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The 99 Worst HS Teams in Florida

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This is one list you don't want to make.  All have won 17 or fewer games over the past 5 seasons.  Interestingly, the highest proportion of such teams is in 8A.  And 12/20 8A teams are in south FL.  I heard some talk this past season about parity in 8A.  That may be true in the upper echelon of 8A.  But there is a huge disparity between the "rich" and the "poor" in that class.  

We have a high proportion of really good teams in FL.  But what some fail to recognize is that we have a relatively high proportion of really weak teams(at least by Florida standards).  We have some 1A schools that I am confident could put a running clock on some much larger schools on this list.

Some of these teams may simply be having a bad stretch.  But a number of these teams have deeply ingrained  "cultures of losing" that have developed over many years and that are going to be extremely difficult to get turned around.  Telling them to simply "try harder" is likely not going to be enough.  And with a number of newer schools slated to come on line in future years,  the number of struggling programs in Florida may increase.  ...especially if we put them in the larger classes without an opportunity to allow the program to get traction.


8A-20 teams

Ferguson 16-32 over 5 years

Dr Krop 16-34 over 5 years

Miami Beach 16-37 over 5 years 

Riverview  16-35 over 5 years 

Coral Reef  16-34 over 5 years

Lake Worth 14-35 over 5 years

Hialeah Gardens  14-35 over 5 years

Spanish River 14-37 over 5 years 

Freedom/Orlando 13-38 over 5 years 

University/Orlando 13-38 over 5 years

JI Leonard 13-40 over 5 years

Colonial 12-35 over 5 years

Haines City  11-37 over 5 years

South Plantation 11-40 over 5 years

Cypress Creek 11-41 over 5 years

Winter Springs 10-41 over 5 years

Evans 10-42 over 5 years

Coral Park 10-42 over 5 years

Varela 10-38 in 5 years

Jupiter 5-44 over 5 years


7A-15 teams 

Celebration 16-34 over 5 years

South Broward 15-34 over 5 years

Lakewood Ranch 15-31 over 5 years

West Port 15-33 over 5 years

Ely 14-33 over 5 years

Hollywood Hills 14-34 over 5 years

Creekside  12-40 over 5 years  12-40 over 5 years

Lake Howell 12-38 over 5 years

North Port 11-40 over 5 years

Seminole 10-39 over 5 years

Mourning 4-43 over 5 years

Strawberry Crest 4-46 over 5 years     

Windermere 2-17 over 2 years

Westland 1-49 over 5 years

Leto 1-47 over 5 years


6A-19 teams

Okeechobee 17-34 over 5 years

Island Coast 17-36 over 5 years

Englewood 16-39 over 5 years

Pasco 16-34 over 5 years

King 14-39 over 5 years

Estero 14-37 over 5 years 

Leesburg 14-36 over 5 years

Ida Baker 14-36 over 5 years

Middleburg 14-41 over 5 years

Hialeah Miami Lakes 12-35 over 5 years

Bayside(1998) 12-40 over 5 years

Fort Walton Beach 11-41 over 5 years

Seabreeze 11-43 over 5 years

East Lee County 10-38 over 5 years

Dixie Hollins 10-39 over 5 years

Pensacola Washington 10-40 over 5 years

Pine Ridge 9-40 over 5 years

Lake Region 8-42 over 5 years

Northeast 4-44 over 5 years


5A-18 teams

Stranahan 17-33 over 5 years

Lecanto 17-33 over 5 years

Gibbs 17-34 over 5 years

Westside 16-32 over 5 years

Anclote 16-33 over 5 years

Paxon 15-39 over 5 years

Southeast 15-35 over 5 years

Mariner 15-34 over 5 years 

Cypress Lake 15-33 over 5 years

Parker 14-41 over 5 years

Stanton 14-39 over 5 years

Fivay 14-35 over 5 years

Belleview 14-35 over 5 years

Brooksville Central 13-36 over 5 years

Weeki Wachee 12-38 over 5 years

Port St Lucie 12-34 over 5 years

Gulf 11-40 over 5 years

Dunedin 2-47 over 5 years


4A-12 teams

Mulberry 14-30 over 5 years

Tenoroc 13-36 over 5 years

Umatilla 13-37 over 5 years

Fernandina Beach 13-36 over 5 years

North Bay Haven Academy 12-34 over 5 years

Rutherford 11-38 over 5 years

Gateway Charter 11-41 over 5 years

Gadsden County 10-40 over 5 years

Interlachen 10-39 over 5 years

Jackson 8-39 over 5 years

Wolfson 5-44 over 5 years

Cypress Creek 3-17 over 5 years



St John Paul II 16-32 over 5 years


2A-7 teams

Cornerstone Charter 15-36 over 5 years

Warner Christian 13-38 over 5 years

Village Academy 12-38 over 5 years

Munroe 11-42 over 5 years

Merritt Island Christian 11-35 over 5 years

Marco Island Academy 11-34 over 5 years

North FL Ed 6-22 over 3 years



Bell 16-35 over 5 years

Franklin County 14-36 over 5 years

Bronson 7-41 over 5 years



Cocoa Beach 17-34 over 5 years

Coral Glades(2004) 13-36 over 5 years

Pembroke Pines Charter 9-40 over 5 years

Poinciana 6-44 over 5 years

International School of Broward 2-32 over 4 years


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This is just horrible

Pasco 16-34 over 5 years

This team was dominating their county and making Deep playoff runs then got hit with the Transfer Bug and could no longer field a competitive team. 

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4 minutes ago, OldSchoolLion said:

13 teams on the list above have played for a state title(s) in the past.

Dixie Hollins



Fort Walton Beach

Haines City

Hialeah Miami Lakes

Hollywood Hills 

Miami Beach




Warner Christian


Um... excuse me... 14 the Got damn Dunedin Falcons played for 2 count em 2 state titles.  Get that info right sir (granted it was 1986 and 1987 but STILLL) #DONTDISRESPECTTHEFALCONS!



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1 minute ago, peezy28 said:

Um... excuse me... 14 the Got damn Dunedin Falcons played for 2 count em 2 state titles.  Get that info right sir (granted it was 1986 and 1987 but STILLL) #DONTDISRESPECTTHEFALCONS!



Livin in the past LMAO:lol:

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