group of $20K a year employees. Whether they come in the form of transfers from Ponte Vedra or elsewhere, they will come. They will come.
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    Judging by the look of Bolles teams over the past 5 years, they have had vastly less talent than in the past. I think them getting any athlete in is not a reality.
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    In that case they to play the state title game @ home and maybe they'll win it every year. greats teams win on the Road in hostile environments.
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    I have no idea but they are a similar type of kid. Upper class.
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    Bolles has 17 state title appearances You have to win a regional title before you can make state finals so they would at minimum have 17 regional titles
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    In order to make this list, which is comprised of teams currently in 5A-8A, a team had to win 6 or more regional titles, win 32 or more playoff games, and appear in at least one state title game. St Thomas Aquinas-22 regional titles, 8 state runner-up titles, 10 state titles, 104 playoff wins Lakeland-14 regional titles, 1 state runner-up titles, 7 state titles, 68 playoff wins Manatee-15 regional titles, 2 state runner-up titles, 5 state titles, 61 playoff wins Armwood-13 regional titles, 7 state runner-up titles, 2 state titles (1 vacated), 57 playoff wins Northwestern-10 regional titles, 2 state runner-up titles, 6 state titles, 54 playoff wins Carol City-11 regional titles, 2 state runner-up titles, 5 state titles, 50 playoff wins Booker T Washington-11 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 5 state titles, 40 playoff wins Plant-10 regional titles, 2 state runner-up titles, 4 state titles, 49 playoff wins Miami Central-7 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 5 state titles, 41 playoff wins Southridge-9 regional titles, 4 state runner-up titles, 2 state titles, 1 co-champion state titles, 45 playoff wins Osceola-10 regional titles, 4 state runner-up titles, 1 state title, 40 playoff wins Lincoln-8 regional titles, 2 state runner-up titles, 3 state titles, 45 playoff wins Dillard-8 regional titles, 3 state runner-up titles, 2 state titles, 40 playoff wins Southeast-7 regional titles, 3 state runner-up titles, 2 state titles, 39 playoff wins Apopka-7 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 3 state titles, 38 playoff wins Merritt Island-7 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 3 state titles, 45 playoff wins Columbus-7 regional titles, 4 state runner-up titles, 33 playoff wins Naples-9 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 2 state titles, 44 playoff wins St Augustine-8 regional titles, 2 state runner-up titles, 1 state title, 39 playoff wins Mainland-8 regional titles, 1 state title, 43 playoff wins Vero Beach-7 regional titles, 1 state title, 39 playoff wins Deerfield Beach-8 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 37 playoff wins Dwyer-6 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 2 state titles, 38 playoff wins Palm Bay-6 regional titles, 2 state titles, 36 playoff wins Ely-6 regional titles, 1 state runner-up title, 1 state titles, 33 playoff wins
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    In the history of the FHSAA, prior to this past season, only 2 schools had ever won 3 or more regional titles in 4 different decades, ie, 3 in the 80's, 3 in the 90's, etc. Those two schools are Manatee(15 regional titles) and Glades Day(20 regional titles). This past season, Lakeland became only the third such team. The Dreadnaughts have won 14 regional titles. For me, the greatness of a program is measured by its success over time, not just simply number of state titles. These 3 programs have arguably been the most consistent programs over the past 50 years.
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    I think the people in charge of the freedom bowl just assign the teams either randomly or what works for the teams And one team is clearly not like the others lol
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    Vero Beach schedule so far

    Chaminade must be on a suicide mission this year. In addition to Vero, they are scheduled to play AH Plantation, Carol City, Central and Atlantic. They better be really deep or come playoff time they could be in trouble....or even the Vero game could be problematic coming off AHP, CC and Atlantic. Isn't it ironic that Trinity Christian and Chaminade both have these brutal schedules, but are in 3A because of their population size? If those teams are good enough to play most of their games against big schools, they should be allowed to play against big schools in the playoffs.
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    I usually don’t get into theses debates but how many of those loses came to teams that actually went on to win state ? If I’m not mistaken only south ridge and Flanagan went on to win it all right
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    I was referring to teams that played in 20 or more playoff games.
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    I love these Columbia/Vero debates. Let's add Deerfield Beach in there, too. Those 3 schools are amongst the top 5 in history in at least one category....not my opinion, it's fact. so no rocks at my computer screen, please. Only a handful of teams have lost more than 10 second round FHSAA playoff games. Amongst those, below are the 5 teams with the worst winning percentages. Merritt Island 12-15 (44% winning percentage) Columbia 9-13 (41% winning percentage) Vero Beach 9-13 (41% winning percentage) Deerfield Beach 9-11 (45% winning percentage) Milton 6-11 (35% winning percentage)
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    Vero Beach schedule so far

    This is a actually a good and reasonable point Spy. I would say the Chaminade offense at times can struggle against well coached athletic defenses, but their defense typically saves the day. I do believe the Chaminade offense in 2019 could be a work in progress the first few weeks, but the defense will likely be even better than the 2018 defense. The biggest difference between the 2018 and 2019 Chaminade teams will be in the trenches. I think they are finally 3 deep along both lines in 2019 and should field a varsity roster of 58 a big improvement over last year's 44.
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    Vero Beach schedule so far

    Defense is stacked and they probably got transfers from neighboring schools I don't think Vero will schedule a team that's too much for them and it's hard to beat em at home
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    Thought it would be nice to have a week-by-week format in one place so folks could plan their schedules. Focused on games involving opponents from different counties. Please comment if anything I have listed is inaccurate. At least it's a starting point. 8/16 Osceola @ Lakeland Chaminde-Madonna @ American Heritage Plantation 8/23 Lakeland @ Manatee Northwestern @ Cardinal Gibbons 8/30 Trinity Christian @ Godby Lincoln @ Rockledge Columbus @ Osceola 9/13 Godby @ Edgewater Carol City @ Chaminade-Madonna American Heritage Plantation @ Trinity Christian 9/20 Northwestern @ Lowndes(GA) Chaminade-Madonna @ Atlantic Carol City @ Trinity Christian 9/27 Plant @ Gonzaga (MD) Glades Central @ Cocoa 10/4 Trinity Christian @ Booker T Washington Mainland @ Cocoa 10/11 Chaminade-Madonna @ Pahokee University @ Columbus 10/18 Cocoa @ Venice Osceola @ Manatee 10/25 Trinity Christian @ Raines Miami Central @ Chaminade-Madonna 11/1 Bolles @ Mainland Columbus @ Atlantic
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    Coach - Jake Gaither; player - Willie Galimore. Still FAMU's all-time leading rusher. Played high school ball in St. Augustine.
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    TC Williams High from Virginia is coming to Florida to play Spruce Creek during week 0. Since its in Florida im assuming it wont count for SC. TC Williams is of course the high school highlighted in the famous movie Remember the Titans. The coach for TCW is former Panama City Bay head coach Jimmy Longerbeam. He is no stranger to long trips. He took Bay on a 9 hour bus ride near Houston to get skull dented by some top 25 TX team. Just looking at the national rankings from last year, it would appear that Spruce Creek will be a big favorite.
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    The new North Florida League 1A

    Yes. I do appreciate your incite and respect you as a coach. However, The 2010 team was loaded. Maybe the best team that Marion County ever produced and obviously the best team in 3A. We had Jeremiaha Gates who was a complete athlete. If and when Little didn't play Gates took over and there was practically no difference noticed. Gates could have played QB on any other team in Florida although he was primarily an outstanding RB. Went on to be a star at Jacksonville University. WR Kadron Boone. Practically unstoppable. And I mean that literally. Star at LSU and the New York Giants. I don't believe any team was going to defeat the 2010 Celtics, regardless. That being said, Little made the job a heck of a lot easier as he was born to play QB. Once again, if a team cannot make it with homegrown talent then they should not be able to import from everywhere to manufacture a fake team where many of the players don't represent the community nor care anything about the community. Also, how many players that transfer in transfer out within a year? I would sure like to know.
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    Madison though is playing 4 dimensional chess while the rest of us are playing checkers. The use of the charter school to siphon enough students away to lower their population numbers is darn near criminal in my opinion. If Madison played in the classification that their numbers are this wouldn't be an issue. As for Pahokee, they are who we thought they are. They couldn't even beat Hawthorne last year. Imagine if every school could do this. Take every kid who could care so little about sports, band, cheerleading and put them in their own school and your population numbers is only kids who want to play sports, cheer, dance, do band, or just come to games. All of a sudden, we might get very different classifications.
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    Vero Beach schedule so far

    Word on the street for Kissimmee Osceola: District: Cypress Creek, Freedom, Celebration, and Lake Nona Out of District: Columbus, Cocoa, Harmony, Manatee, St. Cloud. and Liberty Spring: Edgewater Classic: Lakeland