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Who / What Are The "Slaps"

Manatee Magic

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Manatee Magic, thank you for your response. If you hear anything, please let me know, preferably before the end of the month. Manatee is looking forward to having one of their best defensive lines in school history in 2023. Best defensive tackle in the nation (on paper,) in Tyreek Robinson. Aiden Clark and Tristan Titus both have at least one full season of varsity play at DE under their belt. Whoever plays next to Robinson is going to be new and have some learning to do, but I am sure that your coaching staff will get him ready. Tons of young talent returning from last season at every position. Manatee is going to be a force in 2023. Won't be surprised at all if you meet us in the regional finals. @Manatee Magic

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16 hours ago, DarterBlue2 said:

I am aware that you are a self absorbed, never wrong kind of individual. I stay away from such individuals as they are a vexation to the spirit.

Have a great weekend.

I cannot say that I am a never wrong. Very rarely am I ever wrong though. I would wish you a good weekend as well, but I know you have already had one since you got to talk with me. 

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