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    Nulli Secundus

    Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    This may not have been Lakeland’s most vaunted team but they never gave up. The mountain was high but dammit not impossible to climb. Damn the naysayers, the hell with the critics. Always underestimated, never intimidated. DREADNAUGHT NATION!!!!!!!! L-TOWN, POLK COUNTY!!!!! Congratulations to the nationally ranked St Thomas Raiders on a great season.
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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Gotta love chains! I sent this to a die hard UCF fan last year after their loss to LSU. It shows how using the “chains” you can create a winning scenario and rarely lose an argument as long as both teams have at least one loss. This proves that using chains to find better teams, non scholarship Division 3 Alfred State Pioneers who won 1 game in 2018, could have beaten last year’s UCF squad. III Alfred St beat Anna Maria 30-28 III Anna Maria beat Castleton 31-24 III Castleton beat Fitchburg St 34-13 III Fitchburg St beat MA Dartmouth 32-29 III MA Dartmouth beat Plymouth St 21-16 III Plymouth St beat Framingham St 29-28 III Framingham St beat Endicott 34-13 III Endicott beat Hobart & Smith 27-24 III Hobart & Smith beat Shenandoah 56-48 III Shenandoah beat NC Wesleyan 59-21 III NC Wesleyan beat Thomas More 35-28 III Thomas More beat WI Platteville 35-28 III WI Platteville beat WI Stevens Pt 20-6 III WI Stevens Pt beat WI Oshkosh 27-21 III WI Oshkosh beat Lincoln MO 17-7 II Lincoln MO beat Lane 10-7 II Lane beat Miles 15-14 II Miles beat Albany GA 50-23 II Albany GA beat Catawba 35-21 II Catawba beat Tusculum 55-37 II Tusculum beat Carson-Newman 41-28 II Carson-Newman beat Wingate 31-14 II Wingate beat West Georgia 41-31 II West Georgia beat West Florida 27-7 II West Florida beat North Alabama 24-19 I - FCS North Alabama beat Jackson St 24-7 I - FCS Jackson St beat Florida A&M 18-16 I - FCS Florida A&M beat NC A&T 22-21 I - FCS NC A&T beat East Carolina 28-23 I - FBS East Carolina beat North Carolina 41-19 I - FBS North Carolina beat Pittsburgh 38-35 I - FBS Pittsburgh beat Virginia 23-13 I - FBS Virginia beat South Carolina 28-0 I - FBS South Carolina beat Missouri 37-35 I - FBS Missouri beat Florida 38-17 I - FBS Florida beat LSU 27-19 I - FBS LSU beat UCF 40-32
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    Cocoa cleaning up on the transfers. Looks like the new coach learned a thing or two from his time at STA
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    Gaither 0 vs Armwood 14

    Tough defensive battle yesterday night. Gaither held Armwood to 3 first downs in the 1st half. The only first half score came off a strip ball by the Armwood defense (late in the 2nd quarter). Score at half time was 7 - 0 Armwood. Armwood next score came late 3rd quarter. The Gaither defense stood strong, but in the end Armwood came out on top. It was a great Test for Gaither, Gaither boys demeanor was good, they are ready for the playoffs. First time in school history, Gaither ended the season 9-1, not bad.
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    60 straight with no titles like going on 6 dates with 6 different women, spending a ton of cash, and getting no action from any of them. Lmao!!!
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    The most hilarious part about you wasting your time to make up these points, none of them matter to the actual rules. UCF went undefeated and was ranked #1 by an NCAA Major Selector which makes them a National Champ for 2017.
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    Going to do my best to compile a list of available streams, both free and paid (NFHS), for each week of the season. There is nothing like sitting in the stands watching a high school football game. BUT, there is also nothing like a sitting on the couch, cold beer in hand, streaming 5-10 of the best games in the state NFL RedZone-style. If you know of any other streams, please let me know so that I can update the original post. Here is what I've got so far: NFHS (Plenty more--just highlighting some of the bigger games available) 1. (Wed., 7:00 PM) Belen-Columbus 2. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Vanguard-Gainesville 3. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Godby-Lincoln 4. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Miami Pace-Heritage (Plantation) YouTube 1. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Demarest-Windermere (https://youtu.be/XU765WcRyE4) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Heritage (Delray)-Vero (https://www.youtube.com/user/VBHSFootball) 3. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Lakeland-Manatee (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVjWtLdmHsdu4CT-8eL62w/videos) 4. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Palmetto-Pinellas Park (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIzhof_w_SRZuVP2lFtmMA/videos) The Identity TB 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Plant-Armwood (https://theidentitytb.com/) Space Coast Daily Facebook 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Rockledge-Ware County (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Viera-Cocoa (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) ESPN 1. (Fri., 9:30 PM, ESPNU) STA-De La Salle 2. (Sat., 12:00 PM, ESPN) Miami Central-St. Frances PAPrepLive 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Ridley-Cooper City (http://papreplive.com/football/event/32957/) News4Jax (Channel 4) 1. (Sat., 1:00 PM) Bartram Trail-Lee 2. (Sat., 3:00 PM) Atlantic Coast-Mandarin 3. (Sat., 7:00 PM) Bolles-University Christian
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    Willie must go...

    181, Me and some Gator boosters are raising funds to secure a "lifetime" contact for Willie at Fsu.
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    Time for some fun folks! What do you think of these intriguing matchups? Can you think of any more? Any name changes we should consider? The Bipolar Bowl-Mourning vs Celebration The Big Nuts Bowl-Palm Coast vs Coconut Creek The Heimlich Maneuver Bowl-Deerfield Beach vs Vero Beach The Battle of the Tweets-Venice vs Braden River The Names with Too Many Syllables Bowl-Choctawhatchee vs Wewahitchka The Island Life Bowl-Merritt Island vs Fleming Island The Blowhard Bowl-Seabreeze vs Gulf Breeze The Don't Take Sides Bowl-Westside vs Eastside The Battle of the Planets-Jupiter vs Neptune Beach Fletcher The Space Cadet Bowl-Space Coast vs Astronaut The President's Bowl - Lincoln vs Jefferson The Fruit Salad Bowl - Mulberry vs Strawberry Crest The Just Squeeze This Bowl-Lemon Bay vs Orange Park The Any Port in a Storm Bowl-West Port vs North Port The Tree Fell in a Forest Bowl-Pine Forest vs Ocala Forest The Middle of the Pack Bowl-Middleton vs Middleburg The FSU Wannabe Bowl-Seminole vs Osceola The Battle for the Pearly Gates-Gateway vs Golden Gate The Battle of the Beach Bums-Atlantic Coast vs Gulf Coast The Peaceful Bowl-Niceville vs Lake Placid The Battle of the Sisters Bowl-Kathleen vs Carol City The Green Thumb Bowl-Plant vs Plant City The Run for the Hills Bowl-Hollywood Hills vs Zephyrhills The Muddy Waters Bowl-Clearwater vs Crystal River The Gimme History for $200 Bowl-Columbus vs Lafayette The Ride the Pine Bowl-Pine Forest vs Pine Ridge The Wrong Side of Town Bowl-Northeast(St Pete) vs Northeast(Ft Lauderdale) The Home on the Range Bowl-Lakewood Ranch vs Wiregrass Ranch The Florida Frozen Tundra Bowl-Winter Springs vs Frostproof The Big O Bowl-Oviedo vs Spoto The Only Cheaters Recruit Bowl-Bolles vs St Thomas Aquinas The Michael Jackson Memorial Bowl-Miami Jackson vs Jacksonville Jackson The Nice Catholic Boys Bowl-Bishop Moore vs Bishop Verot The Peezy Nightmare Bowl-Dunedin vs IMG Academy The Calling All Transfers Bowl-Chaminade-Madonna vs Armwood The Red Tide Bowl-Tarpon Springs vs Manatee The Communist Party Values Bowl-Liberty vs Freedom The Coaching Merry-Go-Round Bowl-Glades Central vs Pahokee The Turn Your Head and Cough Bowl-Dr Phillips vs Dr Krop The Does It Really Mater Bowl-Mater Academy vs Westland Hialeah
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    Football reclassifications

    With Carol City in 4A MNW in 5A and Central in 6A... YOu might have 3 state champs... From the 305 which were previously in the same district... Chew on that.
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    Western vs Miami Palmetto in 8A looks like a good on paper.
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    State titles without a moment's hesitation
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    Hillsborough schools don't pick their schedule. We are currently the highest scoring team in the state of Florida and have had a half time running clock on 8 of our 9 opponents (averaging 43 first half points). Our defense is giving up 5.7 points per game, a good portion of that was on our 2's. 813 said previously our schedule was easy and we would get run over by Plant and Hillsborough. We didn't As to how we will stack up against Sarasota and Dr. Phillips we will see if we get there...Both are great programs and we would love to get the shot to prove ourselves. Our last experience with each of them: We went to Dr. Phillips in 2015 for our first playoff game and we had a halftime lead on them and were tied in the 4th before losing by 12, they lost in the 3rd round by 1 to state runner up Osceola. Sarasota beat us last year 14-7. We fumbled out of the end zone with 30 seconds left which would have tied the game... they went on to the final 4 We play who is on our schedule. Our team is bought in and playing great football. No clue how we will match up against whoever the playoffs bring us but we will be ready to go and excited for the battle. I do disagree with 813. a 12-1 team is a good team. Majority of playoff teams are good teams. Elite and good are different. Thanks for the respect perspective. You all may have a shot to sneak in for a Sarasota matchup. It is gonna be tight For now... our focus is on Chamberlain. Good luck to all teams this week.
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    I didn't forget. Some guy I know got the Panthers so hyped up he got me convinced they gonna put a running clock on em.
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    The Agenda Buster

    It is funny that Lakeland people are saying that they don't recruit when the entire "High School Free Agency" bill that was introduced by representatives of Polk County was because the FHSAA punished Lakeland for a couple of kids transferring for athletic reasons. And the fact that our state legislature hates public schools.
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    Sorry, you misunderstood my question. I wasn't asking about Trump's tweeting habits.
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    2019 Pick em Results

    I can bash who I want. They have a fake national championship. That doesn't mean I don't like them or don't think they deserved a shot. Go Knights
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    Rank, team, class-region, hypothetical spread Edgewater — (7A-R1) Cocoa — (4A-R2) +3 Jones — (5A-R2) +3 Seminole — (8A R1) +6 Winter Park — (8A-R1) +8 Rockledge — (5A-R3) +16 Osceola — (8A-R2) +16 Bishop Moore — (5A-R2) +16 Dr. Phillips — (8A-R2) +17 Mainland — (6A-R1) +17 Lake Mary — (8A-R1) +17 West Orange — (8A-R1) +20 Apopka — (8A-R1) +20 Viera — (7A-R2) +21 Wekiva — (7A-R1) +21 Oviedo — (8A-R1) +24 Spruce Creek — (8A-R1) +27 Ocoee — (8A-R1) +27 Olympia — (8A-R2) +28 Ranking includes Orange (9 teams), Seminole (3), Brevard (3), Volusia (2), Osceola (1), Sumter (0) & Lake (0) counties. ` ` The following games between the ranked teams (29 total) represent an average of 1.61 ranked regular season opponents per ranked team. There are also national opponents that have not been incoporated into this stat. Weeks 1, 5, 7 and 11 are the best weeks of the season prior to the playoffs. Week 1 DP @ Seminole - Pick: Seminole wins 35-20 Edgewater @ #Bishop Moore - Pick: Edgewater wins 35-17 #Olympia @ West Orange - Pick: West Orange wins 39-24 #Viera @ Cocoa - Pick: Cocoa wins 36-14 Winter Park @ Wekiva - Pick: Winter Park wins 24-13 Week 2 Seminole @ Lake Mary West Orange @ Wekiva Week 3 Jones @ Edgewater Osceola @ Cocoa West Orange @ DP Olympia @ Wekiva Week 4 Bishop Moore @ Jones Week 5 #3 Seminole @ Mainland #6 Rockledge @ Viera Winter Park @ Edgewater Apopka @ DP Week 6 Lake Mary @ West Orange Week 7 Mainland @ Cocoa Apopka @ Jones DP @ #Wekiva Lake Mary @ Oviedo Week 8 Winter Park @ Oviedo Olympia @ DP West Orange @ Apopka Week 10 Lake Mary @ Apopka Week 11 Cocoa @ Rockledge West Orange @ Jones Wekiva @ Apopka Oviedo @ Spruce Creek
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    MC Rockets

    Miami Central 2019 schedule

    Here is the schedule for MC in 2019. Dates, time and determination of home and away games at Traz Powell Stadium TBA. But this is the order of games. Pre-season Cedar Grove, Ga. @Traz Wk 1 St. Frances Academy, MD. @Traz Wk 2 Booker T Washington @Traz Wk 3 Carol City @Traz Wk 4 South Ridge @Traz Wk 5 Edison @Traz Wk 6 Belen @Traz Wk 7 Northwestern @Traz Wk 8 Norland @Traz Wk 9 South Miami @Tropical Wk 10 Chaminade @Chaminade
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    But na tho it’s litearlly been over 5 years I been on this thread and I just want to let all y’all know I appreciate y’all man. If you got Instagram or Facebook please don’t hesitate to follow and inbox me who you is lol. instagram: dam.debo.u.so.daddy (don’t judge lol) facebook dexter living testimony green. all in all tho I’m blessed to see 27!!
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    Spring games begin

    Tonight I went to watch Lake Nona at Timber Creek. As a North West Orange County guy, this was way over on the other side of town. But I had a suspicion it would be a good game and I was not disappointed. The score when I left with 2:40 remaining in the 4th was TC 16 Nona 14. I left because a decent crowd was there and I wanted to beat the traffic given I had an hours drive to get home. On offense Nona had three athletes 18, 4 and 9,who impressed me. 18 was their QB who has a good arm, maintains his composure well, and though not a dual threat, is able to evade defenders well buying a second or so to get rid of the ball. No 4 is a tall rangy receiver who reminds me size wise of Harding at West Orange last year. He lacks the athleticism of Hardin, but makes up for it with his ability to go up and get the ball and his safe hands and good route running. No 9 lined up mostly in the slot and made several good plays. He also played corner and performed well on the defensive side too. On offense TC displayed an undersized QB, no 5, Tanner who has a decent arm for his size and makes good decisions. I was somewhat disappointed with their line play but the offensive line is bound to improve under coach Z's capable hands. My sense is that both of these teams, though neither is a state contender at this stage, had solid chances of making the playoffs and could win a game or two in the post season. I thought LN utilized the game better in terms of giving more guys touches particularly in the second half. Despite the rather long trip, I don't regret making this game, and when Apopka has a soft opponent I could see myself going to watch either of these teams during the regular season.
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    Cocoa 2019 Schedule

    Cocoa posted their 2019 schedule on FB. Aug 16th KICKOFF CLASSIC Bayside Aug 23rd Viera Aug 30th Freedom Bowl @ Milton GA Sept 6th Osceola Sept 13th @ Sebastian River Sept 20th @ Heritage(Palm Bay) Sept 27th Glades Central Oct 4th Daytona Mainland Oct 11th Bye Week Oct 18th @ Venice Oct 25th Holy Trinity Nov 1st @ Rockledge BBQ Bowl
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    Venice’s complete 2019 football schedule- Week 1- IMG Academy Week 2- @Saint Petersburg Week 3- @Vero Beach Week 4- Clearwater International Week 5- Riverview Week 6 @Sarasota Week 7- St Frances (Maryland) Week 8- Lakewood Ranch Week 9- Cocoa Week 10- Manatee If we get revenge on IMG and Vero this year we will have our revenge tour in 2019, lol. Any thoughts on this? And for you people that need a source, https://mobile.twitter.com/john_p34?lang=en
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    Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    Great job lakeland Made 7a proud and gave the north some credibility
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    Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    Pulled for Lakeland to beat STA. Some amazing plays, and that 99 yard run touchdown. What a game!
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    3 private school recruiting factories. Give yourself a big pat on the back.
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    Apopka Coach on the Move?

    Any true fan of Apopka football is appreciative of what he has done with the program. Before RD, Apopka was a difficult Central Florida team to play. He upped the ante and made the program a state threat. Should Mr. Darlington depart, I wish him success in Alabama. He certainly gave me many memorable moments while he has coached the Blue Darters.
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    I think Lakeland, STA, Dillard, Lakewood, and Blountstown are virtual locks to advance. I don't think I'd be surprised if any of the other undefeated teams fell though.
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    Yeah blountstown and Baker don’t have a shot Wonder if the 1A teams start crying about Madison county the way they used to about NFC and UC. They will add a 0A class. Lol
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    NORTH FL Raines @ Bartram Trail Crestview @ Madison County N Marion @ Columbia CENTRAL FL IMG @ Hoover Trinity Catholic @ Dunnellon Wekiva @ Apopka Armwood @ Gaither Winter Haven @ Lake Gibson Cocoa @ Rockledge Viera @ Vero Beach SOUTH FL PB Lakes @ PB Gardens Columbus @ Atlantic STA @ Western Plantation @ Douglas AH Delray @ Gulliver S Dade @ Hialeah
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    How you forget about the biggest game possibly in the state happening next Saturday the most heated & hated rival ..the mini classics (7-2) ely vs (9-0) Dillard
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    12 Interesting Games This Week

    University School threw multiple interceptions early in the game, 2 in the first half, 1 in the second half on drives they were moving the ball. Bishop Verot was up 6-0 at halftime. In the second half, the Uschool passing game finally got on track and provided separation. Uschool won the second half 21-7. I admit that we got this one wrong. Bishop Verot appears ready to be a force in their region with their athletes. There are some good video highlights and commentary of the game on the Ft. Myers TV station. I don't have a link but watched it yesterday. This might end up being a bigger win for Uschool than first thought.
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    IMG @ St. Frances Academy

    Well I worked for IMG for 2 years and won't say I hated it but it wasn't my favorite job either. They spend a ton of money and cut corners and go cheap on many things. Like most corporations their pay scales are wildly different. Those at the top make lots, those at the bottom not as much. Teacher pay isn't all that. And IMO the education given isn't all that either. But the sports facilities are first rate and it really is a school for sports and not academics. There are far better prep/boarding schools for studies. The food facilities are adequate but not great. They just finished a hotel on property which was very much a big ticket item as was the new dorm and swimming park. Should see some of the cars these kids drive... But I found their football games to be dull, no pizazz, a band and cheerleaders brought in from local kids, no real student interaction. Few actually attend. Seemed like an event for a select few to see and be seen and congratulate themselves...if you know what I mean. More like a Jr. College game. I will say this, the fact that they or a key manager were involved in the SAT scandal did not leave me shocked. Right across the street is Bayshore High School and I would rather attend one of their games. They may be elite but the lipstick on a pig comes to my mind whenI think of my time there. Very expensive lipstick and prime pork of course.
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    RPI is a joke

    I actually liked it when we had champ, runner up and wildcards. Cut to 12 districts instead of 16 and that increases the teams in each district and allows 2 extra in each region to make it in case you are in a district of death. Then you can seed by some point system. We are using some bull shit formula to see who gets in. We might as well just roll a dice or flip a coin.
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    Pick em (badbird woes)

    The UCF National Championship claim upset a lot of the privileged elite in college football, but it also put them on notice and exposed the Power 5 Cartel for what their national championship is; an invitational limited only to Power 5 teams. Here we are two years later and UCF bitch-slapped another Power 5 team this past weekend.
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    To everyone on here... thank you for your support over the years! With that said... I have entered into an agreement with Fox Sports Florida this season for a brand new TV show called "UNDER THE LIGHTS: FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FINAL!" This is going to be a huge show, that airs every Monday night at 6:00 PM Top games, highlights, and the newest Top 25 rankings will all be a part of a show. Check out the tweets below to learn more!
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    Thanks all... especially to Jambun who we have had our differences although i think he gets it now I'm just a joker and like to push buttons... I mean no harm
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    Sorry guys I just saw an opportunity to boost my post numbers with no real insight. Someone has to do it since ColumbiaFan left.
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    Coaches on transfers in PBC

    I honestly believe that you're looking at this through rose-colored glasses. Here's a quick summary of what took place. The bill that ultimately passed the legislature was sponsored by Kelli Stargel, a State Senator from Lakeland (who currently sits on the FHSAA Public Liaison Advisory Committee). The legislation was introduced a year or two after the FHSAA ruled ineligible five football players who transferred to Lakeland. Those sponsoring the legislation dressed it all up in academic clothing ('let the math prodigy go to whatever school is best for him; let the clarinet player choose whatever school she thinks is best for her'), but don't let this fool you. This was all about athletics. The folks in Polk County had an ax to grind and Stargell became their lumberjack. This was a power play, clear and simple, to take away some of the control that the FHSAA had, especially with regard to transfers. And, for obvious reasons, the folks in Lakeland have been happy with the results. If you would prefer a lengthier, perhaps more objective, discussion of the issue, click on this link: https://news.wfsu.org/post/florida-high-school-athletic-association-cries-foul-over-bills-limiting-its-power Bottom line, think what you will about the FHSAA, but on the issue of transfers, their hands got tied by the state legislature a few years ago. Note the foreshadowing quote from the 2013 article about why the FHSAA opposed the legislation: the FHSAA claimed the new law could "pave the way for unfairness on the field and reduced quality of tournaments." Roger Dearing and the folks at the FHSAA knew what would happen if they didn't have the ability to police transfers . . . and this is exactly what we're now seeing.
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    I beg to differ...Miami Central has beaten MNW CC BTW Columbus Cypress Bay STA Cardinal Gibbons U School Chaminade Dillard Hallandale Mainland Naples Armwood Cocoa Gainesville Palm Bay Dallas Madison Prattville Elder, Ohio Don Bosco Hoover Bishop Gorman Stephenson Ohhhh...And they beat AHP too!
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    Madison though is playing 4 dimensional chess while the rest of us are playing checkers. The use of the charter school to siphon enough students away to lower their population numbers is darn near criminal in my opinion. If Madison played in the classification that their numbers are this wouldn't be an issue. As for Pahokee, they are who we thought they are. They couldn't even beat Hawthorne last year. Imagine if every school could do this. Take every kid who could care so little about sports, band, cheerleading and put them in their own school and your population numbers is only kids who want to play sports, cheer, dance, do band, or just come to games. All of a sudden, we might get very different classifications.
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    2019 Trinity Christian schedule

    for some odd reason this video reminds me of 3A
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    This is going to be a great game right here folks... Week 5 -- September 20 in Valdosta
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    2019 out of state games

    Florida teams confirmed for the Atlanta Freedom Bowl Cocoa Winter Park Western Clearwater Central Catholic Mainland
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    Missing from the list is Victory Christian (2A Lakeland) ** been to last 6 state semi-finals (lost finals in '13 & won in '14); only other team in Florida to be in last 6 semi's is Cocoa.
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    Class 3A- The End!

    The 2018 Florida High School Football has come to an end this past weekend and with it we've crowned a repeat champion. Congrats are in order for Chaminade-Madonna for not only playing the most difficult schedule in the classification but for one of the most dominant post-season runs for all classifications. For the second year in a row the Lions only gave up 3 points in the south end of the 3A bracket and only gave up 13 points total in all of the 3A playoffs. While the trophy and the accolades go to the Lions there was actually some really good football played in the classification as a whole. Here is my final Class 3A rankings now that the finals are behind us: 1) Hollywood Chaminade Madonna (11-2): The Lions repeat as champions thanks in part to a very strong senior class. 9 of the 11 starters in the secondary hold multiple power 5 offers and the offense continued its relentless assault in the state championship game putting up 38 points. By the time national signing day rolls around the Lions could have as many as 20 of their 23 seniors sign to play college football somewhere in the country, even if it's not at the power 5 level. Looking into 2019, the Lions are once again stocked with talent: DB/WR Dedrick Stanley II, RB Thadius Franklin, WR/DB Ronny Boudreu, WR Jordan Cash, OL/DL Willie Moise, OL/DL Joseph Habinowski, WR/S Elijah Cannon, WR/DBJosh Jenkins, DE Jamal Johnson all hold power 5 offers or are committed to a power 5 school. 2) Clearwater Central Catholic (12-1): For the 2nd year in a row the Marauders only loss came to Chaminade-Madonna. Outside of the two losses to the Lions, the Marauders have taken their program to the next level to the tune of a 44-5 record since 2015. While the Marauders graduate QB Rory Hicks, WR JerJuan Newton WR Brett Seither, DT Kennedy Roberts the Marauders are probably in the best position of any 3A team going into 2019 due to the amount of depth they are returning including their entire offensive line and 8 out of 11 on defense. CCC also returns numerous college prospects highlighted by RB/DT Jerzhan Newton, WR/DB/RB Makkah Jordan, LB/RB Melvin Jordan, WR/CB Giacarlo Margareho, WR/CB Brandon Kennedy, OL/DL Kayson Romalle, Ol/DL Isaiah Edwards and LB Harrison Thomas. 3) West Palm Beach King's Academy (11-2): The Lions of King's Academy were a trendy top 5 pick early in the season, but after an exciting regular season and a tremendous playoff run they are a top 3 team in 3A to me. The Lions deserve credit for being the only team in 3A score a TD on Chaminade's defense and are a very well coached team. Expect to see quite a few of the Lions players on the all-state team including Qb Justin Wake. Looking into the future, King's could make another run in 2019. While they lose some big time seniors, they have some strong leadership coming back with Issac Scroggins, Presley Almond, Jayvon Wynn and a few stout linemen also returning. 4) American Heritage Delray (9-4): The Stallions return to powerhouse status is well on its way thanks in part to a strong 2018 campaign. The Stallions had some big time wins early in the year against Belen Jesuit, Monsignor Pace and Pensacola Catholic. The losses to University School and Glades Central were expected, but the loss to Bishop Verot still confuses me. The Stallions will be hit hard due to graduation going into 2019 particularly with the graduation of DE Mike Morris, Dallis Small and a few others; however, the Stallions return a fair bit as well going into 2019 including QB Zach Bohannon, Jamal Potts and Hayden Griers. 5) Florida High School (8-4): The Seminoles were the early season favorite to get to Orlando and came within 2 points of achieving that goal. The Seminoles were one of the teams impacted by hurricane Michael midway through the season, but despite coming up short the season was still capped with a second consecutive regional championship. The Seminoles should be good going into 2019. Like most other 3A programs, they lose a fair amount to graduation but have enough to be a playoff worthy team going into 2019 behind Willie Taggart Jr and a host of other talented play makers. If I were rounding out a top 10, this is how it would look: 6) Tampa Berkeley Prep- Regional Final run for the Bucs. Josh Youngblood lived up to the hype. Good team coming back in 2019. 7) Orlando First Academy- Regional Final run coming up short 1 point. Strong season for the Royals. 8) Pensacola Catholic- All eyes will be on the Crusaders who, if they stay in 3A, will be a top 5 team in many individuals eyes. 9) Baldwin- Excellent season for the Indians. Likely moving to 1A. 10) Tampa Catholic- Crusaders bring a lot back in 2019. Will they be 3A or 4A? --------------- With the season done questions have already risen about 2019. The truth is I cannot project 2019 since we do not even know who will be and will not be in class 3A next year. I will respond to a few questions I've received though 1) Will Jacksonville Trinity Christian return to 3A? JaxTCA won 4 championships in a row in 3A before moving to 5A. JaxTCA moved to 5A since they could not fill a 10 game schedule in 3A without significant travel. In 5A they are placed in a district which automatically gave them 5 games. JaxTCA may not have won a state championship in 5A (yet), but they've consistently been a top ranked program in 5A. JaxTCA could return to 3A, but they will run into the same problem they had 2 years ago. Who will play them to fill a 10 game schedule. My guess? They remain in 5A got now. 2) Will Chaminade move to 4A or 5A? Chaminade-Madonna has now been to 3 consecutive state championships and won 2 in a row. Many, many individuals are calling for them to move to 4A to face more competition. In reality, I see them remaining in 3A. Unlike Jacksonville Trinity who moved up due to not being able to fill a 10 game schedule- Chaminade can fill a 10 game schedule and remain in 3A if they choose, but their schedule will be ugly. It would probably end up being a schedule that looks like Miami Central, AH-P, Deerfield, Booker T, Miramar, Columbus and other powerhouses. Chaminade is graduating 23 seniors off of a 44 player varsity roster. Depending on who you believe, everybody in Miami is pounding the doors down to transfer to Chaminade. Just spending 5 minutes on twitter and the rumor mill is going crazy. My guess? Chaminade remains in 3A. There's no value in them moving to 4A since it doesn't solve the scheduling issue, thus they would need to move to 5A for some relief. I do not think the 2019 version of Chaminade, even with transfers and what they have returning, would be a great 5A team, they would just be another team in the mix. The reality though is that AH-D, the only team capable of competing with Chaminade in region 4-3A is likely to be in 4A next year thus Chaminade would not face any resistance what-so-ever until the state semi finals. 3) Who will and will not remain in 3A? No clue! We have no idea where the new cutoffs will be and we won't know until 12/21. My guesses? Baldwin, Taylor County, Ft. White move to 1A and a few of the lesser successful private schools in region 4 elect to go independent. Pensacola Catholic might be forced to move to 5A if that happens because their closest 3A region team would be Florida High in Tallahassee. Tampa Catholic and American Heritage are 4A schools based on the current cutoffs and I'm thinking will be 4A schools in 2019/2020, but if all the public schools go to 1A as reported by BigBendPreps the FHSAA will need to drastically alter the cutoffs for 3A due to lack of teams. The current cutoff is 291-680. I do NOT have the student population reports for 2018, but my best guesstimate would be cutoffs of 330-745ish as the cutoffs for 2019/2020. That would likely keep Tampa Catholic in 3A as the biggest 3A team, but American Heritage in 4A. I'll post on this thread again when tentative classifications are released!
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    8 teams is a nice start. It would also make for some better match-ups prior to the New Year. Other college championships have many more qualifiers.....starting in early December, 16 schools seems about right.
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    I liked to be challenged a few times a year but if you have a great team you can get just as much challenge in practice. If you are really good you get more out of practices constructed to compete than games.