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    Nulli Secundus

    Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    This may not have been Lakeland’s most vaunted team but they never gave up. The mountain was high but dammit not impossible to climb. Damn the naysayers, the hell with the critics. Always underestimated, never intimidated. DREADNAUGHT NATION!!!!!!!! L-TOWN, POLK COUNTY!!!!! Congratulations to the nationally ranked St Thomas Raiders on a great season.
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    Cocoa cleaning up on the transfers. Looks like the new coach learned a thing or two from his time at STA
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    3A Thoughts for the Wekk

    I was asked to post a few thoughts about the Kickoff Classic results from the past week. In general, I never recommend ranking teams off the Kickoff classic as it's impossible to know which teams are playing to win all 4 quarters or experiment with players in different positions; however, here are some thoughts I came across (Note, these are NOT rankings, just thoughts). 1) Chaminade-Madonna is the real deal and deserving of a top 10 team in all of Florida and I would wager a top 50 team in America. On paper, Chaminade-Madonna lost to Deerfield 17-7, but when it was starters vs starters the final was 7-3 Chaminade. If the Chaminade-Miami Central game isn't on your radar for Thursday night at Traz Powell, you need to follow the results. 2) Calvary Christian (Clearwater) probably isn't ready for prime time yet. The Warriors boasted by several huge transfers were expected to be an offensive powerhouse under Todd Yoder's Warrior program- that maybe still the case, but going against a veteran Berkeley Prep team on the road proved to much for Calvary. If not for a long drive to end the game against the Berkeley backups the final would of been 20-10 and it wouldn't have been that close as Berkeley Prep dominated most of the game. We'll find out this week if Calvary Christian is a contender or pretender as they play Admiral Farragut a highly talented 2A power that has the athletes to match Champagnat. 3) Melbourne Central Catholic knocking of Cardinal Gibbons reaffirms that the Hustlers under coach Sizemore have morphed into a power house. The talk from the South Florida area is that Cardinal Gibbons is one of the top teams in that area; however, the Hustlers hit the road and picked up a 35-33 win. I predicted the Hustlers finished 9-1 at the start of the season, but that was before they scheduled Buford, GA. MCC travels to Buford this week and while Florida is pulling for MCC, this is probably a battle the Hustlers will come up short in- still, this is the first of 2 out-of-state games the Hustlers are playing. 4) Ocala Trinity Catholic is going to be good this year. Yes, the Celtics lost 14-3 to Bucholz, but I think in terms of 3A this is going to be an above average year of OTC who is looking to return to their glory days. Knocking off CCC/Berkeley or Tampa Catholic is asking to much of the Celtics, but OTC doesn't play them in the regular season. I think it's realistic to expect OTC to battle for a playoff spot in the top 4. 5) Clearwater Central Catholic proved Josh and FloridaHSfootball correct by ranking them in the top 3 in 3A. (I had them #4, but moved them to #3). No football program in current 3A has been a more consistent winner over the past 20 years. CCC knocked off the #1 ranked team in Pasco County and held one of the most potent offenses in the state to 6 points in the first half of their KO Classic. CCC travels to Berkeley Prep this week. 6) Tampa Catholic. Outside of Chaminade-Madonna, I don't think you'll find a collective group of wide receivers better than Tampa Catholic's in 3A, the speed, power and coaching has the Crusaders offense likely to put up huge numbers. QB Jacob Dean and RB Jalen Bussey are going to have huge seasons. The big question regarding Tampa Catholic as it has been in years past- can they win the big game when it counts? 7) St. Petersburg Catholic won! Okay, this really isn't a storyline and I assure you we're still in for a long season, but come- let me have my moment. The Barons under 1st year head coach Jay Davis knocked off Bradenton Christian 25-13. I actually think SPC will win 3 or 4 games this year which is a HUGE improvement if we do. 8) Oxbridge and American Heritage are both going to be powers in 3A this year as well. MCC is the favorite to win 3A North but Oxbridge isn't to far behind. I do think Oxbridge is missing a few pieces to win a state championship, but we'll know more after this week. American Heriage Delray is another program that's quickly gaining attention in the shadow of Chaminade in Region 4.
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    Bamarod? Viera?

    181pl, you are probably wasting your time with this individual. The week of the first playoff game he was bemoaning the fact that in the third round Viera would have to travel to Lakeland since they were, unfairly, not the number 1 seed in the region. He was totally overlooking both his first round opponent and Plant in doing so, by automatically assuming Viera would get to the third round. Now don't get me wrong, Viera is a very good team. But as you and I both know you don't overlook any playoff team, as on any given night ... Anyway, the point I am making is that whatever you say will be overlooked because Viera is a victim here and no facts, fake news or real news will negate that fact ... for in his mind, Viera was the best team in 7A and winning the state title was a mere formality ...
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    Joshua Wilson

    Transfers 2017

    There is no way I am keeping track of these transfers. I don't think Tallahassee really understands what they have done here without getting political.
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    MC Rockets


    Just when you thought it was safe....35-0 Central...RUNNING CLOCK!
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    But na tho it’s litearlly been over 5 years I been on this thread and I just want to let all y’all know I appreciate y’all man. If you got Instagram or Facebook please don’t hesitate to follow and inbox me who you is lol. instagram: dam.debo.u.so.daddy (don’t judge lol) facebook dexter living testimony green. all in all tho I’m blessed to see 27!!
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    Cocoa 2019 Schedule

    Cocoa posted their 2019 schedule on FB. Aug 16th KICKOFF CLASSIC Bayside Aug 23rd Viera Aug 30th Freedom Bowl @ Milton GA Sept 6th Osceola Sept 13th @ Sebastian River Sept 20th @ Heritage(Palm Bay) Sept 27th Glades Central Oct 4th Daytona Mainland Oct 11th Bye Week Oct 18th @ Venice Oct 25th Holy Trinity Nov 1st @ Rockledge BBQ Bowl
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    Once news of Oxbridge Academy disbanding the football team for 2018 hit the news I started receiving inquires into a new order for Class 3A- quite frankly, I was actually humbled by how many people thought of me on the topic. The reality is I did a post Spring 3A review a few weeks ago and neither myself, husband or brother were in a hurry to look at things again this soon after Spring ended; however, Maxpreps recently released their preview for the 2018 season which includes starting rankings for each team. It's cumbersome to track down as you have to look up each team individually and click preview, but the information is there. Because losing a powerhouse school like Oxbridge is a big thing I decided to meet the people who like rankings and random message board fodder halfway. Instead of giving my rankings, here is how Maxpreps sees things and I'll comment on their rankings instead. Lastly in the name of redundancy I decided to make a single thread dedicated to 3A summertime football so the conversation doesn't spill onto other topics. So, without further ado here are the preseason Maxpreps Class 3A rankings: #1) Chaminade-Madonna #3 (State) #31 (National) Region 4 #2) Clearwater CC #25 (State) #268 (National) Region 3 #3) FSU High School #67 (State) #667 (National) Region 1 #4) Tampa Catholic #81 (State) #1803 (National) Region 3 #5) King's Academy #89 (State) #1070 (National) Region 2 #6) A. Heritage Delray #126(State) #1525 (National) Region 4 #7) Berkeley Prep #129(State) #1590 (National) Region 3 #8)Benjamin School #133(State) #1668 (National) Region 4 #9)Melbourne CC #147(State) #1871(National) Region 2 #10) Calvary Christian Academy #203 (State) #2791 (National) Region 4 #11) Ft. White #218(State) #3034 (National) Region 1 #12) Calvary Christian #228 (State) #3175 (National) Region 3 What I agree with: Maxpreps is usually wrong at this point because it's only pulling data from 2017 and rosters aren't properly updated, but I think this is pretty close to what most people would pick. I love the top 3. Chaminade is clearly the #1 team in the class, CCC is clearly the #2 team in the class and FSU is a trendy pick to be ranked top 5 in the class. I personally had Tampa Catholic at #3, but they've bit hit with the transfer bug pretty hard and a popular rumor swirling all over Tampa is the QB is looking to transfer to Tampa Jesuit. Going down the list- I think Berkeley Prep is on the verge of the top 5 and correct at #7. Benjamin School looks good. What I disagree with: Granted the season is a long ways away- I was very impressed by American Heritage's performance against a good Lake Wales team in Spring. I'm thinking they should be ranked higher than King's and probably even with TC. If the TC QB transfers out, then there's no question- AHD is #4 IMHO. King's is a top 8 team, but #5 pretty lofty. MCC at #9 is probably a tad low- I know they graduated a lot and have some significant holes to fill but they did land the Holy Trinity RB and the younger Valentine RB is a rising superstar. Coach Sizemore won't let the program fall behind to far. Ft. White is probably a touch to low. I would probably swap CCA and Ft. White. A month ago- I felt Calvary Christian (Clearwater) was a top 8 team in 3A and they still might be, but they've since lost some key pieces to CCC. How would Oxbridge have impacted the standings? Had Oxbridge not disbanded football and not lost any players here is where they would be at: #2) Oxbridge Academy #12 (State) #167 (National) Alright- that's all I've got for now. Thanks for reading!
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    Apopka Spring Jamboree

    Took place at Deltona Pine Ridge School. It featured: Apopka, Orange City University and the host team Pine Ridge. Orange City University in the past three years is probably the best Central Florida team to not make the playoffs. Pine Ridge, on the other hand, has been an average team at best. Each team played two quarters with the other two teams. In the first two quarters against Pine Ridge, Apopka scored on five of its six possessions winning 35-7. In the final six and a half minutes of the second quarter, Apopka cleared its bench but was still able to score with its second stringers in. In its second two quarters against Orange City University, Apopka scored on six of its eight possessions (actually scoring seven times but one was called back on a block in the back) to win 42-13. The takeaway - Apopka's offense has come a long way in the two weeks since the spring scrimmage. Part of this is the fact that the talent was not divided into two teams. However, it is obvious that there was significant improvement in the play of the offensive line. The defense, for the most part stopped the run effectively, but gave up a few big plays through the air. In both games Apopka used both the single wing and spread sets. It employed more of the latter against Pine Ridge and more of the former against University. It moved the ball effectively from both formations. While neither Jackson nor Jacoryan is Zack Darlington, both have the ability to play a more conventional quarterback role than some of the QBs/FBs employed in recent memory. If Apopka decides to mix it up in the regular season, the offense has a chance to be as good as it was in 2012.The kicker continues to improve nailing all 11 extra points. While he did not attempt any field goals, my sense is that he would probably be good from 35 yards out or less. Despite having one of its key weapons out with injury, this Apopka squad has a lot of potential. No, its defense will not rival Wekiva's. However, the team has the potential to put enough points on the board in its games that it may not be a factor. Late August is a long way away, so much could change. However, as of now, I am optimistic about this team's chances come the playoffs.
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    Madison vs pahokee predictions

    Usually travels very well. But, now with Facebook Live and live streams, it seems to have taken away from the big crowds. Being that many of folks are off for the Holidays, im hoping for a big turn out.
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    Zoe Boy

    Central vs Booker T. Washington

    Man I can see BTW spreading Central defense out and go at those Central DBs... I can see Central running it down BTW throats... Right now I would say Central by 6
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    Productive Week for 5A-16

    I agree with Broward on Southridge's offense. To have as much talent as they do, they struggle when they face good to great defenses. I was at the state championship and the struggled until they called the "throw the ball deep to Mark Pope" play and all was forgotten. If they're gonna repeat, especially in such a loaded 8A region 4, they have to do better offensively.
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    Blustein's S.Florida top 20

    I gotta say I really like his top 10. Pretty much how I see it. (I have CC and AHP being a toss up.) Also MIami Central must love being in this "underdog" role. Bishop Gorman and IMG are all looking at their other big opponents and are falling asleep on the rockets. Hope they come out swinging this year!
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    Lake Gibson got better as the year progressed last season. In the spring game they were good but not state caliber and Apopka easily beat them in two quarters. By the time the season was over, they were good enough to keep the game with Carol City close. I suspect when they played Dillard they had not peaked yet. This is not subtracting from the fact that last year's Dillard team had good talent (it did). But I do think Lake Gibson was playing at a higher level late in the season.
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    I always want our Florida teams to beat any out of state team no matter what. When St. Thomas played Gorman I rushed home after my game to watch it. I still believe they got cheated out of a win. Trust me when i say that I have been on the other side of a raider beating. I will always root for Florida (except for IMG because they are not a a Florida team, they are a National team that resides in Bradenton).
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    2017 7V7 News/Results

    Carol City beat Miramar 14-7 to win the Miami Dolphins 7-on-7 tournament
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    MC Rockets


    I feel now is the time to address the elephant in the room. Congrats to Dillard for a nice season. For an entire week I sat back and read all of the comments on both posts, although I was itching to speak, I humbled myself for the right time to strike. That's what a real scavenger does. There was plenty of trash talk from Dillard, from posting memes with their name on Central's building to placing an image with a for sale sign of Central's campus. Now that's all fine because it's honest trash talk between fans. As I walked to purchase my ticket Dillard fans were heckling me, standing in front jumping and pointing. I just laughed. Now as far as the game is concerned Dillard did not have a chance from the very beginning. Believe that! The game very well could have be 21-0 at halftime but a poor play call and a holding penalty. I only counted 4 turnovers and several penalties by Dillard. Dillard wasn't ready for that buzzsaw from 95th street. Folks talking about Central hasn't won state since 2015, but this is the furthest Dillard has been in 19 years. In fact last time they won state was 1989. So last time I checked Central's success is more recent. Too much trash talk and not enough production on the field. Humble yourselves or humbled.
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    Suggestion for fixing the system

    Would Plant have made the playoffs this year under this system?
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    Joshua Wilson

    Selection Show

    There will be no selection show. Brackets will start to drop at 7 AM ET on Sunday Morning. I will be up early to be ready to handle all of this for you all to read.
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    12 Interesting Games This Week

    University School threw multiple interceptions early in the game, 2 in the first half, 1 in the second half on drives they were moving the ball. Bishop Verot was up 6-0 at halftime. In the second half, the Uschool passing game finally got on track and provided separation. Uschool won the second half 21-7. I admit that we got this one wrong. Bishop Verot appears ready to be a force in their region with their athletes. There are some good video highlights and commentary of the game on the Ft. Myers TV station. I don't have a link but watched it yesterday. This might end up being a bigger win for Uschool than first thought.
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    Cocoa Schedule according to MP. Glades Central and Holy Trinity are the only 4A class or below. The rest are 5A or above. Challenging schedule for the Tigers. 8/23 7:00p Viera (Viera, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 8/30 7:00p @ Hoover (Hoover, AL) Game Details: Freedom Bowl @ Milton, GA 9/6 7:00p Osceola (Kissimmee, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 9/13 7:00p @ Sebastian River (Sebastian, FL) Location: Sebastian River High School 9/20 7:00p @ Heritage (Palm Bay, FL) Location: Heritage High School 9/27 7:00p Glades Central (Belle Glade, FL) Location: Cocoa High School Preview GamePlay video icon 10/4 7:00p Mainland (Daytona Beach, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 10/18 7:00p @ Venice (Venice, FL) Location: Venice High School 10/25 7:00p Holy Trinity Episcopal (Melbourne, FL) Location: Cocoa High School 11/1 7:00p @ Rockledge (Rockledge, FL) Game Details: BBQ BOWL -Rivalry Game
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    Like the Golden Age of Rockefeller, Carnegie, Mellon, and other monopoly titans, the American citizenry is in love with wealth, pomp and ceremony. It's all that matters. Alabama and Clemson are winners to be idolized. The others are inept losers to be laughed at, pitied, and scorned. Humongous corporations collude and conspire to hoodwink us into believing they know what is in our best interest. All the while fleecing the general public in a manner P.T. Barnum never dreamed. Big, rich, powerful, and beautiful are American aspirations of the day. If and when the pendulum swings back, in a less greedy and self centered way, it will come at the expense of the marketing manipulators. Hopefully the minds and hearts of the younger generation are opened more then my own generation. Please excuse the lefty rant. Sometimes I just can't help it.
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    Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    Congrats Lakeland, cant think of any other private school I'd want you to beat to claim your 7th title!
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    So we meet again...
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    I can explain. When I first began doing the rankings years ago, I kept a “stabilizer” in for half the season which prevented exactly the problem you’re bitching about. However, I got a lot of flack about that because every year some perennial powerhouses would have down years and the computer had a tendency to rank them way too high until half way through the season. As a result, I removed the stabilizer and each team now basically starts from scratch. So now at the beginning of the year, the computer doesn’t know if Interlachen is better than Miami Central. It simply adjusts as the season plays out. I suggest you stick to “polls” because no matter what, my computer will not make you happy until playoff time....if that.
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    Lots to cover going into week 4, so let's get to it!!! Class 3A, top 5 going into week 4 1) Chaminade Madonna (2-1) Remains #1 after dominating performance. C-M started off slow in 2017 before ramping it up after week 5. This C-M team is following a similar path. C-M still has highly interesting games against AHP, Booker T, Uschool on the schedule. I'm also being told not to overlook Piper as they've improved from 2017. Still, that loss to Deerfield Beach by 3 points is looking more and more impressive as Deerfield has gone on to defeat Buford and Westlake Georgia by wider margins. 2) Clearwater Central Catholic (3-0) The computers had CCC as a 10-13 point favorite over rival Tampa Catholic, but the human element had TC as a 3-10 point favorite since TC was playing at home. It turns out, the computers were correct as CCC dominated the 3rd and 4th quarter en route to a 34-14 win. I know I'm a broken record saying this, but the Marauders are already really, really good and star JR Running Back Jerzhan Newton hasn't seen time at running back due to a leg injury. Marauders have a few weeks of easier opponents in Tarpon Springs, Northeast and St. Pete Catholic, but Calvary Christian, Jesuit and Cardinal Mooney (combined 8-1) finish their season off. In particular, that CCC at Jesuit game is looking like must see TV. 3) American Heritage Delray (2-0) Stallions move up a spot by not playing a game. The defense has been lights out and the offense is moving the ball. Quality win over 8A Belen Jesuit in week 1. Really interesting game this week against Monsignor Pace. I knew the Stallions would return to form in 2018, but I'm impressed with what they've done. AHD has a couple of marquee games coming up besides this week's game vs Pace. Uschool and Glades Central loom down the road. 4) King's Academy (3-0) While the Lions haven't played the most competitive of schedules, they've performed well enough and have some late season challenges that I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I'll keep and eye on them and move them up and down as necessary based on other teams strength of schedule going forward, but for now- the Lions are strong enough that I think they can punch harder than the teams they're playing. 5) Florida High (1-1) I dropped the Seminoles 2 spots, but not out of my top 5. Madison County is a truck load, but I also haven't seen a northern 3A team with an overly competitive schedule to replace them with. Seminoles depth could be an issue as MadCo was able to wear them down and dominate the 2nd half. Seminoles have to move forward, Chiles is up next. Others I'm looking at: Sarasota Cardinal Mooney (3-0), Ocala Trinity Catholic (3-0), Melbourne Central Catholic (2-1), Tampa Catholic (2-1), Benjamin School (3-0), Orlando TFA (2-0). GAMES I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Chaminade and CCC have easier weeks this week, so the top 2 teams should be fine; however, after them- there's some really good, competitive games on tap. Here's what I'm looking forward to: Tampa Berkeley Prep (1-2) vs Lakeland Christian(2-1) The Berkeley Prep Buccaneers are a talented bunch and have played a competitive schedule, but a win against rival LCS would right the ship. Berkeley Prep lost 28-19 to Sarasota Cardinal Mooney last week which is a somewhat surprising result considering the Bucs talent level. LCS suffered their first loss to Bishop Verot. When Specturm Sports televised games, this game would always find its way onto their TV schedule and for good reason. This has been a highly entertaining and competitive matchup for years. In week 1 vs CCC, QB Joshua Youngblood broke his throwing hand late in the 4th quarter with the game already decided. The Bucs did knock off a potent Calvary Christian team in week 2 ad Youngblood moved to RB, but without Youngblood at QB- the offense has stagnated. LCS on the otherhand got off to a hot start in weeks 1 and 2 against Teneroc and Auburndale. My Pick: Both teams are competing for playoff positioning. Berkeley Prep cannot afford a third loss this early in the season, especially with Tampa Catholic and Mitchell still on the schedule. LCS probably has a bit more wiggle room, but the loser of this game is going to be hurting for playoff positioning. Berkeley Prep 28, LCS 25 Melbourne Central Catholic (2-1) vs Tampa Catholic (2-1) After a tremendous 2 year run under new HC Stacy Sizemore, many felt the Hustlers of MCC would slip this year due to a huge graduating class and inexperience in big games. The Hustlers were smacked against Cornith, MS- but against Florida competition the Hustlers are 2-0. Lead by LaAnthony Valentine and strong play in the trenches the Hustlers were able to pound Archbishop McCarthy 30-0 last week. Tampa Catholic started off 2-0 and outscoring their opponents 66-6 before running into Clearwater Central Catholic which accumulated just under 500 yards total offense against a very strong Crusader defense. In the loss, Sr. Rb Jalen Bussey was a bright spot- scoring both Crusader TD's. TC Jr QB Dylan McCain has a rocket for an Arm. My Pick: MCC is a good team, very strong, athletic but young. TC is loaded with D-1 prospects and goes 4 deep at running back. I can't see TC finishing anything less than 8-2 this year which means they'll win this week. I expect TC to get back on track with the defense leading the way late in the 4th. Tampa Catholic 28, MCC 21 Other games of note: Trinity Catholic over Mt. Dora by 17 Calvary Christian (Clearwater) over Zephyrhills Christian by 14 American Heritage Delray over Pace by 7 Chaminade over Northeast by 35 CCC over Tarpon Springs by 35 Ft. White over Taylor County by 10 NFC over Providence School by 10 Holy Trinity over West Oaks by 30 Pensacola Catholic over Milton by 3 First Academy over Tampa Bay Christian by 35 As always, these are just the thoughts of my hubby, myself, brother and pop. Feel free to add information about any of the teams listed!
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    If HS football is a business now, then us coaches are terrible business men. We sure as heck aint making no big money.
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    Way too early top 10

    Any team is a bad matchup for Vero in the playoffs Sorry, Flotech, that one was just too wide open to pass up I still love Vero
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    Pipe Dreams

    There are no words

    DR. PHILLIPS - STATE CHAMPIONS It's incredible... now I know how it feels!!!
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    Atlantic versus Miami High

    Saw a great one tonight in this match. Crowd was likely 5,000 + and Atlantic's defense contained Miami for the most part from big plays. Miami scores on the first drive of the game in about 8 plays to go up 7-0 early. Miami had a chance to build on a 13-7 lead with seconds to go in the first half and faked a chip shot FG, which turned into a Atlantic 101 INT return giving the Eagles momentum going into halftime up 14-13. Atlantic added to that lead and took the opening second half KO to the house and went up 20-13 with the missed XP. Early to mid 4th quarter Miami finally had a drive and found the endzone , went for 2 and successfully went up 21-20 . 6 minutes left Miami has another drive going but Atlantic holds and gets the ball on their own 35. Atlantic QB takes a big hit fumbles and 1/3rd of the Atlantic stadium left after Miami got the ball back. Sure enough Atlantic holds again and gets the ball back with 3 minutes to go. Atlantic completes a 45 yard pass, followed by a personal foul after the play and they are well in the red zone. With under a minute left , Atlantic finds pay dirt , completes the two point conversion and takes a 28-21 lead. They kick off to Miami, and are on top of the play like white on rice. Atlantic then pretty much contains Miami for under 20 yards while time runs out. Atlanic wins 28-21. The game turned into a turnover/defensive battle. 3 pick sixes ( 2 ATL, 1 MIA). Overall, Atlantic's defense contained Miami RB Johnny Ford and pretty much eliminated large gains. The game could have gone any way but Atlantic's defense to me just had a little too much team speed for the Miami offense to get going. Take away the the Miami High pick 6 and they only really had 2 successful drives in the game. One other thing I noticed is Miami High appeared to only have about 40-45 players and Atlantic seemed to have a lot more dressed. Miami High needed some work in the kicking/punting game. Atlantic's was a little better.
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    Transfer Season 2018

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    Best logos in high school football

    If we're talking best logos we've seen for ANY high school, I have to give it to the creeper from Bishop Lynch HS:
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    CLASS 3A- ROUND 2 PREVIEW Game of the week: #4 Melbourne Central Catholic at # 2 Oxbridge Academy Rankings: MCC is ranked #58 in the state by Maxpreps, Oxbridge is ranked #22 This is a game that was hyped the moment the new regions were broken down. MCC who is a defending Class 3A Regional champion vs Oxbridge Academy looking for their first ever Regional championship. On paper this is an even match-up with both the Hustlers and Thunderwolves senior loaded with major division 1 talent. Both teams are battle tested going into this one, both teams have expectations of playing in Orlando. I think Oxbridge has an advantage in the trenches, I think MCC has an advantage at the skill positions. For Oxbridge the key is going to be getting pretty on MCC Qb Joaquin Collazo and for MCC they have to find a way to disrupt Oxbridge QB Gio Richardson who is playing at a very high level right now. Oxbridge has a good 1-2 punch at RB with Meeks leading the charge. Many believe that MCC is peaking at the right time, while whispers in the background are that Oxbridge, after struggling against Lakes 2 weeks ago and a tough start against King's last week may have peaked already. I don't believe any of that- I believe that both teams will get each others best efforts and I also believe that both teams started preparing for each other weeks ago. Jessica's Pick: Neither team is very deep, but each teams starting 11 is as good as you're going to find anywhere in the smaller schools in America. The winner of the game will come down to which linemen will wear down first. MCC brings back most of an offensive and defensive line that survived 9 overtimes last year against CCC, but that game was in Melbourne where MCC has a history of pulling special upsets. Going to Oxbridge is a totally different story. At the start of the season I had MCC in Orlando, it was my gut choice unless something happened. So this pick is really going against my gut and based more on logic. Somebody has to win..and I just think Oxbridge's CJ Smith will make one extra play to win the most thrilling game in Oxbridge Academy history.. Oxbridge 35, MCC 32 Chaminade Madonna vs Benjamin School Rankings: Chaminade-Madonna is ranked #12 in the state by Maxpreps and Benjamin School is ranked # 92 The Lions have peaked at the perfect time and are rolling in the playoffs behind the running ability of Shaun Shivers. Benjamin School is 8-2 with losses coming to North Broward Prep and at Key West. Benjamin turned heads when they defeated rival King's Academy and to win a playoff game is a huge step forward for the Buccaneer program. I'm a fan of QB Jordan Travis who is a Louisville commit. This is going to be one of the better QB/Offensive line combo's that Chaminade has seen, but I don't think Benjamin School has seen anything like the machine that is Chaminade. Jessica's Pick: Benjamin School coach said, and I quote, " We’re just a very average team without Jordan". While Benjamin has a couple of other players- Chaminade will take Jordan away and force somebody else to beat them- thus, by the Bucs own admission, they're probably not anywhere close to pulling this upset. Chaminade on the other hand has played some of the top competition in America and while it hasn't always been pretty, they're healthy and are better for it. I don't see Chaminade winning this one by an obscene score as I think CM will prioritize health over scoreboard shock...which is the right call at this point in the season. Chaminade by 35 Taylor County vs Florida State University School Rankings: Taylor County is ranked #105 and FSU School is ranked #129 in the state by Maxpreps. Kevin Sawyer's 150 yards rushing helped FSU school upset Ft. White in overtime 28-27. Taylor County defeated Newberry for the second time this season in convincing fashion. Josh Mixon had a big night. Jessica's Pick: Taylor by 17 Clearwater Central Catholic vs Calvary Christian (Clearwater) Rankings: CCC is ranked #27 and Calvary is ranked # 108 in the state by Maxpreps The first round of the playoffs featured quite a few rematches from regular season games in the entire state of Florida; however, as we enter regional championship week in 3A CCC vs Calvary is the only rematch from a regular season game. Earlier this year, CCC defeated Calvary 23-14 at Calvary. Since the loss Calvary has been on fire offensively averaging just over 35ppg while only giving up 5ppg. Calvary gave CCC everything they wanted and then some earlier this year as Amari Burney and Deandre Ferguson had big nights. Jessica's Pick: When the teams met earlier this year CCC was coming off a huge 21-13 win over Rockledge while Calvary had a bye week before hosting CCC. There is a complete difference in strength of schedule between the two teams. CCC got the jolt it needed by beating Tampa Catholic for the second time this season. Calvary picked up their first ever playoff victory last week and now plays in the schools first ever Regional Championship game, CCC has played in 11 Regional Championship games and this will be the 6th consecutive. CCC won 4 in a row before having that streak snapped last year. Calvary is a good team, but CCC is playing for an undefeated regional championship season at home. Good enough for me! CCC 42, Calvary 17
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    The two hardest to predict games involving Central Florida teams in the first round of the playoffs are: 1. Cardinal Gibbons at Jones 2. Apopka at Sanford Seminole I think it's a pity Gibbons and Jones meet up in the first round. I say this because I believe that they are two of the four best teams in 5A and that both are top 15 (probably top 10) in the state. I have not seen Gibbons on film, so whatever I say is prefaced based on results and the comments of others that have seen them. Gibbons took American Heritage to the the limit. They also blew out South Ridge, last year's 8A title holder. On the other hand, they were given all they could handle by Dillard for a half before pulling away. Dillard may be a slightly underrated team, though, so I am not sure how much to read into this result. Jones on the other hand, is stocked with athletes at the skill positions but is a little undersized on its lines. They have one quality win, a blowout victory against Bishop Moore and one quality loss to St. John's College Prep, which has cemented itself as a very good team on the national level. Jones acquitted itself reasonably well against St. John's scoring 30 points in the game. However, they were unable to contain that team's offence. In a KOC in August, Jones had Norland on the ropes reeling off three straight scores. However, they removed their starters too early, letting Norland back into the game. The remainder of Jones's schedule has been mediocre due to a weak district and its keeping commitments to play fellow inner city schools, Oak Ridge and Evans. Thus, although they are district champs, they actually had a lesser points average than runner up Bishop Moore. This weak schedule could affect them against Gibbons. Prediction: I think Jones pulls out a squeaker at home and wins by 2. But I would not be surprised if it went the other way. I think this is going to be a great game and if Apopka were not playing tonight, I would attend it. Apopka at Seminole - This game is very hard to predict. Seminole's offense is guided by a freshman quarterback who plays at least two years ahead of his age. Timmy McLaine was very impressive both times I saw him this year. If he grows another three inches, fills out his frame and continues to improve, he will play on Saturdays at a high level. If Apopka is to beat Seminole, they will have to get to Timmy early and often and disrupt his rhythm. If they cannot do this McLaine may end up lighting up the field as he has a talented, if young receiver core to throw to. It has been 9 years since these two teams played (2008). So, even though they are relatively close by, I expect Apopka's single wing offense will give some trouble. My feeling is that Apopka will be good for between 21 and 28 points. So, to win, they will have to keep Seminole below three scores. I am truly not sure if the Darters will be able to do so. Prediction: I am unable to predict a winner in this game. It is that close in my mind. Although Seminole is the number 4 seed in the region, I feel they are at least the second best district champion in it. Other games that should be very competitive: 1. Dr. Phillips vs Ridge Community 2. Wekiva vs Lake Mary While Phillips is the favorite, I would not be at all surprised if Ridge Community pulled the upset. They gave Osceola all they could handle. Through ten weeks, I would have picked Wekiva to win against Lake Mary. However, their week 11 performance against Lake Nona, if it's a real reflection of where Wekiva is at against teams that spray the ball around, puts LM in with a solid chance, as to me they are a slightly better but similar team to Lake Nona.
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    Booker t vrs carol city

    Without Booker T in there Cocoa's toughest opponent will be complacency.
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    Season rankings

    they played Columbia so they get 50 bonus spots
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    Cocoa versus Everglades prep

    Cocoa and Viera played 3 weeks ago. Top 10 football game I have ever seen or played in (youth, HS, college, or Pros). Cocoa won 24 - 17 in double OT. Both teams left blood, sweat, and tears on the field. Great sportsmanship in front of pack house and 3 deep around the track at Cocoa.
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    Productive Week for 5A-16

    Cardinal Gibbons held defending 8A State Champion Miami Southridge to 75 total Offensive yards in a 27 - 6 drubbing. AHP went up to Virginia and defeated Bishop Sullivan Catholic (arguably the best team in VA) 14 - 7 in a defensive battle. and Stranahan stunned 7A Blanche Ely. on a much lighter note: Coconut Creek defeated 8A Coral Springs 33-7 Jackson defeated 7A Mourning Hallandale was the only loser falling to 8A Everglades 20- 6 .
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    I'm probably gonna check out Western & Dillard next week. I've already seen BTW and I'll try and catch Carol City later on, probably one of the big district games. I want to see how a stacked Cali team fares against a stacked South FL team.
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    @ MC Rockets...I know you are a die-hard Roc guy, have seen the best and expect the best year in and year out but keep in mind overall it was a good sign that the Rockets played opened the regular season in that fashion. There will be bigger dragons to slay but over 500 Offensive yards, over 300 on the ground and I thought the RB rotation is basically a 4 headed monster. The QB had some great protection, time and I think the flys will evolve with the season. Also, was that Central's regular starting QB? Defensively, I thought the 5-2 pass rush was a nightmare for Chaminade. I believe Flanagan ran the same at them last year and it proved to be very effective versus the CM OL. Several former Flanagan kids started and got run, but that #14 Dwayne Boyles was an absolute terror on the DE and stood out to me defensively. Not the largest crowd, best weather, but great atmosphere and felt great to return to Traz Powell. On another note, I used to take Red Road or University down to Traz and did not know 75/Gratigney Parkway basically takes you almost literally into MDC North and the stadium. No traffic on the road because I was going east to the game and a breeze at night. I think I made back up to my exit on the Sawgrass in about 25 minutes. I will definitely be taking that route in the future. If I only knew I could get to Traz faster than some parts of Broward to watch game....SMH how many big games I missed :(...
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    I was at the game last night. And in my unbaised opinion MC still has a lot of work to do. I saw some very good things and some very bad things. Good: Offensive line played well. QB play was impressive. WR's made plays. Would be more impressive if they ran more than go routes. Playcalling had some new wrinkles(FINALLY) with 3 backs in at one time, now it's a pick your poison situation. And what can I say about the RB's that hasn't already been said. Defense front 7, if they can get consistent pass rush that will create a lot of problems for teams. I like the transfer connection from Flanagan, especially Hunter. The kid has real football IQ. Now the bad: Playcalling overall has to get better. At times it was and has been vanilla. Disguise the offense, make the defense think sometimes. They have a loaded gun(no pun intended) on offense...unload it. Don't hold anything back! Those DB's NEED to learn how to turn their heads when covering. It's good that you can run with them but you also have to defend. Special teams SUCKS! No if's, and's, or but's. To decline the kicks out of bounds twice was STUPID! And then you muff it on the third attempt. Hopefully they can work on those things and adjust because Ice Harris was in the stands just below me and he was watching. I still feel that Central is going to make a run that will surprise a lot of people. But time will tell.
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    Dillard, img talented but beatable, carol City is probably 3rd best of those district teams this year and fell apart, both central and northwestern will put up a bigger fight then Carol City
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    Interesting you say this- I have a story about it..well..my husband more than myself. About a year or so ago, Kibid (a coach at CCC) went out to Washington State to visit Butch Goncharoff at Bellevue High School. I believe this was before the scandal hit. Anywho- my understanding is they spoke at length and watched film of Bellevue vs De La Salle, Bellevue vs Long Beach Poly, Bellevue vs Katy (Tx) and Bellevue vs Trinity (Tx) and I believe Kibid asked him had they beat Eastside Catholic in 2014 would they have come to Florida to play Jax TCA in the Burger King promotion and he said it wouldn't have been in the interest of Bellevue to play any team from Florida at anytime, but they would have been open to playing a return game vs Katy or Trinity. Interesting to say the least because I believe before that loss they had a 68 or something game win streak with wins over a few national powerhouses and even they wouldn't play Florida schools.
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    MC Rockets

    2017 Bold Predictions

    Miami Central will run the table, go 15-0, and win at least a share of the MNC.
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    Jeff Fisher National Polls

    Keep in mind that Jeff's polls have zero human aspects and it's all algorithm. In fact, he wrote: "Now, as the creator of the algorithm, I need to point-out that the formula I created in 2013 and continue to tweak each year, is really designed to work best in-season when we have real data from real games. I remind you of this every year, so that you don’t go into fits of rage if your team isn’t exactly where you think they should be on July 17."
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    For the young ones out there, Cris Collinsworth (Titusville Astronaut, U.of Florida, Cincinnati Bengals, and current NFL Sports Commentator) was a burner on the Florida high school track circuit. In 1976 he was a state champion in the 100yd dash(10.0). If memory serves me right, he played QB at Astronaut and was a WR at Florida and Cincinnati....good hands, good speed, and a good talking game....
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    I only wish the best for Belleview. I don't really feel that this was a case of nepotism since Kelly was already an assistant coach with the team, under Brantley, and did have a pretty good resume. After all, he should have been given preference should he not have? He's a known product and, with Brantley leaving after only one season, you should do your best to maintain cohesiveness with the team. That being said, this Belleview team did not lose a lot to graduation. Many of the underclassmen carried the load. Their QB, Corey Wilsher, was only a Sophomore last season and passed for nearly 1,500 yards. They have a couple of good Sophomore and Junior RBs back along with three or four WRs. Their defense will mostly be returning Sophomores and Juniors. We play them, the first game of the season at Belleview, and we should know how good they are going to be after that. I think it's going to be one tough game.
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    Cocoa's Javian Hawkins leads the Florida players at the 2017 Nike National Open. Pretty impressive for a Cocoa guy. https://www.theopening.com/national-leaderboard


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