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50 Intriguing FL HS Bowl Matchups

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Are there any I should add to the list?  Hope you enjoy.

The Nolebull Elite Bowl-Sorry, but no teams were elite enough to qualify

The Jambun Have You Hugged a Referee Today Bowl-The two teams with the least amount of penalty yardage will play-TBD

The Who's Your Daddy Bowl-Dillard vs Miami Central

The ColumbiaFan Hater Bowl-Suwannee vs Gainesville 

The Fatal Attraction Bowl-Columbia vs IMG Academy

The Big Fish in a Small Pond Bowl-Madison County vs Any other 1A team

The Holy Spirit Bowl-Godby vs Trinity Catholic

The Wet Dreams Bowl-Tarpon Springs vs Weeki Wachee

The Identity Crisis Bowl-Riverview vs Riverview

The Hard as Oak Bowl-Oakleaf vs Oak Ridge

The Denial Bowl-DeSoto vs Deland

The Alternative Lifestyle Bowl-Key West vs Marathon

The Bipolar Bowl-Mourning vs Celebration

The Big Nuts Bowl-Palm Coast vs Coconut Creek

The Heimlich Maneuver Bowl-Deerfield Beach vs Vero Beach

The Names with Too Many Syllables Bowl-Choctawhatchee vs Wewahitchka

The Island Life Bowl-Merritt Island vs Fleming Island

The Blowhard Bowl-Seabreeze vs Gulf Breeze

The Don't Take Sides Bowl-Westside vs Eastside

The Battle of the Planets Bowl-Jupiter vs Neptune Beach Fletcher

The Space Cadet Bowl-Space Coast vs Astronaut

The President's Bowl - Lincoln vs Jefferson

The Fruit Salad Bowl - Mulberry vs Strawberry Crest

The Just Squeeze This Bowl-Lemon Bay vs Orange Park

The Any Port in a Storm Bowl-West Port vs North Port

The Tree Fell in a Forest Bowl-Pine Forest vs Ocala Forest

The Middle of the Pack Bowl-Middleton vs Middleburg

The FSU Wannabe Bowl-Seminole vs Osceola

The Pearly Gates Bowl-Gateway vs Golden Gate

The Beach Bums Bowl -Atlantic Coast vs Gulf Coast

The Peaceful Bowl-Niceville vs Lake Placid

The Battle of the Sisters Bowl-Kathleen vs Carol City

The Green Thumb Bowl-Plant vs Plant City

The Run for the Hills Bowl-Hollywood Hills vs Zephyrhills

The Muddy Waters Bowl-Clearwater vs Crystal River

The Gimme History for $200 Bowl-Columbus vs Lafayette

The Ride the Pine Bowl-Pine Forest vs Pine Ridge

The Wrong Side of Town Bowl-Northeast(St Pete) vs Northeast(Ft Lauderdale)

The Home on the Range Bowl-Lakewood Ranch vs Wiregrass Ranch

The Florida Frozen Tundra Bowl-Winter Springs vs Frostproof

The Big O Bowl-Oviedo vs Spoto

The Only Cheaters Recruit Bowl-Bolles vs St Thomas Aquinas

The Michael Jackson Memorial Bowl-Miami Jackson vs Jacksonville Jackson

The Nice Catholic Boys Bowl-Bishop Moore vs Bishop Verot

The Calling All Transfers Bowl-Chaminade-Madonna vs Lakeland

The Red Tide Bowl-Coral Reef vs Manatee

The Communist Party Values Bowl-Liberty vs Freedom

The Coaching Merry-Go-Round Bowl-Glades Central vs Pahokee

The Turn Your Head and Cough Bowl-Dr Phillips vs Dr Krop

The Does It Really Mater Bowl-Mater Academy vs Westland Hialeah

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10 hours ago, badbird said:

The Jambun Have You Hugged a Referee Today Bowl- Chiles vs Miramar


The Who's Your Daddy Bowl-Lee vs Columbia

How about the Badbird hold officials accountable by cursing them out, and chasing them to the cars in the parking lot Bowl.  Team TBA.

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13 hours ago, badbird said:

The Jambun Have You Hugged a Referee Today Bowl- Chiles vs Miramar


The Who's Your Daddy Bowl-Lee vs Columbia

We have actually beaten Lee within the last 2 seasons


There are far longer losing streaks like



The Who's Your Daddy Bowl

Columbia vs Suwannee



Since we know we beat them so much they had to go run away from us :lol:

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    • Proset is clearly an idiot with an ideological bias and should be ignored. You will gain nothing arguing with a fool!
    • Also, The Flu only kills about 35,000 people a year in the US. 2 years ago we had the highest total in 40 years and hit the 70,000 people keep using.  That is double the norm.   Broward superintendent came out right away after mandate and said starting 5 days a week isn't likely in Broward.  As for football, Broward just pushed back summer workouts again to the 20th.  That is likely to be moved as well.  If the FHSAA really pushes forward with the start of the season on time or even back 2 weeks don't be surprised if South Florida (outside of maybe large private schools) pulls out of FHSAA and does their own thing this year. It has been discussed.
    • Was a starter for the Seminoles. Won over 150 games as a head coach in FL. Appeared with 3 different teams in a state final, 2 as a head coach and 1 as an assistant coach. Took over as hc at one central FL team and led them to a state title in 7 years. Took over as hc at a north FL school that had previously won only 1 FHSAA playoff game and led them to a state title game in 3 years, narrowly missing the victory. Took over as hc at a north FL school that had never appeared in an FHSAA playoff game and led them to a state semifinal game in his first and third seasons, losing only one regular season game over those three years.  Ultimately became the AD and an asst coach for that school and won a state title.   Who is he? At what schools did he coach in state title games?
    • Your entire post is laughable. The reason why Covid is a big deal is because it is a new virus that is far stronger than the flu has ever been, and is killing more people in a shorter amount of time. We have a vaccine against the flu that has been around for decades and is proven to work against the most common strands. Florida as it stands right now is closing in on 4,000 deaths and 215,000 cases, which is a crisis and one that can’t be taken lightly. Also, we don’t shut down for the flu, because asymptomatic people don’t have the same capacity to spread the flu virus as we do with Covid-19. And cancer isn’t spread like viruses are, and generally affect the older population and those who expose themself to radiation. 
    • The body's natural immune system protects from and fights off viruses. There is no cure for any virus and there is only one vaccine and that is somewhat effective and its only for the common flu. It's supposedly 40% effective but nobody really knows. Vaccines are made up of Antibodies that help to boost your Immune System if it is compromised. Other than that a vaccine does not do much good. Every day that you're alive you are bombarded by millions of viruses which the immune system protects against. The fact that millions of people have had Covid-19 with no ill affect or only mild symptoms is proof that very few people die. Most that die have other severe medical problems wherein their immune systems are compromised. Antibiotics can only kill Bacteria. They are useless against viruses. Once again, the immune system is the only thing that protects against viruses. If you are healthy, exercise regularly, eat right, don't smoke, take drugs, or drink excessively, then your immune system will never allow a virus to affect you. I would say that HS football players fall into that category and the reason why people under 60 do not have much to worry about from Covid-19 or any virus.
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