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    Well, an improbable season ended in disappointment last night, as Apopka was done in by: 1. Friday 13 (not really); 2. An average kicking game; 3. A gutsy decision by Columbus to go for two instead of taking the PAT and overtime. While it hurts to lose a game when your opponent's only lead comes with 8.2 seconds left on the clock, putting things into perspective, Apopka had a great season. After losing its best offensive weapon (Davis-Hamilton) early in the 2018 season, the Darter's looked forward to his return for his senior season. But it was not to be as he aggravated his injury in a non-football related accident in the spring (it is really a pity as this kid had a fine college career and perhaps pro, ahead of him). Going into the spring game, the offense was really bad without him, and in four quarters of football the team managed only 2 points on a safety. With the above as the backdrop, I was not expecting much from Apopka this year. And, for the first seven games of the regular season, despite the defense playing stellar football, it seemed likely that Apopka was headed for a first or second round exit in the playoffs as more injuries to offensive players (both skill and linemen) plagued the team. Well, in the second to last game of the regular season against Lake Mary for the district title, a turnaround could be sensed as Apopka won what was expected to be a tight game easily. The turnaround was due to two main factors: 1. Some of the injured players returning to health and the team; 2. Some shifts by the coaching staff moving guys from defense to offensive and finding some diamonds in the rough on the bench. In the end it was not enough for a fourth state title. Still, in perspective, it was a good season for the Darters. Congrats to Columbus on pulling out the win. The two teams were fairly evenly matched, but very different in their strengths and weakness. I feel there will be other Columbus/Apopka finals in the future and I look forward to the chance for redemption.
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    State of Florida Football

    So is your mom but we don’t talk bad about her. Maybe Baker and Blountstown are what 1A teams should be and Madison should be 3A or 4A
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    Good coach, great man

    State lost a fine coach to retirement today. Bill Kramer retired after 22 years as head coach at Naples High. Won a title in '01 (first in SW Florida) & '07, at a school that had two winning sessions in the previous 16 years. Sent lots of kids into better lives, many of which were able to play football at another level, with a few in the league still today. Put Christ first, and was humble enough to see his flaws. Great family man, who has been a tremendous mentor to many a coach.
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    Last night the Edgewater Eagles gave their all on the field and came up just short of beating nationally ranked, recruiting mill, St. Thomas Aquinas. Up in Georgia, Marietta upset that other Valdosta team to win their state title, too. As he has disparaged other teams on this board, including, among others Miami Northwestern, NB has spent late summer and fall doing the same to Edgewater, insisting they were, in his words: "Fool's Gold." What I would like to see him do, given the fact that Edgewater all but won last night's game, is justify his position on Edgewater. IF he were a real man, he would fess up and admit he was wrong. But I doubt he is, so he will once again move the goal post and somehow insist that their performance against a team supposedly in contention for a mythical National Championship, does not qualify them as a good team. @nolebull813I await with bated breath your response to last night. I will add that crickets on your part will tell me as much as I need to know about you, as would you spinning some ridiculous justification for continuing to argue Edgewater is no good. I could go on, but you are not worth the time.
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    State Championships in Daytona

    Went there years ago. No problem until this year. I have a close friend who is an Army Vet and served our country in Viet Nam. He is wheelchair bound. There were no accommodation's for him to see the games. None! That issue needs to be addressed for next year.
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    Lakeland, Vero and Dillard......

    Need to schedule tougher!!!!! They are playing seasoned teams who seen it all. Them cupcakes get you fat and out of shape!!!!!
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    MC Rockets


    Well...I guess since "Nobody" else will post the score like they "normally" do. I will...28-0 Central. We got a "CODE BLUE!"
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    As a Dr. Phillips football alum, I was hoping for a chance to make the trip back to Dr. Phillips so my kiddos could see where their pops played (now that they are a little older) and have a chance to coach against some of my former teammates and buddies. Instead, we will have our first meeting as a program with Osceola. The 1 memory that has been etched in my mind since 1999 about Osceola... This may be a little dramatized but this is how I remember it. In 1999 we at Dr. Phillips had a massive match up with defending 5a state champ Osceola and their superstar running back Willie Green. We knew he was a stud but figured we have seen similar backs in Alex Haynes from Evans. Fast forward to my first series against them. I great read on a screen to than running back and state record holder Willie Green. I came up full speed knowing that I was going to knock him silly... between my speed and strength and a perfect read on the play, I was primed for a highlight hit on the states best back. As he turned and saw me coming, he yelled "RED LIGHT"...time stopped. Willie's eyes got big and as I stood there frozen. He looked me deep in the eyes and said "please don't do this to yourself man." I felt bad but was wondering why he misspoke and said "to yourself" because I was about to lay him out. Willie looked at me and said, I am sorry. I was confused. I noticed him smile... he snapped his fingers and said GREEN LIGHT. I stood there confused but decided not to take his advice and went in shoulder first against the states leading running back. As I soared backwards through the air, I noticed how wonderful air was and how lucky we are to have it. As I hit the Earth, I couldn't help but notice Willie had a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of his cleats. As I tried to stop him and let him know, he seemed to really not like the idea of gum on his shoe because he used my stomach to try to get the gum off his shoe. I did not realize he and I were making a trade...he gave me his gum and in return took every ounce of air I thought I owned. I searched the ground for any air I could find as I watched the man they called "Smoke" zoom to the end zone for a touchdown. After the game he was very humble and apologized and asked me if I was able to find some air anywhere. I did. I am reminded of him and Osceola every time I look at my forever mark on the side of my stomach. This Friday I'd like to replace that memory with Steinbrenner's First Regional Title. GO WARRIORS!
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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Gotta love chains! I sent this to a die hard UCF fan last year after their loss to LSU. It shows how using the “chains” you can create a winning scenario and rarely lose an argument as long as both teams have at least one loss. This proves that using chains to find better teams, non scholarship Division 3 Alfred State Pioneers who won 1 game in 2018, could have beaten last year’s UCF squad. III Alfred St beat Anna Maria 30-28 III Anna Maria beat Castleton 31-24 III Castleton beat Fitchburg St 34-13 III Fitchburg St beat MA Dartmouth 32-29 III MA Dartmouth beat Plymouth St 21-16 III Plymouth St beat Framingham St 29-28 III Framingham St beat Endicott 34-13 III Endicott beat Hobart & Smith 27-24 III Hobart & Smith beat Shenandoah 56-48 III Shenandoah beat NC Wesleyan 59-21 III NC Wesleyan beat Thomas More 35-28 III Thomas More beat WI Platteville 35-28 III WI Platteville beat WI Stevens Pt 20-6 III WI Stevens Pt beat WI Oshkosh 27-21 III WI Oshkosh beat Lincoln MO 17-7 II Lincoln MO beat Lane 10-7 II Lane beat Miles 15-14 II Miles beat Albany GA 50-23 II Albany GA beat Catawba 35-21 II Catawba beat Tusculum 55-37 II Tusculum beat Carson-Newman 41-28 II Carson-Newman beat Wingate 31-14 II Wingate beat West Georgia 41-31 II West Georgia beat West Florida 27-7 II West Florida beat North Alabama 24-19 I - FCS North Alabama beat Jackson St 24-7 I - FCS Jackson St beat Florida A&M 18-16 I - FCS Florida A&M beat NC A&T 22-21 I - FCS NC A&T beat East Carolina 28-23 I - FBS East Carolina beat North Carolina 41-19 I - FBS North Carolina beat Pittsburgh 38-35 I - FBS Pittsburgh beat Virginia 23-13 I - FBS Virginia beat South Carolina 28-0 I - FBS South Carolina beat Missouri 37-35 I - FBS Missouri beat Florida 38-17 I - FBS Florida beat LSU 27-19 I - FBS LSU beat UCF 40-32
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    Cocoa cleaning up on the transfers. Looks like the new coach learned a thing or two from his time at STA
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    Dan in Daytona


    1st down, that should do it. Hats off to Bolles, but with what BTW accomplished: losing the head coach in late August, new head coach is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and a defensive coach suffers a stroke and these kids still win another championship... Damn, what heart and determination. Booker T Washington 25 Jax Bolles 21.
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    Safety first, says DarterBlue. After a long day, He'd rather face the hazards of driving in Florida versus the wrath of the wife. I understand completely. Safety First!!!
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    Zoe Boy


    That man said he was home watching st pope or whatever that Maryland team name is mopping Central and said god was talking to him? Lmao!!!!!
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    Are you really gonna brag about beating up the little 1A schools everybody knows how Madison County gets around the number of kids in the school.
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    Gaither 0 vs Armwood 14

    Tough defensive battle yesterday night. Gaither held Armwood to 3 first downs in the 1st half. The only first half score came off a strip ball by the Armwood defense (late in the 2nd quarter). Score at half time was 7 - 0 Armwood. Armwood next score came late 3rd quarter. The Gaither defense stood strong, but in the end Armwood came out on top. It was a great Test for Gaither, Gaither boys demeanor was good, they are ready for the playoffs. First time in school history, Gaither ended the season 9-1, not bad.
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    60 straight with no titles like going on 6 dates with 6 different women, spending a ton of cash, and getting no action from any of them. Lmao!!!
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    The most hilarious part about you wasting your time to make up these points, none of them matter to the actual rules. UCF went undefeated and was ranked #1 by an NCAA Major Selector which makes them a National Champ for 2017.
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    Going to do my best to compile a list of available streams, both free and paid (NFHS), for each week of the season. There is nothing like sitting in the stands watching a high school football game. BUT, there is also nothing like a sitting on the couch, cold beer in hand, streaming 5-10 of the best games in the state NFL RedZone-style. If you know of any other streams, please let me know so that I can update the original post. Here is what I've got so far: NFHS (Plenty more--just highlighting some of the bigger games available) 1. (Wed., 7:00 PM) Belen-Columbus 2. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Vanguard-Gainesville 3. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Godby-Lincoln 4. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Miami Pace-Heritage (Plantation) YouTube 1. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Demarest-Windermere (https://youtu.be/XU765WcRyE4) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Heritage (Delray)-Vero (https://www.youtube.com/user/VBHSFootball) 3. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Lakeland-Manatee (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVjWtLdmHsdu4CT-8eL62w/videos) 4. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Palmetto-Pinellas Park (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIzhof_w_SRZuVP2lFtmMA/videos) The Identity TB 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Plant-Armwood (https://theidentitytb.com/) Space Coast Daily Facebook 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Rockledge-Ware County (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Viera-Cocoa (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) ESPN 1. (Fri., 9:30 PM, ESPNU) STA-De La Salle 2. (Sat., 12:00 PM, ESPN) Miami Central-St. Frances PAPrepLive 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Ridley-Cooper City (http://papreplive.com/football/event/32957/) News4Jax (Channel 4) 1. (Sat., 1:00 PM) Bartram Trail-Lee 2. (Sat., 3:00 PM) Atlantic Coast-Mandarin 3. (Sat., 7:00 PM) Bolles-University Christian
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    One paper reported the incident happened at 4AM. “He was a little stressed having the weight of the world on his shoulders by going [to a Division I school], and having to leave his two younger brothers and his family in an unstable environment,” Thomas Gowdy said. It's an all-too-common theme. The promise of an NFL career...many of these kids need help/support now. Regardless of the circumstances of his death, this young man was dealing with a rough time in life that some of us can remember. The media speaks of a scholarship like it is winning the lottery. It is only the beginning of a very rough journey, and what we don't hear about is how many kids don't make it in college. It's a good time to remember that each of us can make a huge difference in the lives of young men, if we choose. God bless this child.
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    Edgewater 23 vs STA 28 Final

    Edgewater is NOT fool's gold, and there are NOT some "average" football team. Those players and coaches fought their hearts and souls in that game tonight. They finished second in the state in 7A, and anyone who cannot understand or appreciate that can find something else to do, because that program took it to Aquinas most of the night. That is what high school football is all about.
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    Zoe Boy

    8A: Apopka 20 v Columbus 21 FINAL

    Welp we didn’t ask you to lmao.. but your right they finally got one..
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    Are there any I should add to the list? Hope you enjoy. The Nolebull Elite Bowl-Sorry, but no teams were elite enough to qualify The Jambun Have You Hugged a Referee Today Bowl-The two teams with the least amount of penalty yardage will play-TBD The Who's Your Daddy Bowl-Dillard vs Miami Central The ColumbiaFan Hater Bowl-Suwannee vs Gainesville The Fatal Attraction Bowl-Columbia vs IMG Academy The Big Fish in a Small Pond Bowl-Madison County vs Any other 1A team The Holy Spirit Bowl-Godby vs Trinity Catholic The Wet Dreams Bowl-Tarpon Springs vs Weeki Wachee The Identity Crisis Bowl-Riverview vs Riverview The Hard as Oak Bowl-Oakleaf vs Oak Ridge The Denial Bowl-DeSoto vs Deland The Alternative Lifestyle Bowl-Key West vs Marathon The Bipolar Bowl-Mourning vs Celebration The Big Nuts Bowl-Palm Coast vs Coconut Creek The Heimlich Maneuver Bowl-Deerfield Beach vs Vero Beach The Names with Too Many Syllables Bowl-Choctawhatchee vs Wewahitchka The Island Life Bowl-Merritt Island vs Fleming Island The Blowhard Bowl-Seabreeze vs Gulf Breeze The Don't Take Sides Bowl-Westside vs Eastside The Battle of the Planets Bowl-Jupiter vs Neptune Beach Fletcher The Space Cadet Bowl-Space Coast vs Astronaut The President's Bowl - Lincoln vs Jefferson The Fruit Salad Bowl - Mulberry vs Strawberry Crest The Just Squeeze This Bowl-Lemon Bay vs Orange Park The Any Port in a Storm Bowl-West Port vs North Port The Tree Fell in a Forest Bowl-Pine Forest vs Ocala Forest The Middle of the Pack Bowl-Middleton vs Middleburg The FSU Wannabe Bowl-Seminole vs Osceola The Pearly Gates Bowl-Gateway vs Golden Gate The Beach Bums Bowl -Atlantic Coast vs Gulf Coast The Peaceful Bowl-Niceville vs Lake Placid The Battle of the Sisters Bowl-Kathleen vs Carol City The Green Thumb Bowl-Plant vs Plant City The Run for the Hills Bowl-Hollywood Hills vs Zephyrhills The Muddy Waters Bowl-Clearwater vs Crystal River The Gimme History for $200 Bowl-Columbus vs Lafayette The Ride the Pine Bowl-Pine Forest vs Pine Ridge The Wrong Side of Town Bowl-Northeast(St Pete) vs Northeast(Ft Lauderdale) The Home on the Range Bowl-Lakewood Ranch vs Wiregrass Ranch The Florida Frozen Tundra Bowl-Winter Springs vs Frostproof The Big O Bowl-Oviedo vs Spoto The Only Cheaters Recruit Bowl-Bolles vs St Thomas Aquinas The Michael Jackson Memorial Bowl-Miami Jackson vs Jacksonville Jackson The Nice Catholic Boys Bowl-Bishop Moore vs Bishop Verot The Calling All Transfers Bowl-Chaminade-Madonna vs Lakeland The Red Tide Bowl-Coral Reef vs Manatee The Communist Party Values Bowl-Liberty vs Freedom The Coaching Merry-Go-Round Bowl-Glades Central vs Pahokee The Turn Your Head and Cough Bowl-Dr Phillips vs Dr Krop The Does It Really Mater Bowl-Mater Academy vs Westland Hialeah
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    Steinbrenner Warriors

    Steinbrenner at Apopka

    A big congratulations to Apopka. Wonderful venue and great hosts. Much love to all and good luck in the Championship. We gave you all we had but unfortunately we didn't have our best night when we needed it. Obviously it didn't end how we had hoped but we very proud of our young men and their relentless effort and dedication this year. Academic State Champions for 8a for the 3rd year in a row and a state semifinalist run. Outstanding student-athletes. Love to our wonderful senior group who left the program better than they found it and for setting a new bar for our young guys to claw for
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    Columbus recovers. Ball game! 28-21
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    Apopka at Seminole

    Seminole started fast and moved the ball downfield easily on its first possession. Then a forced fumble at around the Apopka 15 was taken back 69 yards to the Seminole 16. Two encroachments by Seminole and Apopka was first and goal at the 6. One play later it was Apopka 7-0. For the rest of the first half, Seminole had most of the possession. But interestingly it was Apopka that came closest to scoring again inside the final minute of the second quarter when Williams seemed to have the ball in the end zone, but after he rolled over on the diving catch, the ball ended on the turf. Apopka coughed up the ball on its next play and Seminole took a knee to end the half. Apopka took the Seminole kickoff down to the Seminole 26 to begin the second half and proceeded to score on the short field from there. Apopka's defense stiffened in the second half and (was it late in the third or at the beginning of the fourth, I don't remember?) stopped Seminole at its own 41 on fourth down. On the first play from there, the ball was inside the Seminole 25 and a few plays later it was Apopka 20 Seminole 0. To me this was probably Apopka's best game of the year as they were up against a very, very good QB and an athletic team that was every inch as good as APK in that regard. After Seminole had the better of the first half from a yards and time perspective, Apopka's defense stiffened in the second half and held them in check. If Apopka can maintain this level of play for two more games, they have a real shot at the 8A title. Notable was the fact that Apopka cut down on the penalties in this game. Also notable was the fact that Seminole actually was able to run the ball with some success against Apopka. This is the first team to do so since Jones did for one quarter.
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    Zoe Boy


    the shade lol
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    MC Rockets


    Just when you thought it was safe....35-0 Central...RUNNING CLOCK!
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    LETSSSSSS GOOOOOOOO!!!!! LETSSS FU**** GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! @DarterBlue2 @muckboy561 @ColumbiaHighFan2017class @fishspinners @KeemD321 @954gator
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    Funny thing is I WANT Dillard to win!!!! I don’t want any Florida team who lost to an OOS team to win state! Lmao!! Lets go Panthers!!!! Paws up!!!!
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    Western vs Miami Palmetto in 8A looks like a good on paper.
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    State titles without a moment's hesitation
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    Hillsborough schools don't pick their schedule. We are currently the highest scoring team in the state of Florida and have had a half time running clock on 8 of our 9 opponents (averaging 43 first half points). Our defense is giving up 5.7 points per game, a good portion of that was on our 2's. 813 said previously our schedule was easy and we would get run over by Plant and Hillsborough. We didn't As to how we will stack up against Sarasota and Dr. Phillips we will see if we get there...Both are great programs and we would love to get the shot to prove ourselves. Our last experience with each of them: We went to Dr. Phillips in 2015 for our first playoff game and we had a halftime lead on them and were tied in the 4th before losing by 12, they lost in the 3rd round by 1 to state runner up Osceola. Sarasota beat us last year 14-7. We fumbled out of the end zone with 30 seconds left which would have tied the game... they went on to the final 4 We play who is on our schedule. Our team is bought in and playing great football. No clue how we will match up against whoever the playoffs bring us but we will be ready to go and excited for the battle. I do disagree with 813. a 12-1 team is a good team. Majority of playoff teams are good teams. Elite and good are different. Thanks for the respect perspective. You all may have a shot to sneak in for a Sarasota matchup. It is gonna be tight For now... our focus is on Chamberlain. Good luck to all teams this week.
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    I didn't forget. Some guy I know got the Panthers so hyped up he got me convinced they gonna put a running clock on em.
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    The Agenda Buster

    It is funny that Lakeland people are saying that they don't recruit when the entire "High School Free Agency" bill that was introduced by representatives of Polk County was because the FHSAA punished Lakeland for a couple of kids transferring for athletic reasons. And the fact that our state legislature hates public schools.
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    Sorry, you misunderstood my question. I wasn't asking about Trump's tweeting habits.
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    2019 Pick em Results

    I can bash who I want. They have a fake national championship. That doesn't mean I don't like them or don't think they deserved a shot. Go Knights
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    Rank, team, class-region, hypothetical spread Edgewater — (7A-R1) Cocoa — (4A-R2) +3 Jones — (5A-R2) +3 Seminole — (8A R1) +6 Winter Park — (8A-R1) +8 Rockledge — (5A-R3) +16 Osceola — (8A-R2) +16 Bishop Moore — (5A-R2) +16 Dr. Phillips — (8A-R2) +17 Mainland — (6A-R1) +17 Lake Mary — (8A-R1) +17 West Orange — (8A-R1) +20 Apopka — (8A-R1) +20 Viera — (7A-R2) +21 Wekiva — (7A-R1) +21 Oviedo — (8A-R1) +24 Spruce Creek — (8A-R1) +27 Ocoee — (8A-R1) +27 Olympia — (8A-R2) +28 Ranking includes Orange (9 teams), Seminole (3), Brevard (3), Volusia (2), Osceola (1), Sumter (0) & Lake (0) counties. ` ` The following games between the ranked teams (29 total) represent an average of 1.61 ranked regular season opponents per ranked team. There are also national opponents that have not been incoporated into this stat. Weeks 1, 5, 7 and 11 are the best weeks of the season prior to the playoffs. Week 1 DP @ Seminole - Pick: Seminole wins 35-20 Edgewater @ #Bishop Moore - Pick: Edgewater wins 35-17 #Olympia @ West Orange - Pick: West Orange wins 39-24 #Viera @ Cocoa - Pick: Cocoa wins 36-14 Winter Park @ Wekiva - Pick: Winter Park wins 24-13 Week 2 Seminole @ Lake Mary West Orange @ Wekiva Week 3 Jones @ Edgewater Osceola @ Cocoa West Orange @ DP Olympia @ Wekiva Week 4 Bishop Moore @ Jones Week 5 #3 Seminole @ Mainland #6 Rockledge @ Viera Winter Park @ Edgewater Apopka @ DP Week 6 Lake Mary @ West Orange Week 7 Mainland @ Cocoa Apopka @ Jones DP @ #Wekiva Lake Mary @ Oviedo Week 8 Winter Park @ Oviedo Olympia @ DP West Orange @ Apopka Week 10 Lake Mary @ Apopka Week 11 Cocoa @ Rockledge West Orange @ Jones Wekiva @ Apopka Oviedo @ Spruce Creek
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    MC Rockets

    Miami Central 2019 schedule

    Here is the schedule for MC in 2019. Dates, time and determination of home and away games at Traz Powell Stadium TBA. But this is the order of games. Pre-season Cedar Grove, Ga. @Traz Wk 1 St. Frances Academy, MD. @Traz Wk 2 Booker T Washington @Traz Wk 3 Carol City @Traz Wk 4 South Ridge @Traz Wk 5 Edison @Traz Wk 6 Belen @Traz Wk 7 Northwestern @Traz Wk 8 Norland @Traz Wk 9 South Miami @Tropical Wk 10 Chaminade @Chaminade
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    But na tho it’s litearlly been over 5 years I been on this thread and I just want to let all y’all know I appreciate y’all man. If you got Instagram or Facebook please don’t hesitate to follow and inbox me who you is lol. instagram: dam.debo.u.so.daddy (don’t judge lol) facebook dexter living testimony green. all in all tho I’m blessed to see 27!!
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    Football playoff changes

    Not a fan. The possible benefits do not outweigh, what to me might be the worst situation. It seems like a knee-jerk reaction, that appears to satisfy an issue, but really can make no guarantees. I wonder how many years of data they researched, past seasons at ALL levels? Did they truly see that there were numerous years where reseeding might have prevented blowouts? Is this true in over half of the classifications, or just the ones with a louder fan base? Did they look at how many times a reseed would generate the type of travel that diminishes the overall experience for both teams? Do we believe that the point system really does the best job of seeding teams? It's supposed to be objective, but we've all seen the discrepancies. I looked at 2019 3A #'s as a for instance. Here some concerns with the RPI's determining a rank. 1. Of the top 10 RPI's the four semi-finalists were ranked # 4, 6, 7 & 10. In other words, the top 3 teams DID not even make it into the State Semi's. Does that validate this system's ability to predict the best teams? Or is it proof that the RPI #'s are still just an educated guess. Do we restructure travel based on a guess? 2. The overwhelmingly best team (Cham.-Mad) was a 4 seed. So the system we are relying on to determine who these good teams are, proved it's worth by giving them a 4 seed? Allow a "for instance" - the #1 seed, based on RPI, was Pensacola Catholic. Let's say that the RPI #'s were on target, and that the top 4 teams all made the state semi's. Then the team, we all know was the best in 3A (and maybe 4A, 5A, etc?), would have to travel 9.5 hours/659 miles to play the "1 seed." 3. My biggest concern is that when these extra long travel times are generated, it will cause some real issues with the visiting team. Money is tight for many families. So IF they travel their expenditures will increase exponentially. Gas, meals, hotels; plus a day off of work? Will Auntie or Uncle Ted make the trip? Will the student body travel - 17 year-old kids driving home 9.5 hours on a Friday? The elderly community that supports these kids all season? The current system isn't perfect, but it does allow for the games to be relatively close. I'm sorry, but I'd pump the brakes here. I also like to remind myself that this is the FHSAA were talking about. And I am usually skeptical that those folks do things well.
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    I can tell you for a price LOL.
  42. 4 points

    Pahokee 28- MC 30 4th quarter

    The semis and state are the worst times to make mistakes and miss opportunities. Cocoa learned the hard way tonight as well.
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    Forget sleeping on em....you've been in a damn coma. MNW has been elite for a long time.
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    The Columbia team I saw play last night was very offensive.
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    I think Lakeland, STA, Dillard, Lakewood, and Blountstown are virtual locks to advance. I don't think I'd be surprised if any of the other undefeated teams fell though.
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    I’m just sitting back and reading that’s all.. What’s good fellas ....
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    How you forget about the biggest game possibly in the state happening next Saturday the most heated & hated rival ..the mini classics (7-2) ely vs (9-0) Dillard
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    12 Interesting Games This Week

    University School threw multiple interceptions early in the game, 2 in the first half, 1 in the second half on drives they were moving the ball. Bishop Verot was up 6-0 at halftime. In the second half, the Uschool passing game finally got on track and provided separation. Uschool won the second half 21-7. I admit that we got this one wrong. Bishop Verot appears ready to be a force in their region with their athletes. There are some good video highlights and commentary of the game on the Ft. Myers TV station. I don't have a link but watched it yesterday. This might end up being a bigger win for Uschool than first thought.
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    Miami-Dade County high school football has its very own version of “A League of their Own” this season. With county powers Northwestern, Central, Booker T. Washington and Columbus, to name a few, having taken over the landscape in terms of domination and stacking rosters with top talent on an annual basis, the likes of Reagan, Goleman Coral Park, Varela and other programs have been left in the dust. Rather than get discouraged, the “little guys” who weren’t so little in terms of school size, went out and did something about it. With Reagan coach John Lopez, assistant coach Jorge Rojas along with the GMAC leading the way, months of contacting other schools to get them on board, along with informing the FHSAA that they would not be participating in the state series when it came to football, eventually led to the berth of the Miami-Dade County Football Conference. All 12 schools will still continue to be very much a part of the GMAC, they simply will not participate in the FHSAA state football playoffs come November. “This gives us a chance to be competitive and to be honest a sense of fairness since the entire county has now kind of become an entire group of either ‘haves’ or ‘have-nots,’ ” said Lopez who is the only coach the Reagan program has ever known, starting it from scratch 12 years ago. “Speaking just for Reagan, being capped out enrollment-wise, we’ve always taken pride in just simply figuring out how to play with whatever comes in the doors. Obviously we weren’t the only ones with this problem. Other schools were in the same boat and that’s when we started to put together the idea of doing something like this.” A total of 12 programs joined up to form the conference that is split into two divisions of six, a south division and a north. Forming the south are Braddock, Coral Park, Sunset, Reagan, Varela and Ferguson. Goleman, Hialeah-Miami Lakes, Mourning, Krop, Hialeah Gardens and Westland Hialeah are in the north. Both out of the gate with 3-0 starts, Goleman and Krop would appear to be the two best teams in this group of a dozen. “Our kids are excited for it, our coaches are excited for it I’m excited for it and our school is excited for it,” said Goleman head coach Ariel Cribiero. “I’d like to think that teams and programs that do it the right way and build with their own kids that this is our way of rewarding those kids. We’re a magnet school, our kids are smart, going to Ivy League schools, not necessarily to play football. We want to give them a great experience and going to this independent league will give them that opportunity.” The set up will be relatively simple. Each team will play the other five in its own division and then four other games against teams from the opposite division for a total of nine games. The 10th game (including a bye week) will be played the final regular season week (Oct. 31-Nov. 2). “We will pair up the two sixth-place teams against each other, then the fifth place and so on up to third place,” Rojas said. “Whoever finishes first and second will qualify for our playoffs on that weekend as well. The two semifinals will be first place from one division playing second from the other division and vice versa.” The two semifinal winners will then meet in the championship game, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 9 at a neutral site, possibly Milander Stadium. “This new conference, it’s not going to be any different in that we’re going to come out with the same attitude every week play football the way we know how to play,” said Reagan senior quarterback Johnny Vega. “It’s a matter of knowing that we have to beat whoever is in front of us. But now we’ll shoot to win the championship in our conference and that’s going to be pretty cool.”
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    Osceola KOC vs. Lakeland #2 Columbus (Miami) #3 Cocoa #9 Manatee


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