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    Columbia Trivia #1

    In October of 2005, Tim Tebow and hc Craig Howard's Nease team came to Lake City. 10th ranked Columbia was 5-2 and and faced 8th ranked Nease was 5-2. Nease went up 21-0 and never looked back, winning 49-24. Tebow rushed for 73 yards and 3 TD's. He went 19/28 passing for 271 yards and 2 TD's despite suffering an injury. 180 of those passing yards went to Ryan Ellis. Ellis was a 2-time, First Team All-State selection who led the state in receiving yards two straight seasons. He finished 2005 with 103 receptions for 1911 yards and 18 TD's. This win gave Nease the District 5-4A title and they eventually went on to win the 4A title, beating Armwood in the final. Columbia lost its next game to Orange Park Ridgeview, costing the Tigers the runner-up spot in the district. In a controversial ending to the game, it is alleged that a very young fan of Columbia threw a dirty diaper at Tebow as he was leaving the stadium because Tebow would not give the youngster his autograph.
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    ColumbiaFan told me you are like 0-5 against him in pickems. Is that true?
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    Columbia Trivia #1

    Madison County and East Ridge were formidable teams back then. For example, Madison County was actually ranked #1 all classes(Beef O'Brady's poll) coming into the 2003 state title game, so losing to them by ten at that time was a "good" loss. In 2004, East Ridge was undefeated in the regular season and lost a close playoff game to state finalist Lake Gibson. ER came into that 2005 Columbia game as one of the top-ranked 6A teams in the state at the time, so Columbia losing to them by one point likely didn't hurt them much in the polls either. The pollsters have had a love affair with Columbia for many years. Maybe there was some of that, "this has got to be their year" thinking, and it was difficult to let go of a strong preseason ranking when it started to appear that a Columbia team was not going to contend. I don't mean that as a knock on Columbia. I just cannot tell you how many times I've seen Columbia ranked highly in the polls, only to disappoint come season's end.
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    Depends on what your underlying assumption is. If you believe that the spread of COVID will be so bad as to force to end the "fall sports season" then yes, it is a bad plan, but that means the only good plan becomes the truncated season plan to ensure some season for everyone. Again I think this idea had merit 6 weeks ago, almost no merit now.
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    If Deon Sanders can go from the football field to the baseball field (in a helicopter!), then so can high school kids. I agree with you on this one. Let kids play multiple sports (perhaps with a limit on the number of "contests" per week; or one sport per day).
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    Did anyone else read the Orlando Sentinel article on why the FHSAA wasn't going to livestream the meeting this Friday? The explanation made no sense to me. It was, basically, "well, that's just not the way we usually do our meetings." Um, this is an emergency meeting, specially called to deal with the impact of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and that's the excuse you want to give? The president of the FHSAA board wants the meeting livestreamed (just like the past two were) and FHSAA staff essentially said "F*#% you; we're not going to do it that way." Am I missing something? Can anyone defend Tomyn's position on this issue? Josh, are you planning on attending? How early do you think you'll need to get there in order to insure that you get one of the twenty or so spots available to the public?
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    I don't understand why we can't have a modified season with no post season; run it from late September to early December. Each school district decide if they want in or cancel altogether.
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    I can't speak for other schools but our football program gets none of the concession, none of the parking and none of the ticket sales. It all goes into an athletic fund that gets spent on all sports for necessary equipment (balls), refs and travel. The only thing football gets from the school is footballs, refs, travel and reconditioning. They have to raise money for every thing else just like every other sport.
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    Football is definitely a hard game to figure out. That's why so many people disagree on rankings. Teams match ups are important. Also you never know how a 15-18 year old kid is going to react on each Friday night. East Lake obviously played really well that night almost beating the future state champs.
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    They lost 4 games that year and barely beat a 5 loss team in the first round but sure 9 years later we can say they were the second best team on that one night they almost beat Plant
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    As athletic as they may have been, I'm guessing it wasn't the Pouncey twins.
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    Remember I'm the first person to win the pick em twice in one year and I'm also the back to back champ. I also pulled a UCF and gave myself the title one year
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    I think there are 5 coaches with 300 wins. Only one coach beat me 4 times (probably because I didn't coach enough games). My brief coaching career here is how I faired vs those 5 Corky Rogers never played but it wouldn't have been good Bill Castle 5-2 not many can say they have 5 wins vs probably the best coach in Florida history George Smith 0-1 what coulda shoulda been Gene Cox before my time Bill Gierke 2-7 and now you know why I'm not a fan of his. He owned me. Great coach.
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    Probably the second best RB from the state of Florida with the last name Henry to ever play.
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    Dang man, as a moderator you are held to a higher standard. Quit degrading high school football teams in order to win an argument against another poster. Think before you type.
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    I thought Osceola was in Central florida?
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    Osceola, yeah they would have beat East Lake likely. Tough nosed teams typically have an edge on the likes of them. But they would have beat East Lake even with the coaches son at QB.
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    There are 4 counties: Okeechobee, Martin, St Lucie, Indian River, the schools that field a football team are below. Okeechobee: Okeechobee HS Martin: Martin County HS South Fork HS Jensen Beach HS St Lucie: Port St Lucie HS Centennial HS Treasure Coast HS Fort Pierce Central HS Fort Pierce Westwood HS John Carroll HS (Private) Indian River: Vero Beach HS Sebastian River HS St Edwards HS (Private)
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    Columbia Trivia #2

    Yeah they sure did It's almost like Columbia didn't beat Eastside 46-6 a year earlier Lol
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    Silence must be a good thing It means nobody has any criticism of the list lol
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    Columbia Trivia #1

    Old School was just being Old School! My first sporting event occurred at 8 years old. It was a cricket game that I found incredibly boring. Kind of funny as I ended up playing the sport in high school, mostly because I could not make the soccer team. Go figure ...
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    FHSAA Board meeting will be streamed Orlando Sentinel (8/11/20) By Buddy Collings Florida High School Athletic Association executive director George Tomyn said Monday afternoon he has changed his mind and the organization will livestream Friday’s much-anticipated board of directors meeting in Gainesville focusing on fall, winter and spring sports. “I just notified our board that we will be livestreaming the meeting this Friday,” Tomyn said of the FHSAA meeting during a phone call with the Orlando Sentinel. “I do not know exactly how that’s going to happen. I don’t have any specific details on it at this moment in time. “I understand, and our board understands, that this is very important to a number of people. We will be sending out detailed information as it becomes available.” Friday’s meeting, starting at 10 a.m., at the Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel marks the first in-person gathering of the 16-person board since the COVID-19 outbreak halted high school sports in mid-March. The board twice held emergency videoconference meetings in June in search of solutions for how and when to bring teams back to the field of play with the coronavirus pandemic still impacting the state. The FHSAA had an audience of more than 4,000 YouTube viewers watching its July 20 board meeting. It was much the same three days later, with another volatile meeting that saw the vote to push preseason starts back a month from July 27 to no earlier than Aug. 24. Tomyn told the Sentinel on Friday the FHSAA would not be livestreaming this week’s meeting. As that word spread along with the news that only 50 people would be allowed into the hotel ballroom — including board members and FHSAA staff — due to Alachua County coronavirus restrictions, many in the media and the public bombarded the FHSAA with criticism and requests to offer some form of broadcast. Some said the association would be violating Sunshine Law standards if it did not livestream the discussion. Initially, the board seemed to follow Tomyn’s lead and leaned toward allowing local decisions while maintaining the FHSAA’s traditional sports calendar. That, proponents said, would have permitted North Florida schools with low COVID-19 numbers to start fall tryouts on June 27. But during its second meeting, on June 23, the board reversed its vote and pushed the start date back for all fall teams to no sooner than Aug. 24. It asked Tomyn and his Gainesville-based staff to confer with advisory committees and gave the association’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee more time to gather data to be considered Friday. Now, amid reports the Big Ten is moving its college football season to spring and that the Pac-12 may lead others in postponing play, the FHSAA will again tackle the prickly issue of whether some teams should be allowed to start earlier than others. The board will be looking at three options that have been discussed since its last meeting with coaching advisory committees for football, girls volleyball, cross country, golf and swimming. Bowling is the other fall sport that is awaiting word on its future as schools begin to reopen. Option 1 would maintain the Aug. 24 practice date and offer a revamped state series. All teams that sign on for the football playoffs would be placed in blind draw brackets for the eight classifications (1A through 8A). Districts would disappear to provide more scheduling flexibility. State finals would be pushed back to the weekends of Dec. 10-12 and 17-19. The other fall sports would also have game schedules starting the week of Sept. 7 and leading into a condensed playoff system. Option 2 would have practices starting after August and end fall regular seasons on Nov. 28. That would eliminate state championship playoffs and in their place permit region or local FHSAA-sanctioned bowl games, tournaments and events to be concluded by Dec. 12. Option 3 would shift the start of fall practices back to Nov. 30 and call for regular-season play from Dec. 14 through Jan. 23. State playoffs would survive but would be played in January and February, possibly with adjusted formats. The board could vote to adopt any of those options but could also change any of the elements and consider other concepts.
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    Dallas Baker .catches TD about 4:10 in the video Dallas Baker
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    That is Dallas Baker, who played in high school at New Smyrna Beach. He played his college football at the University of Florida for both Ron Zook and Urban Meyer, and played on the 2006 NC team that beat Ohio State. Dallas is coaching college football now I believe, but I am not sure at what program.
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    Columbia Trivia #1

    Tim Tebow, Nease. Some random white WR who played at a Mid-Major
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    Anyone heard of this team?

    Randazzo North? Anyone got any insight? https://www.maxpreps.com/local/team/schedule.aspx?gendersport=boys,football&schoolid=a15a34c5-2d95-4160-b7a5-9a17386b828c
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    One of the Board Members (John Gerdes) apparently sent out a tweet late this afternoon announcing that the FHSAA board meeting on Friday will be live-streamed after all. Details being worked out.
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    Exactly This is a unprecedented situation but we need to limit the damage to the athletes as much as possible and screwing over the spring athletes once again after they already got screwed this past spring isn't limiting the damage Ik most the state only really cares about football but there are other sports that mean as much to many athletes and fans as football does I watched a team this past spring who was catching fire and about to make a run to state despite being doubted all off-season only to have it taken away from them I would give up 10 years of attending football games just to have seen that team given a chance to show what they could have done
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    I know it's not a perfect solution for the small schools, but this is a "hopefully" once in a lifetime problem. Couldn't they allow kids double up for this one year and if they wish, play two sports at the same time as long as the two coaches feel it is feasible? I know that at my grandsons' school (an 8A school here in Orlando), they have several football players that also play lacrosse or baseball, and one of their top WR's is and outstanding baseball player with college and/or pro potential who would have to make a very difficult decision if both sports were played in the Spring and a waiver wasn't granted. He'd be crazy if he didn't play baseball, especially after missing last season to the virus.
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    I did but nobody would let me quit in peace like I wanted to
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    It seems not all that long ago that you told everyone you were quitting this board. So, I suppose I'm a bit confused.
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    I would never want them to cancel a single sport or shorten a season for any team. Every student athlete should be able to compete in the sport of their choice, especially if it may lead to a scholarship opportunity. If they had a conflict because they played multiple sports, they would probably have to choose. I don't want to ever give the impression that I would play football and deny another sport the opportunity to play their season. I'm sure the powers that be could find a way to allow them to survive concurrently.
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    Everything you are saying is what I felt months ago with spring sports I just don't think we should screw over the spring athletes by shortening their season just to get football, these other sports have athletes fighting for a college scholarship as well, it isn't just football players being affected by this
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    Nah man that hurt but the Dwyer loss was IT East Lake with 5 division 1 power 5 players would have won a state title vs Niceville just as easy as Dwyer did. It unfortunately was horrible coaching decisions in OT IMO that cost them the game..... I made some disparaging remarks regarding it that were public that I think coach has held a grudge on since.
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    Look, you seem to be stuck on a broken record. The government statistics are that so far 160,000 people have supposedly died from Covid-19. Per capita the US has the third lowest deaths in the world. That tricky mathematical formula per capita somehow escapes some of the so called experts that have in their mind that the US has the most deaths of any country. Just look it up. 160,000 divided by 330 million is 0.0045%. the 3rd lowest percentage of deaths in the world "PER CAPITA". I guess we must have been doing something right to have those low statistics. Those stats are even lower than the annual flu that comes around every year like clockwork. But, nobody wants to face up to facts and statistics. Too boring I guess.
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    I agree but some people are too stubborn to accept a state series this year is unrealistic and unfortunately those people are the ones in charge of where the state goes from here They will not hesitate to screw over spring athletes a second straight year just to get the state series and honestly I hope every county pulls out of the FHSAA as their poor leadership over past 2 months has been appalling
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    Like I said in a prior post, form independent conferences and award a trophy and if possible maybe a bowl game at season end. It's been talked about and makes most sense.
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    That I think would be in line with option 2 however too many people are bound and determined to have a state series which is insane Again I feel like a broken record but if every county can't play (especially if SFL can't) it feels hollow to have a state championship that won't involve the best teams in the state plus 4-8a still has no Championship site I would be fine with no postseason this year as it would basically mean there's no reason to hold any part of the state hostage as they just let teams join if they can and play however many games they are able to
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    Why can't sports be about more than winning? Why is it so important than there are county/district/regional/state championships? Aren't sports supposed to be a continuation of the classroom where character and leadership are being learned and developed? Yes, play to win, but if the season is delayed they can still develop those other qualities that we hope coaches instill in our young athletes. Those coaches can do that in 8 games or 15 games. The best coaches/teachers take events of the past 5 months and use to develop better human beings and citizens. How many more of our players are more keenly aware of how a virus is spread than they were 5 months ago. How many coaches have talked to their players about responsibility of government actors (Federal, State, and Local) as well as responsibility that as a player they have to their community at large? Honestly, whatever option is chosen, the FHSAA should simply just cancel the state series If they choose option 3 (spring football season), I don't understand why there can't be sport season overlap. I will admit as I was more optimistic about what would be happening by August/September despite what some on this board thought. The entire process could have been handled better, not just by our leaders, but as a society. I was reading a quote from a college football coach who took all-star teams to Japan for exhibitions and the coach asked someone why so many people were wearing masks. They responded with they do it for civility, if someone has a cold, they wear a mask to protect their neighbors. The reality is that we as Americans focus on the individual more than society. It is why we play our bass and speakers at god awful loud amounts when driving through quiet neighborhoods. It is why we the hell that is Black Friday (now Black Thanksgiving). It is why we see people willing to transfer to 4 schools in 4 years for more stardom (forget the teammates you leave behind). Honestly, I don't care what the FHSAA chooses. The reality is that I won't be going to football this year, I don't trust the local yokels to do right. If anything, this event has shown a lot about people and the sacrifices they are and are not willing to make.
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    Point well taken. I based my comment purely on the in-person eye-test: how they played the one night I saw them compared to how the two other teams played the nights they played Plant. But, again, your point is well taken.
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    Dwyer in 2013 is the right answer. But two years before that, East Lake suffered another heartbreaking overtime loss in a playoff game. On a cool, foggy night in 2011, East Lake lost 28-21 in OT at home to Plant in the State Regional Finals. Plant then went on to beat Fletcher (26-7) and Miramar (31-20) to claim the first 8A state title. In hindsight, the two best teams in 8A that year were Plant and East Lake.
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    Bob Hudson, East Lake. Lost in OT to Dwyer in 2013.
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    I will give an unauthorized answer for Badbird. The 300 club is better. With that said, Badbird was an excellent coach and I understand why he feels the way he does. One stinging loss was in the third round of the 2003 (or was it 2004, I could be off a year) playoffs against Edgewater. Apopka was coming off a big win over Sandalwood and the fans were feeling we had a chance. Unfortunately, Apopka was plagued with unforced errors in the game and dropped a reasonably close one at College Park. Bobby Raugh put the nail in the coffin with a touchdown catch in the fourth quarter. Edgewater went on to lose the title game against a Miami team.
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    I love it..thats awesome
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    Mike Bennett, Pensacola High.
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    I've spent the last several years watching all of the full length versions of old college football games I can find on youtube, one season at a time (I started with the mid 1960s since that is when CF started to be televised regularly). I'm finishing up 1987 as we speak. That was the year Emmit Smith burst on the scene at UF. Your last comment involving Willie McClendon reminds me of those late 80s, when many thought McClendon might overtake Emmitt. Silly stuff!
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    You gotta watch that muckboy...he sneaky 1996 3A final Union County 67 Frostproof 30 in Daytona Beach
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    The school that lost to Osceola last year.
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    The team that Coach Maronto, as the Head Coach at New Smyrna Beach, beat from Pennsylvania was Central Daulphin East 17-6, in the 22nd Annual Rotary Bowl at Longwood Lyman High School the day before Thanksgiving in 1995.


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