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Joshua Wilson

2019 Coaches Moving Van

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On 3/25/2019 at 6:19 PM, gatorman-uf said:

University High School (Orlando)
I thought they had already a guy from out of state, but it seems the position is open again. 


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The 2019 Coaches Moving Van is updated as of yesterday, but I do have changes to insert for Clewiston and Cypress Creek (Orlando) soon. I have also added a section for new articles on coaching news going forward on the same page (some new functions I am finally using with the revamps I have been making). 


McKinley Rolle named next head coach at Dwyer: https://floridahsfootball.com/2019/03/29/mckinley-rolle-named-the-next-head-coach-at-dwyer/

Billy Clark steps down at Palm Beach Gardens to pursue educational administrative role: https://floridahsfootball.com/2019/03/29/billy-clark-steps-down-at-palm-beach-gardens-to-pursue-educational-administrative-role/

COACHES MOVING VAN NOTEBOOK: Nease hires Collin Drafts: Yeomans stepping down at Franklin County: https://floridahsfootball.com/2019/03/29/coaches-moving-van-notebook-nease-hires-collin-drafts-yeomans-stepping-down-at-franklin-county/

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5 hours ago, PickSix said:

Dixie County coach went to GA and Strawberry Crest just opened up according to footballscoop.  Crest is open, head coach retired from coaching profession.


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Hillsborough County Openings

Strawberry Crest job has been filled (don’t know by who)

Freedom- opened up (HC is becoming an AP at Middleton)

Middleton- opened up 

I feel bad for Fred at Middleton bc of everything that happened in the past month. Anyone know who got the Crest job? My sources are saying it was an assistant at Armwood. Not sure though. That’s a TOUGH district to be in and to get a job this late in the game makes it not so ideal.

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    • Col. Jessup may have ordered the Code Red but, at the end of the day, Private Downey and Lance Corp. Dawson still received dishonorable discharges.   In other words, those who break the rules, even at the direction of their superior/coach, sometimes have to pay to price, as well.  In addition to whatever punishment the coach(es) receive, I'd be inclined to suspend the players involved in the 'illegal practices'  a game or two.  However, I would allow the school to spread out the suspensions however they wanted over the course of the season so that NW could still field a (competitive?) team for each game of the season.  And I'd make sure the suspensions follow the players if they transfer to another school.   In fact, I think I might even double the suspension if a kid transfers, in hopes of adding a little disincentive to the decision-making process.  Just my two cents. 
    • The school will probably be fined and might be penalized, loss of kick off classic or worst case possibly not eligible for the playoffs, but the kids will not be.  If the school gets the hammer the kids will just all leave to the next school.
    • Coach Jones had some great teams during the Suwannee era of 4 state championships in a row.  The only problem was they were in the district with Suwannee and only the district champion made the playoffs.  In one of the games Suwannee was ahead 13 - 7.  Wakulla drove down late in the game and ran play action.  The TE was absolutely wide open in the end zone...he dropped the td pass that would have probably won them the game.  Suwannee took over late inside their 10 and on 3rd and long ran a hitch to Matt Friar.  He broke a tackle at the line of scrimmage and was off to the races.....just like that the game was over and Suwannee cruised to a state champtionship. The following year Wakulla led 7 - 6 deep into the 4th quarter when once again Matt Friar made some key plays to get Suwannee into the end zone to go up 13 - 7.  Wakulla was trying to drive late and had a pick 6 which gave Suwannee the 20 - 7 win.  Once again, Suwannee cruised to another state championship.  Matt Friar was a great player. This is why I love more than just the district champions making the playoffs.  Coach Jones had some very good teams that narrowly missed the playoffs.  These teams could have made strong runs in the playoffs. When he won back to back state championships the games were played on teams home fields.  Two years in a row Wakulla had to travel.  They went to Clermont the first year and to Clewiston the following year to win state championships on their home fields.  That was two very long bus rides...and impressive wins!
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