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Plant High Football Robert Weiner not returning?

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I may be able to answer a few of these questions:

1.  Yes, this morning Coach Weiner announced to the Plant family of players, coaches and parents that he would be leaving Plant to take a job with a yet-to-be-name D1 school.   Although no announcement has been made by the university or Coach Weiner, I would expect him to step into some combination of OC/QB coach role. 

2.  Yes, the kids are disappointed and some may even be angry.  They're 16 and 17 year old boys.  That's the way teenage boys typically react to news like this.  Their pain is real, but it will fade quickly for most and they'll move on with the next guy.  Life lessons, right? 

3. No word as of yet on his replacement.   I don't know if it will be someone from the current staff or someone from the outside.  Question:  would an alum who is currently coaching elsewhere be considered an "insider" or an "outsider?"   Food for thought.

4.  Poaching season is officially open . . . at least that's my take based on what I've already heard from a few other parents who have kids in the program.   I guess it's understandable that coaches and folks who fall into the category of 'representative of a school's athletic interests' would try to strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of this brief period of uncertainty.   But, to paraphrase an old expression:  "when you come at the king, you best not miss."    A couple of folks have already told me they're keeping records of their calls and text messages -- implying that if they decide to stay, they'll have ample evidence of the recruiting attempts by other schools.  And they won't be afraid to share the information. 

5.  That said, because of the uncertainty (and the tough year Plant had both on and off the field in 2019), it won't surprise me if a couple of players decide to go elsewhere.  It's happened before and it'll happen again.   And I suspect a new kid or two will show up in the locker room some time before the 2020 season starts, as well.  I don't foresee a mass exodus. Contrary to what some folks may want to believe, the overwhelming majority of players on the team over the past decade have been kids who grew up in the Plant district, went to the feeder middle schools or area private schools and who, if they didn't play football, would have attended Plant anyway.  However, depending on who the next coach is, I don't see kids transferring to Plant in hopes of becoming the next Plant QB under Weiner's tutelage. 

Here's my one certainty:  things will continue to be interesting over the next few months.




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If Plant players are upset:

1) They are teenagers, they will recover really quickly. They will continue to play football. The world is not ending.

2) They should be happy that their coach is getting an opportunity to go to college. The good ones should understand what he did with the Plant football program to make it one that people wanted to "transfer" to. 

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