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    Good luck to all the players and coaches headed out there today in this oppressive heat. Let's pray for safety for all and that everyone players and coaches alike end this season as better men than they entered it. Good luck to everyone.
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    Nulli Secundus

    Lakeland, WHAT!!! #7

    This may not have been Lakeland’s most vaunted team but they never gave up. The mountain was high but dammit not impossible to climb. Damn the naysayers, the hell with the critics. Always underestimated, never intimidated. DREADNAUGHT NATION!!!!!!!! L-TOWN, POLK COUNTY!!!!! Congratulations to the nationally ranked St Thomas Raiders on a great season.
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    Mel CC loses to 1A Maryland team

    1st of all... this isn’t “cow country” lol. 2nd Fort Hill is a small School with former large school traditions. FH is 4 time defending champions winning 62 of their last 63 games. FH would have more D1 players if people didn’t have the same mind set about 1A football. Ty Johnson who is starting RB at UMD lead the nation last year in YPC came from FH. This was a great game. MCC’s QB has a bright future ahead of him. I feel it was MCC’s quick scores, and FH’s long slow drives were the difference maker. MCC’s defense was on the field most of the night, and by the 4th it showed. great effort by both teams. It was one of the best games I’ve witnessed at Greenway Ave Stadium
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    ESPN is showing South Florida love this season. Not only are they showing Miami Central-Bishop Gorman, but they also have Northwestern-Carol City along with AHP-Chaminade Madonna. http://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2017/08/2017-geico-espn-high-school-football-showcase-college-footballs-next-generation/
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    When the fact I see Leon on this list, I know this list is totally suspect. Leon has proven nothing to be Top 25. New coach and they are instantly Top 25? Seriously, I want to know who put this list together. SMH. Also Northwestern over Carol City? Where in the heck is Dr. Phillips? Chaminade? Feels like the list was thrown together to have a Top 25. Can't wait until we drop our Top 10 rankings for each class...yes Top 10 all classes and there will be a Top 25 which you got to be ranked in the Top 10 to get to. Thinking the SSAC will get a Top 10 as well, but they won't be eligible for the Top 25. We will do our homework and will have some discussion with writers around the state.
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    Cocoa cleaning up on the transfers. Looks like the new coach learned a thing or two from his time at STA
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    First welcome to Florida. Why would they be placed in Class 4A (681-1,114)? Is it based on student population from 4 years ago when Gateway Charter had a much larger enrollment? 2014: Gateway Charter (Fort Myers) - 710 2015: Gateway Charter (Fort Myers) - 734 2016: Gateway Charter (Fort Myers) - 646 2017: Gateway Charter (Fort Myers) - 552 So these districts/regions began in the Fall of 2015 and will end in the Spring of 2019, with new districts starting in Fall 2019. So if you look at their 2014 population, you can see that they would firmly be in Class 4A. The population cutoffs can be different in different sports. How often does the FHSAA re-evaluate district assignments? Do they do mid-cycle reviews say if a school increases or decreases say more than 20% of their total enrollment every 2 years? They redistrict ever 4 years now. They used to do it ever 2 years. They usually do some adjustments mid-cycle and they did this time, but again only if there are major changes or if schools want to move up. It was made more complicated this time around, due to football switching to the Power Point System and the elimination of districts in 1A-4A. Football to my understanding in class 1A-4A have no districts and use a point system? The point system is used for 1A-4A as they got rid of the districts to allow schools to have more flexibility in their schedule (so they can avoid playing some of the really good teams). The Power Point system is designed to make "every game count" instead of just the district games in choosing who enters the playoffs, which was a complaint that there was no excitement in Week 11 games because the playoffs had already been determined. The Power Point System also allowed there to be seeding in the playoffs and allowed to schedule to their competition. (Trying to avoid giving my opinion in order for you to form your own opinion). Classification 5A-8A still have districts (usually 3-7 teams) and the team with the best DISTRICT record is the district champion seeded as a top 4 seed in the region and receives at least one home playoff game. It also seems Gateway has a different slate of district members and classifications for each sport which is where it gets tricky for new fans such as myself. For example, Cardinal Mooney is in our district in baseball but not for any other sport. Cardinal Mooney doesn't have a softball team. As for the rest of the sports, there are lots of teams that have certain sports (basketball, but don't have a baseball or softball team or vice versa) as a result it changes the size of classifications and as a result the districts. Also, what sites are the most popular for talking HS sports? Obviously, this is a good site to start with.
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    Dan in Daytona

    10k posts

    Anybody got an unattached sister, daughter, ex wife/girlfriend, neighbor, or co-worker with a driver's license willing to travel to Lake City and entertain a nice young man who spends way to much time educating lost and confused souls still living in the past. A fund has been set up ( Tiger Greet and Heat ) to help facilitate a bonding of hearts, mind, and body for our north Florida friend who doesn't leave his computer keyboard nearly long enough to expand his possibilities for engagement.
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    Im done

    Don't take it to heart Columbia. Most people on this forum think you do a great job. You are obviously a dedicated supporter of your team which is a very good thing and you do have a wealth of useful information to share. I just wish a couple of these people would be as dedicated about their team as they are about finding something to criticize regarding the support you give to your team. Yes, you may be a little over the top at times. However, it's never bothered me and don't see why it bothers some others. Please, keep posting as most of us read what you post.
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    Joshua Wilson

    New Moderator

    I have made @ColumbiaHighFan2017class a moderator on here. I did this for several reasons. 1. He is on here more often than I am (I am going to better at that as I can) 2. @SportsNut25 agreed to the move. 3. Columbia can reach me most directly (beyond a DM on here) if anything is going wrong and I can make a decision. -- Josh
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    3A Thoughts for the Wekk

    I was asked to post a few thoughts about the Kickoff Classic results from the past week. In general, I never recommend ranking teams off the Kickoff classic as it's impossible to know which teams are playing to win all 4 quarters or experiment with players in different positions; however, here are some thoughts I came across (Note, these are NOT rankings, just thoughts). 1) Chaminade-Madonna is the real deal and deserving of a top 10 team in all of Florida and I would wager a top 50 team in America. On paper, Chaminade-Madonna lost to Deerfield 17-7, but when it was starters vs starters the final was 7-3 Chaminade. If the Chaminade-Miami Central game isn't on your radar for Thursday night at Traz Powell, you need to follow the results. 2) Calvary Christian (Clearwater) probably isn't ready for prime time yet. The Warriors boasted by several huge transfers were expected to be an offensive powerhouse under Todd Yoder's Warrior program- that maybe still the case, but going against a veteran Berkeley Prep team on the road proved to much for Calvary. If not for a long drive to end the game against the Berkeley backups the final would of been 20-10 and it wouldn't have been that close as Berkeley Prep dominated most of the game. We'll find out this week if Calvary Christian is a contender or pretender as they play Admiral Farragut a highly talented 2A power that has the athletes to match Champagnat. 3) Melbourne Central Catholic knocking of Cardinal Gibbons reaffirms that the Hustlers under coach Sizemore have morphed into a power house. The talk from the South Florida area is that Cardinal Gibbons is one of the top teams in that area; however, the Hustlers hit the road and picked up a 35-33 win. I predicted the Hustlers finished 9-1 at the start of the season, but that was before they scheduled Buford, GA. MCC travels to Buford this week and while Florida is pulling for MCC, this is probably a battle the Hustlers will come up short in- still, this is the first of 2 out-of-state games the Hustlers are playing. 4) Ocala Trinity Catholic is going to be good this year. Yes, the Celtics lost 14-3 to Bucholz, but I think in terms of 3A this is going to be an above average year of OTC who is looking to return to their glory days. Knocking off CCC/Berkeley or Tampa Catholic is asking to much of the Celtics, but OTC doesn't play them in the regular season. I think it's realistic to expect OTC to battle for a playoff spot in the top 4. 5) Clearwater Central Catholic proved Josh and FloridaHSfootball correct by ranking them in the top 3 in 3A. (I had them #4, but moved them to #3). No football program in current 3A has been a more consistent winner over the past 20 years. CCC knocked off the #1 ranked team in Pasco County and held one of the most potent offenses in the state to 6 points in the first half of their KO Classic. CCC travels to Berkeley Prep this week. 6) Tampa Catholic. Outside of Chaminade-Madonna, I don't think you'll find a collective group of wide receivers better than Tampa Catholic's in 3A, the speed, power and coaching has the Crusaders offense likely to put up huge numbers. QB Jacob Dean and RB Jalen Bussey are going to have huge seasons. The big question regarding Tampa Catholic as it has been in years past- can they win the big game when it counts? 7) St. Petersburg Catholic won! Okay, this really isn't a storyline and I assure you we're still in for a long season, but come- let me have my moment. The Barons under 1st year head coach Jay Davis knocked off Bradenton Christian 25-13. I actually think SPC will win 3 or 4 games this year which is a HUGE improvement if we do. 8) Oxbridge and American Heritage are both going to be powers in 3A this year as well. MCC is the favorite to win 3A North but Oxbridge isn't to far behind. I do think Oxbridge is missing a few pieces to win a state championship, but we'll know more after this week. American Heriage Delray is another program that's quickly gaining attention in the shadow of Chaminade in Region 4.
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    The most hilarious part about you wasting your time to make up these points, none of them matter to the actual rules. UCF went undefeated and was ranked #1 by an NCAA Major Selector which makes them a National Champ for 2017.
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    Going to do my best to compile a list of available streams, both free and paid (NFHS), for each week of the season. There is nothing like sitting in the stands watching a high school football game. BUT, there is also nothing like a sitting on the couch, cold beer in hand, streaming 5-10 of the best games in the state NFL RedZone-style. If you know of any other streams, please let me know so that I can update the original post. Here is what I've got so far: NFHS (Plenty more--just highlighting some of the bigger games available) 1. (Wed., 7:00 PM) Belen-Columbus 2. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Vanguard-Gainesville 3. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Godby-Lincoln 4. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Miami Pace-Heritage (Plantation) YouTube 1. (Thu., 7:30 PM) Demarest-Windermere (https://youtu.be/XU765WcRyE4) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Heritage (Delray)-Vero (https://www.youtube.com/user/VBHSFootball) 3. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Lakeland-Manatee (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVjWtLdmHsdu4CT-8eL62w/videos) 4. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Palmetto-Pinellas Park (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIzhof_w_SRZuVP2lFtmMA/videos) The Identity TB 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Plant-Armwood (https://theidentitytb.com/) Space Coast Daily Facebook 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Rockledge-Ware County (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) 2. (Fri., 7:00 PM) Viera-Cocoa (https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily/) ESPN 1. (Fri., 9:30 PM, ESPNU) STA-De La Salle 2. (Sat., 12:00 PM, ESPN) Miami Central-St. Frances PAPrepLive 1. (Fri., 7:30 PM) Ridley-Cooper City (http://papreplive.com/football/event/32957/) News4Jax (Channel 4) 1. (Sat., 1:00 PM) Bartram Trail-Lee 2. (Sat., 3:00 PM) Atlantic Coast-Mandarin 3. (Sat., 7:00 PM) Bolles-University Christian
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    Willie must go...

    181, Me and some Gator boosters are raising funds to secure a "lifetime" contact for Willie at Fsu.
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    Time for some fun folks! What do you think of these intriguing matchups? Can you think of any more? Any name changes we should consider? The Bipolar Bowl-Mourning vs Celebration The Big Nuts Bowl-Palm Coast vs Coconut Creek The Heimlich Maneuver Bowl-Deerfield Beach vs Vero Beach The Battle of the Tweets-Venice vs Braden River The Names with Too Many Syllables Bowl-Choctawhatchee vs Wewahitchka The Island Life Bowl-Merritt Island vs Fleming Island The Blowhard Bowl-Seabreeze vs Gulf Breeze The Don't Take Sides Bowl-Westside vs Eastside The Battle of the Planets-Jupiter vs Neptune Beach Fletcher The Space Cadet Bowl-Space Coast vs Astronaut The President's Bowl - Lincoln vs Jefferson The Fruit Salad Bowl - Mulberry vs Strawberry Crest The Just Squeeze This Bowl-Lemon Bay vs Orange Park The Any Port in a Storm Bowl-West Port vs North Port The Tree Fell in a Forest Bowl-Pine Forest vs Ocala Forest The Middle of the Pack Bowl-Middleton vs Middleburg The FSU Wannabe Bowl-Seminole vs Osceola The Battle for the Pearly Gates-Gateway vs Golden Gate The Battle of the Beach Bums-Atlantic Coast vs Gulf Coast The Peaceful Bowl-Niceville vs Lake Placid The Battle of the Sisters Bowl-Kathleen vs Carol City The Green Thumb Bowl-Plant vs Plant City The Run for the Hills Bowl-Hollywood Hills vs Zephyrhills The Muddy Waters Bowl-Clearwater vs Crystal River The Gimme History for $200 Bowl-Columbus vs Lafayette The Ride the Pine Bowl-Pine Forest vs Pine Ridge The Wrong Side of Town Bowl-Northeast(St Pete) vs Northeast(Ft Lauderdale) The Home on the Range Bowl-Lakewood Ranch vs Wiregrass Ranch The Florida Frozen Tundra Bowl-Winter Springs vs Frostproof The Big O Bowl-Oviedo vs Spoto The Only Cheaters Recruit Bowl-Bolles vs St Thomas Aquinas The Michael Jackson Memorial Bowl-Miami Jackson vs Jacksonville Jackson The Nice Catholic Boys Bowl-Bishop Moore vs Bishop Verot The Peezy Nightmare Bowl-Dunedin vs IMG Academy The Calling All Transfers Bowl-Chaminade-Madonna vs Armwood The Red Tide Bowl-Tarpon Springs vs Manatee The Communist Party Values Bowl-Liberty vs Freedom The Coaching Merry-Go-Round Bowl-Glades Central vs Pahokee The Turn Your Head and Cough Bowl-Dr Phillips vs Dr Krop The Does It Really Mater Bowl-Mater Academy vs Westland Hialeah
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    Football reclassifications

    With Carol City in 4A MNW in 5A and Central in 6A... YOu might have 3 state champs... From the 305 which were previously in the same district... Chew on that.
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    The streak is over!!!

    Glades Central finally gets their revenge on BTW!! Sorry we spoiled the rematch and everyone claimed was gonna happen(BTW VS University) GC gotta get ready for another rematch with University!! Keep sleeping on GC!!! Stay Woke!!
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    Words can’t desceibe how I feel right now in a game that was 28-20 with some dillard driving late in the 4th @DarterBlue2 @ColumbiaHighFan2017class Thats when reality set in that we are really going toe to toe with the number 2 team in Florida and the number 10 team in the nation. And as tears roll down my face I’m just so proud of this team the strides and growth they made to the point MIAMI CENTRAL fans on the score stream thread was surprised and even said maybe it’s a new 6A contender on the scene!! They were talking about DILLARD!! As 30 point underdogs we came in and fought head up with one of the nations best where before we have been getting blown out by state ranked competition let alone nation ranked. All in all Dillard has nothing to be ashamed of if anything it showed they they will be a force next year because with more then half the team being underclass they will only get better as long as they stay in house IM SO DAM PROUD OF U PANTHERS WHAT A AWESOME SEASON PAWS UP!!!
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    0-9 Gadsden is Playoff Worthy

    Well they wanted to win those games and they tried really hard. They are also really good at coin flips and in the end that is what matters most.
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    3A, Week 5

    After this week we will be at the halfway mark of the regular season. Pretty insane to think that it feels like we were talking about big week 1 and week 2 matchups. Week 5 has some doozy's on it though. Let's get to it! UPDATED CLASS 3A RANKINGS (Going into Week 5) #1) Chaminade-Madonna. Lions made short work of clearly overmatched Oakland Park Northeast running out to a 42-0 lead in the 2nd quarter. Lions didn't dress the entire team. C-M now gets ready to face their biggest test of the season so far- American Heritage Plantation. The Patriots have caught fire recently, this will clearly be one of the biggest matchups in South Florida. #2) Clearwater Central Catholic. Marauders dominated class 5A Tarpon Springs 47-6. In the game, CCC's passing attack continued to impress while the running game continued to produce without superstar Jerzhan Newton. CCC heads to St. Pete to take on an improving St. Pete Northeast team. #3) American Heritage Delray. If it wasn't apparent already, the Stallions are back. After completely dominating Monsignor Pace, the Stallions have announced their presence as a threat in class 3A. Stallions hit the road for a few weeks, but at this time it's hard seeing them hit any snags until a match-up with University School. Stallions also jumped from 101 to 57 in the Maxpreps Florida rankings, one of the biggest jumps for any team in Florida this week. #4) King's Academy. Lions rhomped Miami LaSalle last week racking up over 300 yards of offense (205 on the ground). Next up is a date with North Broward Prep. #5) Florida High. FSU School, coming off a loss, fell behind 10-0 to Chiles, but a strong second half helped the Seminoles eek out a win. Seminoles play Santa Fe next. Next up: Baldwin, Tampa Catholic, Cardinal Mooney, Orlando TFA, Benjamin. RANDOM THOUGHTS: Ocala Trinity Catholic looks really good. They're now 4-0 and could be heading into a late season contest with Orlando TFA undefeated. Ocala Trinity is fighting for a top 4 spot in the region right now. I would put OTC at #3 in the region right now. Tampa Catholic demolished Melbourne Central Catholic 41-0 in Melbourne. Tampa Catholic and Berkeley Prep both have bye weeks this week and then play each other on 9/28 at TC. Huge game for playoff positioning. Baldwin continues to impress at 4-0. Interesting game against Union County this week. Calvary Christian Academy knocked off Key West last week. Conchs are usually pretty good. CCA making noise in a loaded region 4. I think Sarasota Cardinal Mooney might go into their week 10 game against CCC undefeated. Lakeland Christian lost to Berkeley Prep last week 28-7, mostly due to the LCS QB breaking his leg the week before. LCS isn't out of the playoff hunt, but they'll need some big wins in the coming weeks. American Heritage Delray travels to Pensacola Catholic. Delray beach to Pensacola by bus.. I would need at least 10 bathroom breaks to make that drive. GAMES TO WATCH American Heritage- Plantation(3-1) at Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna (3-1) The Patriots are ranked #1 in class 5A, the Lions are ranked #1 in 3A according to the most recent sportswriter polls. AHP is also ranked #8 in Florida, while C-M is ranked #10 in Florida according to Maxpreps. Both teams are littered with major D-1 talent. Both teams are ranked in the top 100 teams in America. Both teams are defending state champions. Chaminade lost to Deerfield Beach, the #1 8A team 13-10 in week 1. In the game, the Lions fell behind early and a late rally came up short. American Heritage ran into a buzzsaw in Miami Carol City who is playing at another level right now. Pick: Chaminade has come up short against the states elite- either because of depth issues or injury. In this one, there is no excuse. The Lions are as close to 100% healthy right now as they will be for the remainder of the season, playing at home and had extra time to prepare for the Patriots due to playing last Thursday and not Friday. AH-P is going to be a tough out, but it's time for Chaminade to live up to the expectations of being an elite team and not a team stockpiled with talent that under achieves. I think they finally get it done: C-M 24, AHP- 21. Orlando First Academy (2-0) vs Calvary Christian (3-1) Orlando First Academy currently owns a 22 game regular season winning streak dating back 2016. The Royals stingy defense and Wing-T based offense has confused and bewildered opposing defenses. Calvary Christian (Clearwater) feels they're next in line to be a state power. They have coaching, players, tools and most importantly finances to be in the conversation. The program is lacking big wins though. Last year, the Royals defeated the Warriors 26-24 in Clearwater. Pick: Calvary Christian has run up the score on some pretty poor teams (Umatilla, Anclote), lost to Berkeley Prep and struggled against a good Zephrhills Christian team that was without its top 2 players. If Calvary can go to Orlando and snap TFA's streak, that would be a huge feather in the Warriors cap- but there is a reason TFA hasn't lost a regular season game in awhile. TFA 35, Calvary 21 OTHER GAMES I'M INTERESTED IN: Baldwin over Union County by 10 Cardinal Mooney over Lemon Bay by 21 MCC over Somerset Academy by 42 Ft. White over Bradford by 21 Ft. Meade over Lakeland Christian by 28 Ocala Trinity Catholic over Dunnellon by 17 Benjamin over Key West by 7 Kings' Academy over North Broward Prep by 20 COMING NEXT WEEK: I'm going to try and put together a nice mid-season post.
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    Gotta love NoleBull. My rankings have STA at 13 and Bloomingdale at 15. Must be something wrong with him. I can explain my rankings until I’m chemo’d out but he does not get the concept of Retrodictive Rankings and Schedule Connectivity. It is Interesting though that Joe Pinkos also has Bloomingdale in the Top 20. So that tells me I’m in the ballpark thru this point in the season. Also, for what it’s worth, there are 228 in state games this week and Joe and I have the same selections for 214 of them. More importantly, I’m on the mend and ready for some football and ranking debates.
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    Just talked to LAZ everyone... he will be getting back on track soon, so NoleBull, please chill out!
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    MC Rockets

    Miami Central-SJC link

    Made a call to St. John's College spoke to the AD. Got this...thank me later. Hope it works! https://www.stanza.co/event/5b7c66d67a5f750016036934?embed=true
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    Hello, I just discovered this fine Florida High School Football message board, and I am glad that I did. I was a frequent visitor and poster to another message board that has fell apart, and I look forward to talking with the knowledgeable posters of this board without being insulted and with staying on the subject at hand. Thank you, and it is nice to meet everyone.
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    Bamarod? Viera?

    181pl, you are probably wasting your time with this individual. The week of the first playoff game he was bemoaning the fact that in the third round Viera would have to travel to Lakeland since they were, unfairly, not the number 1 seed in the region. He was totally overlooking both his first round opponent and Plant in doing so, by automatically assuming Viera would get to the third round. Now don't get me wrong, Viera is a very good team. But as you and I both know you don't overlook any playoff team, as on any given night ... Anyway, the point I am making is that whatever you say will be overlooked because Viera is a victim here and no facts, fake news or real news will negate that fact ... for in his mind, Viera was the best team in 7A and winning the state title was a mere formality ...
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    Florida gators

    I think East Mississippi Community College is about to get a whole hellava lot better for 2018.
  27. 6 points


    Columbia's new look...
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    Glades Central Raiders

    It's almost here it been a long time coming but y'all know who I'm riding with to win 4A State Championship this season Glades Central Raiders let's argue! Lol good luck to everyone team and pray every player stay healthy!
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    Dan in Daytona

    Apopka 26 Mainland 14

    Up 26-0 with 6:30 left in the 3rd quarter, Apopka Head coach Rick Darlington took his foot off the gas. He knew he had the better team tonight. No need to fake the power sweep anymore and throw to Blue Darters wide open behind Mainland db's. Or run misdirection to the weakside and have his backs take it to the house for six. When Mainland wasn't shooting themselves in the foot early on, with untimely penalties, they were did in by some of the strangest offensive play calling ever witnessed by a living Buccaneer. Dozens in the stands, that's right more then 24 of us, couldn't believe our eyes. The muttering of "WTF was that" reverberated through the visiting stands. Any coach, of an upcoming Mainland opponent, that claims he saw a pattern or logic in the play calling is a damn liar. With Apopka burning the clock and their offensive play calling at half throttle, the Bucs pulled within two scores with 5 minutes to go. With time running down we continued to RUN THE BALL, tick,tick. Funny thing is Mainland hadn't been able to RUN THE BALL for the games first 43 minutes. Did I mention this is also the largest offensive line in the history of Mainland High. Problem is they don't play big. Down and dirty is non existent. I got a 4 bedroom house and none of my pillows are this soft. I apologize for being a jerk. Show me something OL......please......Buc Forever
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    Updated Top 10 Palm Beach County

    After all the transferring has settled and the summer camps and last weekend scrimmages I have to re-do my Palm beach County Top 10 Programs Preseason 1. Atlantic (Just Keep Loading Up) 2. Oxbridge (Looked very good Saturday but so did Central) 3. Palm Beach Gardens (Gurvain Hall Addition) 4. Pahokee (Athletes and Size) 5. Glades Central (Talent) 6. Dwyer (Never Count them out) 7. Palm Beach Central (Looked very impressive vs Oxbridge this past weekend) 8. American Heritage (Great Adds) 9. Park Vista (The loss of their the Cola kid will hurt) 10. Boynton Beach (Looked good in the spring)
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    BTW playing Carol City again

    BTW is set to take on four state teams..... Southridge 8a Carol City 6a AHP 5a Chaminade 3a runner ups
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    I understand why MNW is over Carol City.. A lot of us down here understand why they would rank MNW over Carol City... But that damn district is gonna be serious...
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    Hello everyone! I've received numerous E-mails and requests regarding Class 3A this year and I'm aware some members have been trying to track me down. My husband, brother and I have been away from high school football for awhile due to family, 9-5 work schedules and various other influencing factors; however, I wanted to at least put out some thoughts on 3A. I don't know how often I'll be able to post or contribute, but I'll try to answer as much as I can when I can. My top 7 teams in 3A going into Fall 2017 1) Chaminade- Madonna: It's hard to envision anybody beating the Lions this year for class 3A now that Jacksonville Trinity Christian is in 5A. Truthfully, if Chaminade didn't receive a single transfer they would still be the team to beat, but they've added 11 transfers from last year making this not only the top team in 3A but one of the top teams in America. Chaminade is also doing what many consider to be the right thing by playing Miami Central, Miami Booker T, American Heritage Plantation and a host of quality teams. I don't think I'm far off by saying the 2017 version of Chaminade will go blow for blow with all of the previously mentioned teams barring injury. 2) Oxbridge Academy: [redacted by admin] I'm not going to touch the controversy surrounding the program [redacted by admin] they'll be in a great position to push for Orlando. CJ Smith is one of the top players in Florida and the team as a whole seems to be just as talented as years past. Oxbridge has an overall quality schedule with Glades Central and Archbishop Wood (PA) on the schedule. 3) Melbourne Central Catholic- Last year the Hustlers were the surprise team in 3A. This year the Hustlers return most of their team in-tact and have a much easier road in the playoffs than having to go through CCC and Chaminade in consecutive weeks. The schedule has also been beefed up. If Oxbridge doesn't field a team this year, MCC has to be considered an overwhelming favorite to be in Orlando in December. Even if Oxbridge fields a team, they may still be the favorite. Joaquin Collazo, Lavante Valentine and a tremendous defense should get the Hustlers to a 9-1 regular season record. I can't see them beating Fort Pierce Central, but everyone else in the regular season is fair game. 4) Clearwater Central Catholic- The Marauders were hit hard due to graduation and then lost their two top returning Juniors to rival Calvary Christian. Still, the Marauders received more than they lost and still have what many consider to be one of the top linebacking corps in the state with Deandre Fitz-Henley leading the defense. Let's be clear, the 2017 version of CCC will not win a state championship; however, I can see the Marauders finishing 9-1 or 8-2 and making a return trip to the State Semi-Finals setting up a state championship run in 2018 behind their immensely talented Junior and Sophomore classes. 5) Tampa Catholic- Like CCC, the Crusaders were hit hard due to graduation with the loss of Austin Sessums and Devan Barrett, still the Crusaders have a strong bunch of athletes Lead by an outstanding young QB in Charlie Dean. TC also has numerous young athletes that are highly thought of by regional websites in the Tampa area. TC always finds a way to play a competitive schedule and this year is no different. The losing streak to Jesuit won't end and I can easily see this TC team finishing 7-3, but the Crusaders should be in the regional finals this year. 6) American Heritage Delray- The Stallions may of struggled in 2016, but with a combination of young players growing-up and transfers the Stallions should begin the path back to the top. Like other 3A teams, they don't have a shot against Chaminade, but that's not the goal for 2017. Getting to 7-3, a win over Glades Central and getting to the regional finals are all realistic. 7) Calvary Christian (Clearwater) - Calvary Christian has historically been an average at best football team that's played in the shadow of CCC, Tampa Catholic and other private school powers in Tampa Bay- but, the 2017 version of Calvary could be on the cusp of breaking onto the regional scene as they managed to grab superstars Amari Burney and Deandre Ferguson from CCC. They are also home to one of the dominant linemen in 3A Ethan White. Now, some questions I've received via E-mail or via message boards: Peezy28 wanted to know my thoughts on Jay Davis being hired at St. Petersburg Catholic per the FloridaHSfootball message boards; I don't know much about Jay outside of him being one of the all-time great quarterbacks in county history. So, if he plays QB for SPC? Sure- I think we can compete, but St. Pete Catholic is going to be a multiple year rebuilding job that is going to require money, time, resources, and luck- all of which have been in short supply at SPC for ages. I've felt for years the Barons should go independent and rebuild the program. The schedule isn't impossible- but there's no reason to be playing Cardinal Mooney, CCC or Calvary. The rest of the games I'm okay with. I wish Coach Davis the best, but I'm not expecting much. What does Melbourne Central Catholic need to win Class 3A? -HustlerJam I discussed this above, but the the Hustlers already received help with realignment of 3A. In years past MCC had to go through any combination of TampaCatholic/CCC/Chaminade/Oxbridge only to face Jacksonville Trinity in the finals. MCC most likely will be matched up with Oxbridge at some point (if Oxbridge fields a team), but the question is- can MCC beat Chaminade in the finals? Well, MCC hung around with Chaminade for a half last year, but wore down quickly since they played a 9 overtime marathon the week before. This Chamainde team is better at every position across the board due to transfers from their 2016 version and I don't think MCC has gotten any more talented due to transfers. So, I could see the game being a 42-24 kind of game going to Chaminade. So, to get to Orlando I think MCC has a very realistic chance to beating Oxbridge and arriving 12-1, but to beat Chaminade they will probably need a combination of Chaminade injury, MCC playing a perfect game and luck. Does Jacksonville Trinity Christian going to 5A open up 3A over the next few years? JaxTCADad It opens up North 3A immediately; however, in 2017 nobody is beating Chaminade. I understand I'm projecting here, but unless there's massive transfers (and it's 3a, so there could be), 2018 could be the most competitive 3A has ever been. It should see a defending state champion Chaminade-Madonna with a highly talented 2018/2019 class, a stupid-loaded Clearwater Central Catholic and a returning to power Delray American Heritage as the top 3 teams in the South. CCC will receive competition from Tampa Catholic, Berkeley Prep. Chaminade and American Heritage will be playing chess trying to out-maneuver each other. The north after 2017 will be completely wide open. MCC, Ocala Trinity, Oxbridge Academy, Holy Trinity will all be players going forward.
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    It's my 25th birthday I'm getting up there LOL TURN UP.!!!
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    Joshua Wilson

    Transfers 2017

    There is no way I am keeping track of these transfers. I don't think Tallahassee really understands what they have done here without getting political.
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    Sorry, you misunderstood my question. I wasn't asking about Trump's tweeting habits.
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    Spring games begin

    Tonight I went to watch Lake Nona at Timber Creek. As a North West Orange County guy, this was way over on the other side of town. But I had a suspicion it would be a good game and I was not disappointed. The score when I left with 2:40 remaining in the 4th was TC 16 Nona 14. I left because a decent crowd was there and I wanted to beat the traffic given I had an hours drive to get home. On offense Nona had three athletes 18, 4 and 9,who impressed me. 18 was their QB who has a good arm, maintains his composure well, and though not a dual threat, is able to evade defenders well buying a second or so to get rid of the ball. No 4 is a tall rangy receiver who reminds me size wise of Harding at West Orange last year. He lacks the athleticism of Hardin, but makes up for it with his ability to go up and get the ball and his safe hands and good route running. No 9 lined up mostly in the slot and made several good plays. He also played corner and performed well on the defensive side too. On offense TC displayed an undersized QB, no 5, Tanner who has a decent arm for his size and makes good decisions. I was somewhat disappointed with their line play but the offensive line is bound to improve under coach Z's capable hands. My sense is that both of these teams, though neither is a state contender at this stage, had solid chances of making the playoffs and could win a game or two in the post season. I thought LN utilized the game better in terms of giving more guys touches particularly in the second half. Despite the rather long trip, I don't regret making this game, and when Apopka has a soft opponent I could see myself going to watch either of these teams during the regular season.
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    Class 3A, Midseason Review

    This is going to be a long post since I'm going to do a regional review of Class 3A. It will probably be broken up into 2 posts. First, old business- here's meh Class 3A Top 10 going into week 6. Throw out the old rankings: We re-evaluated each team based on their individual merits, compared key wins and losses and also looked at overall strength of schedule. In other words, just because a team is undefeated doesn't mean they're a top ranked team, or just because a team has 2 losses doesn't mean they're out of the top. We also compared injuries and added a small pinch of looking at the forthcoming schedule. #1) Clearwater Central Catholic (6-0) #2) Chaminade-Madonna (4-2) #3) American Heritage Delray (5-0) #4) King's Academy (6-0) #5) Florida High School (5-1) #6) Sarasota Cardinal Mooney (5-0) #7) Benjamin School (6-0) #8) Baldwin (5-0) #9) Tampa Berkeley Prep (3-2) #10) Orlando First Academy (5-0) REGION 1: At the start of the season many (myself included) felt that Florida High School would be the favorite to represent the north of Class 3A. Little has happened to change anybodies mind; however, Baldwin is playing at a very high level right now and will be a significant challenge for the Seminoles. Florida High is still the most complete team in the region. Ft. White, despite being bitten by the injury bug- is still playing quality football and can make some noise with a win over Dixie County in coming weeks. St. Joseph Academy is currently sitting at 6-0, but haven't played a quality team, still- this is a remarkable improvement. Don't sleep on Pensacola Catholic who is sitting at 3-3 but has played a competitive schedule thus far. I think Florida High and Baldwin are on a collision course in the Regional Finals, but there will be some excellent games in the first 2 rounds as well. REGION 2: No region was more impacted by Oxbridge Academy disbanding football than Region 2. Three teams sit atop the region heads and shoulders above everybody else. Orlando First Academy, Cardinal Newman and West Palm Beach King's Academy. Both King's and Orlando TFA are 6-0 and Newman is right behind them at 5-1. Of all the teams, Newman has played the toughest schedule and will probably end up playing the toughest schedule (Glades Central, Pahokee). King's has a rivalry game against Benjamin remaining down the road. Orlando TFA plays a good Trinity Catholic team. Melbourne Central Catholic could play spoiler, but their body of work hasn't shown it yet. They have 2 blowout losses on the books including a merciless 41-0 loss to Tampa Catholic at home. I'm going with Orlando First Academy and Cardinal Newman meeting in the regional finals. REGION 3: This used to be one of the most competitive regions not just in 3A, but in the entire state; however, in recent years it's become CCC and everybody else and 2018 is no different. CCC is 6-0 and that's with their best offensive player only taking 2 snaps all year at running back and their top linebacker missing significant time, both players should return in the coming weeks. Berkeley Prep overcame the early season loss of QB Joshua Youngblood who broke his hand after a week 1 loss to CCC. Tampa Catholic, which is arguably the most talented team in the region has faltered. They've now lost 2 games, CCC and Berekley Prep and still have a huge rivalry game vs Jesuit on tap. Cardinal Mooney has quietly caught fire and is anticipated to be undefeated going into a week 10 game vs CCC if they can overcome a good Bradenton Southeast team this week. Calvary Christian, who many felt would finally break through under the leadership of Reggie Crume is sitting at 3-3 and haven't looked good in any of those 3 losses outside of the 2nd half of their 49-28 loss to Orlando TFA. Lakeland Christian could make noise, but will need to do so without their starting QB who is out for the season. Trinity Catholic is sitting at 3-2 and could be a dark horse if they can get their offense on track, a win over Orlando TFA could get them going. St. Pete Catholic is sitting at 2-3, but a 4 win season is achievable which would be a good showing for the Barons. I have no doubt that CCC will host the regional finals even if they slip up and drop a game (as long as it's not to Cardinal Mooney), but who will their dance partner be? You can make cases for Berkeley Prep, Tampa Catholic and Cardinal Mooney. I think Berkeley Prep gets the nod right now. REGION 4: To say Chaminade-Madonna is the favorite would be an understatement. They are the best coached team, have the best athletes and have played the toughest schedule. Last year, they bulldozed class 3A until the state finals. This year, there will be challengers to the Lions throne. American Heritage Delray is playing at a very high level as is Benjamin School. Westminster Christian is sitting at 6-0 as well. The question is, can any of these teams compete with a healthy Chaminade team? That remains to be seen. While all eyes are on C-M and AHD, there are some quality teams in region 4. Westminster Christian is 6-0, Palmer Trinity is 5-0. These teams can't realistically compete with the top ranked regional teams, but it does show there's good football being played. C-M and AHD are on a collision course for the regional finals. The only question is where the game will be played. BIG GAME OF THE WEEK American Heritage Delray vs University School This is a biggie! Both teams are undefeated. Uschool is ranked #1 in class 4A, AHD is ranked #2 in 2A. There's a lot on the line for both teams, particularly for playoff positioning. Uschool was hit by controversy this week when their offensive coordinator resigned. I happen to think the AHD defensive coaches are top notch and they have the tools in the secondary to contain the Uschool passing attack. The question will come down to slowing down Uschool RB Kenny Mcintosh. I don't think there's much advantage across the lines, they seem to match-up pretty well although Uschool is a bit deeper. That means this comes down to a coaching chess match. THE PICK: Prior to this week, I would have picked Uschool by 17, but with the latest controversy and the belief that Uschool is going to get AHD's best effort I can see this game being tight. AHD has the weapons to score in bunches, but I think Mcintosh gets a few key runs in the 4th to provide seperation. Uschool 35, AHD 21. Ocala Trinity Catholic vs Orlando First Academy First Academy is undefeated and their offense is scoring points in bunches behind RB Rolous Frazier. Ocala Trinity Catholic started the season strong and continues to exceed expectations at 4-2. The defense is playing at a high level but the offense needs to help the defense out a bit. Still, QB King Redd has done an admirable job guiding OTC to 4 wins thus far. THE PICK: I'm going TFA 42-28. OTHER GAMES: Berkeley Prep over Miami Edison by 7 Tampa Catholic over Steinbrenner by 28 Land O Lakes over Lakeland Christian by 10 Baldwin over Westside by 42 CCC over FAMU DRS by 28 St. Pete Catholic over Northside by 10 Cardinal Mooney over Southeast by 3 Madison County over Pensacola Catholic by 21 King's Academy over Pine Crest by 35 Bishop Moore over MCC by 21 Benjamin over John Carroll by 24 Florida High over NFC by 17 Ft. White over Providence by 21 Jefferson County over Taylor County by 10
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    Viera robbed by Refs

    The refs were not responsible for our defense stuffing your offense numerous times. We played like complete horsesh** the first quarter but our defense minimized the damage from 4 turnovers by refusing to let them in the end zone and go for field goals. We make them go three and out the last two drives. Our offense finally got it together and drove 94 yards in 2 minutes. One penalty you’re complaining about yet the refs warned that idiot NOT to push the amplified gong button during the cadence of the QB THREE TIMES. The third time they throw the flag. Your own head coach pleaded with the PA announcer not to do it (he got on the headsets with the dude). He did it—and was flagged. I applaud it in lieu of the numerous other issues we had with their admin over there.
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    Class 3A - Week 9

    I usually try to get my previews out by Tuesday, but I ran into a case of the sick child syndrome as the Flu is running amok in the house. I also wanted to get to some E-mail that I think are good talking points and also highlight some key games this week. Class 3A top 5 going into week 9 1) Chaminade-Madonna: I never gave up on Chaminade being #1 in 3A and after knocking off Booker T, even a slightly down and without their starting QB for 3 quarters Booker T. Chaminade picked up the most impressive win in 3A this year. The Lions will continue to challenge themselves the rest of the year with 1 loss Doral Academy and undefeated Uschool still left to play. 2) Oxbridge Academy: The Thunderwolves hit the road to take on a fiesty Ft. Myers team. Oxbridge is sitting in a great spot overall in terms of 3A, but may end up on the road for round 2 and 3 this year. With MCC suffering their third loss, I'm now on board with the Thunderwolves being in Orlando, but the road to Orlando will be a bit tougher than originally thought due to solid play by fellow 3A North teams, still Oxbridge has more than enough to get to Orlando. 3)Clearwater Central Catholic- Calvary Christian, a team with multiple power 5 division 1 prospects and a slew of players expected to make a splash in college next year anticipated finally knocking off CCC. Everything was in Calvary's favor coming off a bye week in front of the biggest crowd in Calvary history. Calvary also caught CCC beat up a bit from a battle against Rockledge the week before; turns out, it wasn't enough as CCC won 23-14 to move to 7-0. 4) Lakeland Christian- The Vikings are hitting the meat of their schedule with back to back games against a 1 loss Lake Highland and a currently undefeated Avon Park team. LCS is playing quality football, the schedule hasn't been daunting but it's clear LCS is capable of beating better teams than what they've lined up against. 5) Melbourne Central Catholic- The Hustlers retain their #5 spot with 3 losses, but those 3 losses came to Buford GA, Fort Hill MD and Orlando Bishop Moore. MCC hits the soft spot of their schedule against South Fork, Atlantic (Port Orange) and Fort Pierce Central. All 3 of those teams are category 4 teams and do not award bonus points as none of them made the playoffs in the past 2 years- this is important as if the playoffs started today, MCC would not make it. MCC will need to win out and need help to get into the tournament. Other teams on the verge: King's, First Academy, Tampa Catholic, Taylor, Taylor County, Ft. White. BIG GAMES FOR WEEK 9 GAME OF THE WEEK Key West vs King's Academy A battle of undefeated teams as the Conch's of Key West will travel north to take on King's Academy. King's Academy has been one of the plesant surprises in 3A. The Lions of TKA have a solid group of wide receivers lead by Jeremiah Scroggins, Cory Croteau and Ryan Kingman. King's scored a big 28-21 win last week over Gulliver Prep, a win this week would have TKA pushing for the top spot in region 2 as it's expected First Academy's average points will drop over the next few weeks. Fort White vs Dixie County This is one of the top matchups in 3A as it pits a very good 2 loss Fort White team against an undefeated Dixie County team. Fort White is coming off a huge 40-0 win over rival Union County. Dixie County is coming off a 27-13 win over Newberry. Looking at both teams, I'm curious how Dixie County lines up against Jacquez Pelham- Ft. White has a big line lead by 6-5 Doug Johnson and has capable receivers. Fort White is currently just behind Taylor County for the #2 seed in region 1. A win over Dixie and Newberry next week could set the Indians up for a playoff push and home field in round 1. Lakeland Christian vs Lake Highland Prep Lakeland Christian is currently undefeated and Lake Highland Prep has 1 loss. LCS is currently #3 in the Class 3A Region 3 standings and in a battle with Tampa Catholic for 2 and the all-important home field advantage in the playoffs. This will be Lakeland Christian's toughest game to date; however, if common opponents mean anything LCS should be fine. LCS knocked off Frostproof 28-6 while Lake Highland's only loss was to Frostproof 22-21. A win here should give LCS the necessary points to jump Tampa Catholic for the 2 seed. American Heritage vs Glades Central The Stallions currently sit at 4-3, but they've played a very tough and competitive schedule against some of the states best. American Heritage is a slight favorite in this one partly because Glades Central has historically struggled against the coaching schemes of the Stallions but this should be a good one. If the Stallions winout they should be in prime position to host a playoff game before heading south to play a much anticipated game against Chaminade. QUESTION TIME! Who will finish with the overall top seed in the North and South? (Everybody!) In the North it's a battle between King's, First Academy, Oxbridge. If King's wins out I think they'll edge out TFA. Oxbridge isn't out of the discussion either, but would need help. First Academy will be hurt by playing Agape Christian. In the South it's a 2 team race- Chaminade-Madonna and Clearwater Central Catholic. Chaminade has played an overall tougher schedule than CCC, but CCC has played a more complete schedule. What I mean by that is I project CCC to only have played 1 cat 4 school and that's Booker. Chaminade will have played multiple cat 4 schools. What helps Chaminade is that every team they've played has made the playoffs in the past 2 years. Neither team controls their own destiny for the 1 seed even if they both win out. This one will go down to the wire unless one of them is upset prior to the conclusion of week 11. Most surprising team that could miss the playoffs? It has to be Melbourne Central Catholic. MCC was picked by myself and a few others to represent the North in Orlando. They now do not control their own destiny to make the playoffs. Assuming Oxbridge, TFA and King's continue to win (they will) it will come down to MCC and Taylor (Pierson). MCC plays all cat 4 schools, so if they win out, they'll actually lose point average from here on out (unless FPC turns their season around). Taylor (Pierson) is already ahead of MCC and plays Cresent City, currently a catagory 2 team. If Taylor wins out, they'll keep MCC out of the playoffs- a situation once thought unimaginable. Why no love for North Florida? I get this one a lot honestly. The truth is complicated; 1) Very few if any 3A-Region 1 stream their games with any quality to see what's going on. 2) These fans tend to be the most passionate, so any inaccuracy is often met with hostility in DM's or E-Mails. I want to gather more information on some of these teams but without any of them traveling south, it's difficult. Is the new FHSAA system hurting or helping? Remains to be seen. in class 3A the teams that are hurting for games are the south powerhouses. The Tampa Bay teams are all going to play each other and finish with 4-5 wins so they're not hurting for games or points. The Broward/Miami teams have to play superpowers to get 10 games. I think the FHSAA needs to help 1-4A with scheduling somehow.
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    I will also continue to say the old system was not a dumpster fire, the very best teams always made the playoffs. Did a team that today we might consider the 6th seed not make the playoffs in the old system? Yep. Did a team that would be ranked 16th in the new system be in the playoffs occasionally? Yep. But those sins are a lot smaller than the consensus best teams in the classifications not making it. And again, the really bad teams making the playoffs happens because of small districts, something that was easier to fix than the radical chance this untested was. In the old system, some of the best teams might have been on the road for 4 games, but they were in it. We have had numerous posts about how 2 top ranked teams might miss the playoffs all together for scheduling tough. The thing is that if those teams scheduled tough in the old system, they still make the playoffs. I will continually ask and nobody ever seems to answer, but how did the old system discourage teams from playing a tough schedule? If you lost against a good team, it didn't hurt your chances of ultimately achieving your goal of making the playoffs and winning a state championship. Now, if you schedule tough and lose a couple, you might not be in the playoffs. Teams are going to figure this out quickly. Again, the problem of blowouts is because we put teams of different quality in the same districts/classifications. Look at Bolles playing Westside (Jacksonville) or this Friday playing Terry Parker. Bolles is already playing up, but neither Parker not Westside should be competing against Bolles. The current system says 35 points for a Category 4 win vs 30 for a Category 1 loss. Some say that losing to a 10-0 by 1 point should mean more than beating an 0-10 by 50. They say decrease the Category 4 win points and increase Category 1 loss points. At that point, you will see teams schedule tougher, but to what end? One of the original proposals did something similar and an 0-10 Creekside would have made the playoffs that year because of the difficulty of their schedule. Again, if you want better games, eliminate one classification from 4A-8A. The longer a team goes without making the playoffs subtract students from their population, the more and deeper they make it, add more students. This will eventually even out. With bad schools moving down, good schools moving up. As bad schools move down they will become more competitive, learn to win, and able to move back up. As good schools move up, they will become less dominating and either become better or move back down to become competitive.
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    Just Joined

    Dan is 100% correct. I (Jessica) share this account with my mostly loving husband and brother (biological). It became difficult to keep up with football after having children, but thanks to this message board and teams streaming games online (and friends at most of the schools from years past). I started following high school football back in 2003 when I graduated from St. Pete Catholic, my brother was class of 2002 at SPC. My husband attended Dr. Phillips in Orlando, but he's been converted to a private school fan- but you can still catch him in Orlando from time to time. I tend to focus on Tampa Bay/Orlando area private schools which is class 3A since they are all fierce rivals of each other and is the most personal to me. Everybody contributes to this message board in their own ways. I've learned a lot from Darter, Columbia, Panther, BrowardHandicapper, Cat_Scratch, Keem, Proseteye, Nolebull and quite a few others. Peezy28 is hiding around here and Fan78 is a great source of knowledge in Jacksonville athletics. Josh and Sportsnut do a great job of keeping bad stuff off the board, while allowing leeway for passion. Welcome aboard and comment your heart away and ask questions!
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    Just Joined

    Discuss the region and teams you know, providing as much insight as you can. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. There are some pretty knowledgeable posters on the board who are generally pretty helpful.
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    Helping Texas

    Hey Guys, As you all know, many parts of Texas are really hurting right now. Some football teams don't even know when they'll get to play a game. If anyone is looking to help Texas out, here's an easy way to help out: Send new or used clothes (t-shirts, shorts, shoes) to: Kelvin Sampson Guy V. Lewis Development Center 3480 Cullen Blvd Houston, TX 77204
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    Central vs Booker T. Washington

    Booker T Washington is finesse this season, at least from what I saw when they played American Heritage. They couldn't handle Central's run game last year and if the Rockets continue to run the ball, I don't think BTW will handle them this year. The Tornadoes will score just because they have too much talent on the offense not to. If Central doesn't overcoach and try to air the ball out all game, I think they win by 10-14 points.
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    West 53 Rickards 14

    Hey if they turned the ball over 32 times and still scored 53 points they're probably the best team in the country haha
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    Blustein's S.Florida top 20

    I gotta say I really like his top 10. Pretty much how I see it. (I have CC and AHP being a toss up.) Also MIami Central must love being in this "underdog" role. Bishop Gorman and IMG are all looking at their other big opponents and are falling asleep on the rockets. Hope they come out swinging this year!
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    2017 7V7 News/Results

    Carol City beat Miramar 14-7 to win the Miami Dolphins 7-on-7 tournament
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    2017 upset picks?

    I wouldn't say that though. Yes they beat them with a score that would make it look like that, but DFB wasn't pushed around at all, they were in that game right up until halftime when Grayson chucked a Hailmary TD as the time expired. Then in the second half DFB went pick 6 city. Truth is playing at a venue like Grayson is something DFB wasn't ready for. Nothing like that type of home field advantage here in Fl IMO. Who knows how the refs were. (They were horrible vs Miamj Central when they went up there.) To IMG's credit they beat Grayson at their house. IMG IS big and bad, but what some people are saying about STA or some other national powers not being able to beat them is exaggerated.
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    Preseason ranking

    Just watched those highlights on deerfield Beach and Miami Central Very impressive defense for both teams but especially Deerfield They both look physically imposing and aggressive and both teams seem to be focused and not fooling around, i see why both them are consistently top programs in Florida