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Updated Districts and Regions for football

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8A,D-1: 1) Flagler Palm Coast plays Mainland regularly- 25 miles away 2) Deland plays Mainland yearly, for ever - 20 miles away 3) Spruce Creek plays Mainland regularly - 7 miles away

You can defend the FHSAA all you want Josh but the fact is the whole urban and rural tag is just so it's not called public and private. You just acknowledged that teams "stack" their rosters, or in ot

Tigerfan i agree with you on almost everything you have said regarding the 1a rural class. I am a Hawthorne guy. We are in the bottom in enrollment. We have never complained about where we have been p

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The FHSAA announced yesterday evening that the updated districts and regions for football will be released sometime this morning. I am on standby now waiting for the release to come down. Will share thoughts and opinions on all of this as the day rolls on.

Good stuff, Josh! Looking forward to the news when it breaks!

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Biggest Changes thus far is all the added independants.

Fort White, Newberry, and Pierson Taylor are currently in 3A (I assume they will attempt to lose some students and get back down to 1A

Matanzas, Bishop Moore and Mainland are in Region 3 which geographically doesn't make sense.

Mainland is region 4

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How does Tate, Navarre, Crestview, and Niceville stay in 6A? I'm pretty sure there populations are way above 1938. For example, Navarre is around 2100 or 2200.



Otherwise they would be forcing Lincoln and Leon and chiles to travel to panhandle when they could instead put all the big panhandle teams in 1 class so them and other teams don't have as much travel

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Fort White Fan,

A lot of teams will move up to 5A. 3A will still end up being around 30 teams when it's all said and done. The problems is exactly as you mentioned- nobody wants to have to go through JaxTCA and Oxbridge/Chaminade except for teams that can pull 10 D-1 kids themselves.


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I really won't be surprised if Wakulla moves up to 6A in two years.  I've heard their population is over 1,500 right now and their enrollment is increasing quite a bit each year.  I think they've gained over 250 students over the past two years....the limit for 5A is 1592.  I'm curious to see what district they will be put in....there are no 6A teams in the Tallahassee area.

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    • Excellent point Perspective, that's why they call you that right?  Our Birchler kid was in the same spot behind Mascoe as Trask was behind D'Eriq King.  Mascoe has decommitted from FSU and re-opened his recruitment where Birchler can obviously start on alot of other local teams.  I can't blame him for trying to put some game film together for a chance at a college scholarship somewhere.  I do think he is that good.  
    • Exactly because you can’t tell me a iMG vs Miami central KOC wouldn’t be played as a real game.    also if you’re a Florida team playing a out of state game home or away as a KOC that counts as your first official game.
    • Personally, I would have more respect for a kid who stays with his team and the guys he went to battle with all last season (and perhaps even grew up with) than a kid who leaves his teammates behind in search of a gold medallion.  I saw this kid play once last year.   I was impressed.  I was also impressed with Riverview's coaching staff.  But I also know this kid fits the prototype QB that Venice likes to have:  height, good mobility and a strong arm.  I really don't know how Venice's head coach and/or QB coach compares to Riverview's head coach and/or QB coach.  And, when you think about it, it would really be impossible for a kid (or his parent) to be able to compare the two unless he's been talking to someone he shouldn't be talking to.  But, if I'm a college coach, here's what I just learned about the kid:  he has just demonstrated a willingness to pack and go where the grass appears to be greener.  If it comes down to offering this kid or offering another kid, all things being equal, I'm going to go with the kid who has demonstrated more loyalty.   The Kyle Trask kind of kid.  Not the kid that's going to enter the portal because he sees something that looks a little prettier walking down the halls of some other school. Look, I totally get it when a high school kid sees the depth chart and realizes that he's never going to beat out the starting QB and knows he has the talent to get a scholarship if he can only show his ability on the field.   I understand it when that kid transfers.   But this kid was already the starting QB and he was playing for a team that had success last year and likely will have success this year.    Not throwing shade on anyone (especially anyone on this board), but now I'm kind of hoping that Riverview and Venice end up playing each other in the playoffs and that Riverview gets the W. 
    • As for Osceola, the only 7A team that has shown any type of success versus STA is Lakeland not Venice.  And we had to consistently try to get by them before we had a crack at STA in the finals.  The past is the past and yes we like our chances better in 8A just like Venice does.
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